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  1. Of course, it's entirely possible he's not being held back or forced to do things he doesn't want.

    I don't trust Ubisoft for shit these days, though. They make good games, but I really despise some of the decisions they make. D:

  2. I'm actually kind of disappointed he didn't quit!

    I mean, yes, I want to see Beyond Good & Evil 2 more than I want to see most other sequels out there (I looove BG&E), but, even more than that, I'd like to see what he could make with more freedom. Especially after what happened with Raving Rabbids. I was so hyped for Rayman 4 and then... that happened. ):

    Maybe Ubisoft learned better. I dunno.

    The other problem (more personal) is that I am primarily a PC gamer. I know if BG&E2 (or even a real Rayman 4) is released before Ubisoft stops being dicks, it'll have that awful DRM, and I won't buy it as a result. ):

  3. Oh. Man.

    One of my favorite soundtracks is Donkey Kong Country. Though the game itself is pretty mediocre, I loooove the soundtrack. (I never played DKC2 or 3. I hear 2 is the best.)


    Another is Legend of Mana. I love everything about this game. It is one of my favorite games ever, and is the best Mana game by far, in my opinion. (I am well aware I am in the minority.) But most of all, the music is so great. Yoko Shimomura is probably my favorite video game composer.


  4. His description said it would be playable at a reasonable FPS. Dunno what kind of hardware that'd take, but there you go.

    I would kill several mans to have environments like that in all my games.

    Also, I feel like there has to have been at this point, but I can't think of a single game that had environments as rich as that.

  5. Out of curiosity, which levels are you talking about? I loved the whole game, personally. Especially the more puzzle-like ones, where you start out super tiny and have to navigate between the big ones. It was never frustrating to me. Challenging, yeah, but not frustrating.

    I did just beat Dead Space, as well. Knock one more off my backlog of a couple hundred. :3

  6. Yeah the last part has timing. If you even just wait

    it will drop Sam into the vat of ants


    Anyways my problem was that I couldn't see

    the torch

    , which basically led to repetition to the same lines of dialogue about 20 times.

    Heh, I did the same exact thing. "WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS STUFF I HAVE oh there's a thing."

  7. A friend informed me that my posts in this thread make me look like the stereotypical 15-year-old fanboy. Looking back now, I can't disagree. And it makes me feel dirty. ):

    But hey! I just finished the game and it was awesome!

    In an effort to sound less like a raving fanboy, however...

    At the last reel right now.

    Timing based puzzles with constantly repeated dialogue need to die and never come back. This is worse than LeChuck punching me around the ship.

    I agree, I'm not a fan. I actually thought the ending was altogether pretty weak, though Sameth and Maximus'

    death by stupidity

    made me giggle.

    Overall, with the crazy structure of the story and the excellent writing and the return of

    Jurgen (who will probably always make me laugh because he's so fruity)

    (does this need to be spoiler-tagged? probably not, it's just the name of a returning character, but whatever...), it was pretty fantastic. Can't wait 'til episode three!

    Biggest surprise for me was how much I liked

    Baby Amelia Earhart

    (another returning character). I wasn't really a huge fan the first time around.

  8. I just busted Red Faction: Guerilla. What an awesome game. Not sure what I'm gonna play next, though. I already also beat The Bard's Tale (the new one) and SiN this month. Don't know what I'm in the mood for next!

    For shiggles and gits: my backloggery

  9. In my defense the gnome looks like he's made out of felt or some kind of fuzzy fabric.

    Haha. That's the Grickle style. O:

    Nelson looks the same, but maybe it's not as obvious because he doesn't have the big beard. But the trailer does have a gnome in it!

  10. I said nothing about Uncharted 2 or its multiplayer! Those are words I didn't say!


    Having that carrot is probably nice, but to outright stop playing a game just because there's no leveling system or whatever other nonsense developers are putting in their competitive shooters these days... It makes me cry to think about. Look. I am crying. )':

  11. picked it up for PSN.

    It's ok. I got my $15 worth out of it, but without some kind of progression/customization carrot, I can't see myself sticking with it over, say, Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

    There are some nice touches to it like that fact that you can shoot out the lights on the night-time fort map. And the classes are reasonably well balanced.

    This is possibly the saddest thing I've ever read.

    I got the game a few weeks ago (on PC, of course) and enjoyed my time with it. But I'm waiting for dedicated servers before I pick it back up again. Too much lag for now.

    I fucking love the setting. :3 And the different classes are good fun. (Though I mostly stuck with the gunslinger 'cause I love me some gaddamn revolvers.)

  12. I didn't know when I bought Sam and Max Season One. Did it even have that guarantee? (The guarantee that it would be free.) I don't remember.

    But I don't care about having a DVD.

    I get the DVD anyway because they come with neat bonuses, and I enjoy said bonuses. If the DVD did not exist, though, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. (Provided those bonuses were available elsewhere.)


    Telltale's next game, Puzzle Agent, will bear a lot more in common with Professor Layton than Sam & Max. The official news of the upcoming title's release came out of a small press event today in San Francisco.

    While the developer only showed a few screens and a short gameply clip, Telltale representatives explained that the game will focus on puzzles and brain teasers integrated into the story rather than typical graphic adventure pointing-and-clicking. The art and story come from Graham Annable, which bears a strong resemblance to his work from Grickle.

    Of course, Telltale hopes the game might grow into an episodic series like their other projects, but there's only one Puzzle Agent game currently in development. The first title in Telltale's self-dubbed Pilot Program will be part of a much larger initiative. According to Telltale's CTO, Kevin Bruner, "We really want to do unusual properties and interesting things outside of what the rest of the industry is willing to take on...Now we're going to do even weirder things, and put them out as pilots."

    Puzzle Agent is set to release this June, but we expect to hear more concrete details (like the game's pricing structure) early next week.

    I am excited! I love Professor Layton (though I've only played the first one so far) and I love Grickle! Hurray!

    I am also interested to see what else comes out of this so-called Pilot Program. Ffffffff I love Telltale. :D

  14. Are these bonus levels unlocked through doing certain things within the game, much like A Boy and His Blob (which also double the game's length strangely enough) or are they a separate downloadable add-on?

    All the bonus levels will be unlocked by the time you finished the story.

    There are 30 bonus levels total, which actually doesn't amount to as many story levels as there are. But! Since the bonus levels are time trials and recording trials (i.e., use as few copies as possible), I've found I already spend more time on them than I did on each of the story levels.

  15. I think it's a great game. :3

    It's got a whimsical silent-film art style, a whimsical name, a whimsical story, a whimsical premise. It bleeds whimsy. And it's fun to play!

    Beat it pretty quickly. I'm not normally one to care about game length but I was like "is it over already?!" and lo, it was. The bonus levels will probably double the game length, though, so that's good.

  16. I was just going to say that his chest hair kind of looks like Australia if you squint at it. I guess I got beaten before I could play...

    It's actually supposed to look like Australia. It's been done more than once. If I recall correctly he's also FROM Australia, but I'm not entirely sure.

    The lambda thing is more than likely just a coincidence though. X:

  17. Finished this yesterday and, fuck yeah, it's awesome. Love Sam and Max. :3 Definitely my favorite Telltale series so far. (Though to be fair it's the only one to have multiple seasons!)

    Can't wait for the Scoggins thing (hopefully it's a game!!) and here's hoping for a Day of the Tentacle/Maniac Mansion announcement at some point in the future. Or, dare I say it, Space Quest. OOO: (Or, best of all, Team Fortress 2.)