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  1. idlethumbs.net

    I just might pay extra for Famous's Famous Socklessness. What level of sponsorship gets me an 8x10 glossy of those bad boys in action?
  2. idlethumbs.net

    How can shoes that classy not cut into your heels without socks? It'd take a mother-fucking wizard to make shoes that magical, where did you get them?
  3. See Ben & Dan's Privates here!

    You should really consider seeing a doctor about that.
  4. Thi4f

    I hope that in the future ALL sequels are officially titled in this way. It's so stupid that it can't possibly stop being funny.
  5. I did it! Now what?!

    If you can finish your backlog you should have nothing to fear from Demon's Souls. Either your backlog wasn't that bad or you've just accomplished the most amazing feat of video gaming ever. I can't even imagine what it'd take for me to work through all the games I have stacked up to play. Hell, I've got at least one Sega CD game that I've been meaning to finish since 1995...
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Yeah, it is awesome. It doesn't feel insultingly easy like the first one and fixes the problem of only collecting half the stars before getting to the final boss, something that has plagued the series since Sunshine. Plus the levels are just more inventive, interesting, and fun than the last time around. Definitely worth dusting off your Wii to play it. Or raiding a buddy's closet if you don't own one yourself.
  7. Flotilla

    Played a few games of this last week when it was on sale on XBLA. Totally sweet game. Can't wait to get a buddy over and try out the co-op.
  8. Piracy has hit a new low....

    I'm actually pretty sure that piracy is HELPING the sales of this bundle. If there are any "good guys" in the video game industry these are clearly some of them. Like any intelligent person they understand that punishing customers with annoying (or worse) DRM schemes is not the answer to piracy, but unlike developers working for big name publishers they're in a position to not include it. Stories like this about people pirating these games just encourages more people to throw them a few dollars, driving sales that they definitely would not have seen otherwise. Hell, I just bought a second bundle because I want to support what they're doing. And I already had half the games in the bundle BEFORE they started this promotion. And hey, it's better for super cheap asses to pirate the games rather than paying a penny, which would actually cost the developers money in transaction fees.
  9. Limited editions, what's your stance?

    If they come with a lunchbox and a bobblehead I'm game!
  10. Anybody Played...?

    I've played all the way through Damnation. It's basically a shit game across the board but if you and a buddy are into terrible voice acting and hilariously insane situations caused by a game being completely broken you might have a blast playing it co-op. I certainly did up until the last chapter which is just WAY too long and focused more on the garbage shooting and less on the reasonably entertaining climbing stuff. It's kind of too bad that the developer is no longer around because the climbing mechanic is almost legitimately good and has a lot of potential for someone to do it right in a good game in the future. I had so much fun playing it with my buddy I really want to recommend it but that was only because it was such a huge pile of shit so that's kind of hard.
  11. Name Generators

    Third try got me Attack of the Chainsaw Zombies. How that hasn't been an iPhone or XBL Indie Game yet I have no idea.
  12. Resonance of Fate

    I spent several hours in chapter 5 grinding out the first 100 battles or so in the arena, switching out the grenades and machine gun between the characters to get their levels up. I don't think any of the enemies have been within 8 levels of me since very early in the game so that's obviously been a pretty big advantage. I think I spent around 10 hours just on that chapter so you can see how I've probably cheated my way ahead of the curve a bit. That or I'm just an RPG Super Pimp! The game does get more difficult later on but it's more that there will be a battle here and there that are difficult and the great majority, while still taking planning (I'm sort of shocked, a modern JRPG where X != win), aren't a problem to clear on the first go. So far the hardest battle I've found is this one roadblock set piece in chapter 10 (as far as I've gotten after 46 hours or so) where you've only got two characters against 9 guys (or there about) with no leader for the quick victory and they've all got machine guns that do massive scratch damage if you let yourself get caught close enough for them to charge up and grenades that'll finish you off fast. That was pretty challenging to make sure I was breaking off enough pieces to keep the Hero Gauge from depleting while also focusing enough damage to finish the guys off before they all ganged up on one of my dudes. I probably retried that one at least 10 times and backed out to switch up my weapon load outs more than once. And the story is finally starting to pick up, too. Still not really sure what's going on but it's obviously a lot more to it than just the hilarious antics of Anime Nolan North and his Sidekicks of Unmatched Eye Color riding elevators, playing dress up, and getting kicked in the ribs.
  13. Dog Cone is the new Horse Armor

    Me too, fight the urge. FIGHT IT! It really is too funny though. Would have been a great joke if it were free.
  14. Resonance of Fate

    I'm about twenty hours in and finding it pretty easy. Not boring easy but I wouldn't call it difficult by any stretch. As long as you go through all of the tutorials and spend some time in the Arena doing the combat challenges you shouldn't have too much trouble. At least for the main story stuff, I hear there are some optional bosses toward the end that basically require you to be at the level cap of 150 to beat. As for the character interactions, I'd look for other reporting if you're hearing that they're horrid. I'm finding them pretty hilarious in an "omg anime Nolan North just got kicked in the ribs" sort of way. It reminds me a bit of the sillier parts of Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Since I'm still on chapter 5 I'm not really sure what the story is supposed to be, I think it's something about riding elevators to do fetch quests or something, but I'm finding it inoffensive at worst. The combat system is deservedly the star of the show here and the story tends to keep out of its way. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes JRPGs that don't suck.