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  1. Oh man I just saw the Hidden Person that pops up when you hover over the flashing window. I missed it the first time I saw that page a few days ago.

    I am excited. :3 I'd love to see a game in the same style as all those Grickle videos. (Though hopefully with more frames for animations!)

  2. I can't say what games are the best of the genres or the best of their time or the best of anything...

    But I do know that Team Fortress 2 is probably my favorite multiplayer game of all time, and I've played it more than perhaps any other game ever, barring WoW, which really doesn't count. X: Occasionally I take breaks but every time I come back to it, I love it all over again. Been playing every night almost for the past few weeks. God it's so good.

    Also, Commander Keen is one of my favorite platformers. I prefer Keen 1-3 to the rest, but they're all good. In fact, I might even rank 1-3 above Mario in some regards. :3

  3. I very rarely play online games, particularly those with voice chat, or whatever, but I agree. It's really stupid, and annoying. I really hope I'm not giving more credit than is due, but I really believe there's no sincerity to their idiotic racial slurs. I suspect they're just displaying their gonads to the world, in case you missed how obviously tough and manly they are. You know.

    Although, is it really any worse now than it's ever been? That's just an internetty "thing". Maybe voice chat just makes it that much more in your face.

    I've hung out with some pretty offensive people in various guilds and whatnot. I can basically guarantee none of them actually care if you're black or gay or female or whatever-the-fuck. In fact, there was often a black dude or a woman or a whatever-the-fuck around laughing along with those people. (I know not if any of them were gay, though!)

    Not saying it's "okay" - just pointing out that, at least in my experience, there's no real HATE going on. It's just a bunch of people shootin' the shit. It personally doesn't really bother me, but at the same time I don't talk like that, either, so. X:

  4. CD Projekt is pretty wonderful at the craft of hyperbole, and the broken English is good for a laugh or two, as well.

    Is it weird that I find it more charming than off-putting? :D

  5. I actually don't mind the character vs. background art dissonance. I don't think it's nearly as bad as some of you are saying. O:

    But, yeah, I watched the new (I think it's new) English-language trailer, and the animation just does not do the awesome art justice. In old pixelly games like DOTT (which still looks absolutely wonderful) the choppy animation suits the style of the art (or at least is far less noticeable because of the style). But in this game, where everything is so detailed - even if the characters are cartoony - it's just such a jarring thing...

    I could probably get used to it over time, but the horrendous English voice acting is even worse. D: If I had to guess, they're not using native English speakers. Which is a huge mistake.

    Whoa I just noticed that YouTube link is 1h22m long. Since when is that possible? D:

  6. I would love it if somebody hired this service and then treated the girl to what she could regularly expect in a public server. Call her a 12-year old boy. Be sexist, and talk about how terrible she is at the game. Then ask her if she really is a girl, and start hitting on her.

    But then you also need to have the white knight as well, defending her honour at every opportunity. Otherwise it's not a genuine girl-on-internet situation.

  7. I was pretty excited for this at first (at least, insofar as I can be excited about something based on looks alone), but then I saw a video a while back and the animation was so choppy. Really takes away from how amazing it looks in screenshots.

    And the English voice acting sounds horrendous. D:

  8. I dunno, a good number of the ones I remember had nothing to do with danger. The ones that did tended to be a bit more involved than I think you're making them out to be.

    I agree that the writing could be stronger, but I disagree that "He's a womanizer in action only since his words never fit the mould."

    Though I do remember in the second chapter (I think) walking into a house and talking to the woman there and she was like "i'm so loooonely bone me plz" and I laughed out loud and then said yes. And then laughed again!

    The thing is that there are people like this in real life. Few and far between, sure, and the fact that Geralt seems to meet ALL of them in the course of however long the game takes in "real" time is a bit absurd, yes, buuut if that's what he is, then that's what he is. I really need to read the books, though, before I make a fool of myself and someone tells me he doesn't have sex with everything on two legs.

    Besides, the relationships that were more involved (Shani/Triss, of course, and to a lesser extent Abigail and the vampire brothel owner thing) were much better written (not that this is saying much) than the random encounter booty calls. So... there's that.

    Also, just to clarify: I wouldn't really care that much if they decided to remove 90% of the sex encounters from the game and just stick with the ones that mattered. As I said before, they were mostly just reason to laugh for me. But where's the fun in talking about something if everyone agrees?

  9. But Geralt is a womanizer.

    I understand desire for better writing, but it is a part of who Geralt is. It is a part of that world.

    I don't necessarily think the game is better for it (other than making me laugh), but changing one of Geralt's character traits is not the answer.

    On the other hand, I've never read the books or short stories or whatever they are. I'm only repeating what I've heard. Perhaps what I've heard is blown out of proportion from what is actually in the stories. I keep meaning to read them, though. ):

  10. Didn't notice this, the original was good fun, I need to play it again I think. :) I just remember being annoyed that the Order's guy who you can be friends with turns out to be someone you just have to kill...gah...thought I could persuade him to not be a idiotic murderer after hearing his lovely singing voice, hehe :)

    The only odd bit was the lavish womanly offerings placed constantly in front of you. Very out of place, and horribly written too (amounting to "Sex, since I saved you?" "Yeah go on then!" "Picture card achievement acquired"). I hope it isn't so desperately stupid this time. Being a womaniser feels so dirty. Dirty old man feeling. Urg...

    Everything I've heard is that it's not out of place at all. Geralt just be big pimpin' in the books (and thus in the game(s)).

    I think the cards are meant to be humorous. Or at least they make me laugh.

  11. Yeah, this is a struggle for me, in case you couldn't already tell! I try to inject constructive elements into it where I can, but I can't lie, I'm a very judgmental and overly-analytical person by nature. For what it's worth, while IMMERSED in Braid itself, most of what I said above hadn't even crystallized. I was in video game heaven, the introspective thing tends to happen in retrospect.

    Yeah, I get you. FWIW (and sort of tangentially related to the current discussion!), I recently played through Warrior Within and I am utterly convinced WW's aesthetic was designed with the goal of pissing the player off. I forced myself to play for the platforming, but the art style was almost literally painful to have to look at. I couldn't suspend my "disbelief" (or whatever the appropriate word might be) in that case. Plus, the combat sucked. (In fact, the combat sucks in all of the trilogy.)

    I guess the game at least has to appeal to me on some base level, which Braid did quite a bit.

    Also, I suspect that the reason the developers allowed you to run out of rewind power was entirely due to the combat. The combat would be far too easy if you had infinite rewind. In contrast, I don't think I ever once ran out of sand during the platforming sections, unless I was especially hurting from a an immediately preceding fight. If there was no combat, I don't think the limit on rewind would have mattered for most people who've been playing games all their life.

    In other words, those games would have been much better without the combat.

    End random tangential rant.

  12. Given the 'hidden' message at the end of the trailer, it seems like this is what they have in mind.

    Indeed, I am optimistic given their words.

    I would have probably bought the sequel regardless, but improvements are always welcome!

  13. This is me saying hi.

    I play video games and stuff. And one day I will make video games. In fact I recently got accepted to Digipen for my Master's in Computer Science. I hope it pays off and was not a huge mistake. Here's hoping Valve hires my team to make Portal 3. (ha ha ha)

    This is me saying hi.


    *pan up wood elf's body as her clothes magically dematerialize*

    (serious answer - i am stoked about this video game)

    That's actually Triss. :3

    I am pumped for this game. Just recently (finally) finished the first. If they can fix some of the flaws (oh god constant crash-to-desktops) and improve on existing systems (combat could use some beefing up), it will no doubt surpass the first game. Which I love. Yum.

  15. I never examined Braid's story or writing as closely as some of you have clearly done. I find that if I start tearing things apart, it ends up ruining my enjoyment of just about anything. Not just allegedly pretentious or obviously problematic themes/stories, but anything. I have a pretty keen eye for flaws and inconsistencies if I put my mind to it, but I guess over time I've just developed this super-powered suspension of disbelief that I can apply to almost everything.

    As a result, I absolutely loved Braid. All of it. :3

    That said, while I am interested in The Witness, I need to know more. Immediately after finishing Braid, I said I would play anything else he delivered, but there's just so little to go on!