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  1. Yeahhh that's right! HMMM. Oh well, I guess in Breath of the Wild, the Rito evolved while the Zora remained separately. Whatever!




    Here is a thing that I liked that happened to me in the Gerudo town. It's not a big story event or anything, nor is it even a significant gameplay moment spoiler, but eh whatever some people care about these things:


    I was walking by a small waterfall, coming from the aqueduct above. Something fell. I couldn't tell what it was, but I climbed up the wall, and saw another one floating down the stream. A watermelon rind, clearly a recently eaten slice. I followed the water upstream, waiting at each fork for the next rind to float down so I'd know where to go. Eventually I was led to a woman chowing down on watermelons. I talked to her, and she greeted me and went back to eating, clearly wanting nothing to do with me. I talked to her again and she told me to go away because I was being a weirdo creep. Lady just wanted to eat her delicious watermelon in peace!


    I like this game a lot. Moments like that, where I see something curious, follow the lead, and am led to an ultimately insignificant, but interestingly unique scene. That's my jam. And they're EVERYWHERE in this game. Mmmm.


    Game ain't perfect and has some issues but good fucking lord. AHHHHHH.

  2. I have beaten a video game!


    I never got tired of playing the game. I got apparently exactly 100 shrines without explicitly trying to, and then felt like it was time to fight Ganon.


    But the best hours were definitely the first... I dunno, two thirds of the game, when I didn't know what would be over the next hill, around the next cliffside, through the next forest, across the next river. Once I got through the third Divine Beast, I'd climbed every tower, and explored every area to my own personal satisfaction.


    I shouldn't have saved the Gerudo for the end, 'cause it's my least favorite area in the whole game, haha. Deserts don't do it for me... Oh well. I'm actually far from tired of the game, but also I don't like the prospect of scouring the land all over again for those nooks and crannies I might have missed. I'll save the sidequests I still have for... when I play it again later this year?? If I do??


    I'm super curious to see what the DLC will be. Specifically the additional "story". Will it be post-game content? Flashback memories? Hmmm!






    i thought the rito were supposed to have evolved from the zora in wind waker, but here they are existing alongside each other


    what's up with that??

  3. It does look pretty cool. I said after fiddling with the previous update a bit that I'd wait until the next update before jumping in. At this point there's a pretty significant amount of changes from launch. 


    On the other hand... I still have Zelda.


    I'm a fan of the variety of things they're adding to No Man's Sky. It's not all necessarily something I personally will touch (permadeath??), but it's cool to have options. I think it's good.


    I'm also just glad they didn't let the absurd overreaction to its subpar launch get to them. Or, at least, if they did, they did it in a constructive way.