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  1. I am going to apologize super profusely and give you the chance to skip my comments now by saying that I have not read the book. Sorry! However, when you were discussing the movie trailer - which I went ahead and watched also - everything about it reminded me pretty much of The Fountain - some elements of a great story kind of obscured by the gimmickry and "movie-ness" of the movie - super-budgeted crazy effects and colors, and even employing the same gimmick of literally using the same actor to portray connected characters across three stories - which, as you mentioned, feels almost cartoonish. The Fountain was not a horrendous movie by any means but if Cloud Atlas (film) falls into the same pitfalls I will be super bummed. Also, I really should get around to reading it. Sorry again.
  2. So I've been playing Smite? It strikes me as probably most similar to League of Legends hero/item/map design wise, but the biggest difference is that you're playing in a kind of over the shoulder third person shooter mode - more akin to Monday Night Combat. I'm pretty sure it's not going to hold up with the same kind of depth that more established lords managers have but I'm enjoying it in the beta, at least.
  3. Anyone Remember?

    Does anyone remember when/where Chris noted the preponderance of startup game stuios that had names in the format "(wacky adjective) (animal)"? Chris listed a bunch of egregious examples, someone else tried to follow up with a wacky one before Chris was like "No, all of mine were actually real." or something like that. I'm reminded of this by hearing about the new American McGee Alice game from "Spicy Horse" studios.