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  1. 16 hours ago, Chris said:


    This is exactly what we'd want to do. The challenge is coming up with a solution that 1.) is easy for people to authenticate and use, 2) has some kind of mechanism by which we can detect whether people are abusing the ad-free feed and spreading it to non-subscribers, and 3.) is actually technically achievable by us. Being limited to any two of those is much easier, but I think we'd want to have all three before we launched such a system.


    Yeah I kinda figured. An older podcast I used to listen to managed all that, so I know it's possible at least! Unique feeds generated for each user, only visible by logging in to the site-wide account, etc. The logistics, of course, are probably a nightmare. 

    This sounds like I'm preaching, but I guess my endgame is just to be supportive. I hope you can do it, and I look forward to future things!

  2. I'll tell you what, games or no, Chris fumbling words at the end of this episode and Jake giving him shit for it is the most I've laughed at the cast in a while. Love it.


    That... doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is meant to be??


    PS Nick shouting FUCK CHRIS vindictively was also good.


    Also as far as patreon goes, you could offer a separate feed without ads for those people? (Tho last I checked they don't support such a thing in their system, annoyingly, so you would have to set it up yourself...) I'm sure you've already thought of that, but hey I'd be willing to pay I think!!

  3. I've got a weird issue! I dunno if it's fixable or I just gotta live with it, but...

    Let's say I have a quote in the post I'm currently writing.


    Before the forums update, I used to be able to easily highlight and ctrl+x and ctrl+v to move it around as need be. Sometimes I'd do this to edit a post so I could repsond to a quote I didn't see when first writing it. Now, I can't easily highlight the quote? Which makes it a PITA to cut and edit easily.

    Unless I go into HTML editing mode, although it suddenly occurs to me I don't even know how to do that anymore!

  4. I think I preferred Wraith Knight, but that may be because thematically it felt much more appropriate and involved and fun??


    I'll tell you what tho I love being a giant tree.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Badfinger said:

    It'll live on in our minds as a cherished alternate reality forever.


    I should also be clear that I <3 those boys and the podcast and I finished my thoughts with telling them as such. In between episodes of this arc, to fill podcast space, I have been relistening to the whole series and I got to the Flophouse guestcast, so I listened to both of those back to back, and the difference in construction is stark. Those episodes are mostly figuring things out by talking.


    Forgot to respond to this, but yeah I noticed that too in the latest special. It's a very interesting contrast.


    I don't personally thing one way is worse or better than the other, but they are different so I can understand why people can have a preference.


    There's a part of me that wishes Griffin was actually flexible as a DM, but also a part of me that's like "I've never disliked the end product, so I don't really care".


    All of this though is why I said earlier I can't wait for Justin to DM. I'm hoping it'll be a shift in storytelling style. Maybe it won't be, though! Maybe I'll just be disappointed. )':

  6. FatT gets better and better as they go on.


    Holy shit can I understand the complaints about Art's mic. HOLY SHIT!! It's so fucking bad in those early episodes. It does get better, though. I... don't remember when, but it does take a while. D:


    As for the characters/players themselves, they also get better. I think some of them are relatively new to tabletop RPGs in the beginning, while others are very experienced, and that imbalance makes it kinda rough all around. Hella in particular is a very... mixed character, before she finds her voice. It definitely pays off as they all figure out what they're doing with each other. Speaking personally: I flipped a lot from not really liking most of the characters (but loving a select two) to wanting to hear everything they do forever.


    I'd say if you aren't enjoying S1, give S2 a shot, since it's an entirely different series (and one that's Finished, as opposed to one that's Ongoing). Or maybe do their Marielda miniseries, which might be my favorite stuff to date. It's a prequel of sorts to S1/3. Though it starts off a little offbeat as they use a different system to build the world before jumping into the main characters' shoes.




    Honestly I've been thinking about making a thread (or many threads??) to talk about the myriad of fictional podcasts I listen to for a while. Maybe I should do that. Give these thoughts more structure, and more room to breathe. Not right now though; I'm working!! OSTENSIBLY!!!!

  7. I probably would've kept playing if the combat wasn't so dull and unnecessarily long. When I went into the High Entia Tomb and suddenly the fights were taking minutes instead of seconds because I'd stopped overleveling from sidequests because I'd stopped doing sidequests, I had to bail. The story wasn't interesting enough to put up with such inane gameplay.


    C'est la vie. I can't like everything. ):

  8. I think I binged to catch up shortly before the time loop arc started, but honestly it's hard for me to really say when it was I started. Anyway I liked the time loop a lot, too, so I'm probably just a bad person. :P (It probably helps that I listen to a lot of different fictional podcasts (role-playing and otherwise!), so one having a dud week doesn't affect me as much as if it were the only one.)


    I will say I'm SUPER DUPER looking forward to seeing what Justin does when he's running a game (I get the impression he's running the next one, anyway).


    EDIT: The criticism that The Adventure Zone is focusing too much on the gamey aspects for this arc strikes me as funny because I know some people really hate certain aspects of The Adventure Zone related to that. Particularly Griffin's tendency to force his players along his own storyline, rather than allow them a lot of freedom, like, say, Austin Walker does with Friends at the Table. In other words, it's not gamey enough for their tastes. Which is something I can empathize with, but doesn't personally bother me.


    EDIT EDIT: It also strikes me as funny that my definition of "gamey" in the context of tabletop RPGs is greater narrative freedom being placed in the hands of the players. So everything I said probably makes no sense. D: I'm bad. D:

  9. I quit Xenoblade Chronicles because the combat is complete and utter ass and everything that exists to mitigate the tedium is just as bad if not worse. Experience from sidequests to become overpowered and speed up combat? Sidequests are torturously boring. Extra power from gems? Gem crafting is torturously boring. I admit I'm baffled as to what made people think this game was revolutionary at the time, let alone good. I guess if you'd never played a stereotypical MMO before, it might seem new and fresh, but they took the worst part of the MMO genre! Uninteresting combat that's mostly just staring at cooldowns waiting to be able to push the button again? NAH. Endless fetch quests and A->B->A->B->etc marathons? NAH.


    At least Eryth Sea was pretty.


    Plus side, it means I don't have to pretend I'm gonna try Xenoblade Chronicles X, or Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when it comes out. I can safely ignore them! Phew.

  10. If I'm not mistaken, this is the last arc, correct? So the fact it's so abusive toward the players doesn't mean as much as it would have earlier on.


    Also, they're at such a level in D&D that they're approaching (or have already surpassed?) absurd demigods (EDIT: which he says in his post heh). I'm okay with it being a punishing arc for that reason alone.


    I've not once been bored. /shrug