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  1. I... am pretty sure that's a bug. It's been a while, but... That's nuts, I've never seen anything like it. D:


    They should definitely never, ever change between loads.


    I do not know how to submit a bug, sorry. ): But I can at least confirm that you're not wrong in this theory??

  2. I started watching The 100 because I thought it'd be dumb cheesy sci-fi and I was in the mood for that.


    But it's really fucking good.


    Holy shit it's good.


    Starts with 100 kids (mostly ~18 years old I think) being dropped onto a post-apocalyptic Earth, Lord of the Flies style. Becomes so much more as they do what they must to survive. God that sounds generic.


    It's good.

  3. I, too, like the 3D! A lot, actually. Totally understand why they're stepping away from it entirely, though. Costly and most people don't really give a shit about it. Shame, but ah well.

  4. Seems like he's giving them more freedom on the micro scale.


    But even less freedom on the macro scale. It's very obviously going to still go exactly where Griffin wants it to go without them having a choice in the matter. But of course, because it's a flashback, that makes sense. But that's why you don't do flashbacks. To the memories players never had in mind for their character. Forcing them to be someone else.



  5. 2 hours ago, Latrine said:

    Also it's not nice to quote just the first line of my post and drop the context. Have a good day.

    Hopefully the last line is safe to quote on its own.


    I'm glad osmosisch called it out because I definitely cringed when i saw it. I meant to call it out, too, but got distracted and forgot. It wasn't just unfair; it was rude. I understand what you were trying to say (I think), but I'm sure Danielle has given this a lot of thought. I believe with all my heart and head that she's wrong but that's a separate thing entirely! U:


    Re: Austin: I'm fairly certain he's, on multiple occasions, expressed a generally similar sentiment as Danielle, and/or implicit/explicit agreement with Danielle. And that's fine. I think he's wrong, too, if that's what he believes! It's rare for me to disagree with him, now that I think about it. But on this, I'm afraid I must. ):


    Re: The Witness' lack of political bent: I think that Jonathan Blow is aware that he explicitly did not discuss politics. I also don't think he needed to. It would have drastically changed the tone(/message?) of The Witness, which, I think, is one of meditative thought. I guess the same as Austin's "mindfulness tool", really. So I partially don't disagree with Austin. PHEW. But yes anyway political stances in The Witness would have made it explicitly... political. (U:) There's no reason to do that. The goal of The Witness is to provide various points of view, and in some cases to compare them, but never to say which one is the correct point of view. (Also I'm glad he didn't because I see some of the things he does express political opinion about, and I disagree. HEEHEE.)


    EDIT: I'm being informed elsewhere that Austin doesn't necessarily agree with Danielle, which... oops. If so, I fucked up. Ignore that third paragraph! It never happened! (I'll leave it for posterity.)

  6. The unfortunate truth is that The Witness doesn't purport to believe in a single unchanging worldview. The audiotapes strewn throughout present to the player various and sundry types of philosophies, and even in some cases spiritual or religious beliefs. It's a mishmash of things. It's much more considered than RATIONALITY RATIONALITY RATIONALITY RATIONALITY RATIONALITY all the time. Moreover, it hardly insists that you believe anything it does present. It felt to me more like it was just saying, "hey, here's a point of view or philosophy, make of it what you will". And that's also confirmed by Jonathan Blow across various interviews.


    It's also a fucking amazing video game, and those things are easily ignored if they really super bother you.

  7. Oh yeah that's probably a remnant/extension of back in the day when they first started, they had a voting process for what classic games people wanted - wasn't a guarantee, but was probably used by them to prioritize deals and such.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Cordeos said:

    That does get a bit tricky when Valve has an effective monopoly on online game distribution. Losing access to Steam means a game will be seen by far fewer people and result in much lower sales.

    Perhaps we should nationalize Steam :P

    Relatedly does GOG have anything like greenlight or a similar program to give indie games access to their platform?

    I think GOG probably has real people doing the vetting. They definitely don't have anything like greenlight. At least not publically?

  9. Yeah, that is true. Regulation does imply government. When I brought up regulation earlier, it was just meant to be about a general approach, and not intended to mean capital-R Regulation.


    also burn capitalism to the ground tho

  10. I'm just gonna copy a Facebook post I made last night:

    I just realized the show Wilfred, starring Elijah Wood, is basically Garfield.


    It seems obvious now, but the reason I finally made this connection is because last night I had a dream about Jon Arbuckle, as played by... Elijah Wood.


    (My dream was less consistent with the Garfield continuity, as it featured an immortal, time-traveling Jon Arbuckle living in hiding in present day apocalypse. Presumably caused by Trump, since I dunno why else I'd be dreaming about apocalypses...?? But that's irrelevant.


    So, yeah, Wilfred is Garfield.)

  11. I have not historically liked watching MST3k in a non-group setting. Thanks to this thread (or... the one Jake made, anyway) I'm watching the new season. I am enjoying it much more than I expected! I'm on the third episode right now.




    Also: re: Wil Wheaton, he's like, really only barely in the first episode. That said, I agree with Jake. Start with Cry Wilderness. Much better intro movie/riffing.

  12. i painted some pyg burrowers and this time i tried to do a GLAZE or ten for smoother blending of highlights


    i think it's better than on the whelps (although there's a part of me that likes the idea of hard-lined highlights)


    i'm tempted to redo bouncer's leather butt cape so it looks less butt now that i know how it should work, but i probably won't





    i wanna post em all individually but i'll restrict myself to LEADER and ACTUALLY A SMURF




    Hat Boy


    i want to set up a proper photography area but might as well wait until i move to new apartment


  13. Yes, it's for real.


    Although I don't know if SteamSpy recognizes keys given away? That's usually how they drum up publicity for scam games. Give out tons of keys, and then people buy it because it's getting covered (maybe not much, but even a little is gonna be a scam), etc.


    So I guess it comes down to this: sure, consumers can get refunds. But are you okay with the devs walking away with illegitimate money? As a professional game dev myself, that's fucked up and I will not tolerate it (to the extent that I have any say in the matter, which I don't).