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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    Basically, yeah. Metroid (besides FF) hasn't come out for ages. Fire Emblem comes out six times a year!
  2. Nintendo 3DS

    They are limited editions! It's in the name! And limited editions of things people actually want tend to sell out!
  3. "i fucking hate pickles" "i've taken maybe two bites of pickles my whole life" thinking face they did talk him into trying a pickle, at least!!
  4. Epic Mickey

    I remember liking a lot about that game, to be honest, but the camera was _so bad_ and the handholding was _so bad_ that I just couldn't continue. ):
  5. I joined the group, let's see how this goes.
  6. Specifically it says "Not Authorized".
  7. NieR: automobile

    Yes it will reset progress for some (but not all).
  8. NieR: automobile

  9. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    Yep sure doesn't teach kanji. You "learn" some, but it doesn't teach you how to write. My original post on this (end of the last page) goes into more detail on why I think it's bad. ): REALLY WISH IT WAS GOOD!!
  10. Nintendo 3DS

    You tricked me by calling it a rhythm game! It doesn't look like one at all. >_> Puzzle action thingy with cool music, sure, but if there's a rhythm, it's separate from the track. Granted it is a trailer so might be desynced from the music, but before you saying rhythm I only ever heard action puzzle thingy. Fuck I'd love a rhythm game with that music, though. Argh it'd fit right into a new EBA/Ouendan so perfectly. ARGH!!!
  11. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    Well, vocab is probably the one thing it is good at teaching, so if that's your hurdle, it might make a good supplement.
  12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Nah I'm done with the game. I got other games to play. Prolly gonna go Wolfenstein next since I never played that!!
  13. Sa-weet, I'll check that out tomorrow when I'm not about to sleep!
  14. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I bought and beat this game because of the trailer for the new one. I liked this game. The story was whatever generic blah blah, I've never been a LOTR guy. It was a remarkably bland and formulaic game, but it was also very satisfying to hunt down orcs and turn them against each other. I forgot there was DLC before I uninstalled it. I'm not all that interested in it, though. re: current conversation, i thought the game was a breeze, and only ever died due to overconfidence... i'm (brag) sorta pretty good (brag) at most video (brag) games (brag), though, and often find games easy (brag). not trying to (brag) brag, but i often feel at odds with people who think games are harder than i do so i figure i'm abnormal?
  15. oh yeah i guess i should ask like what time zone you're in cause that might cause trouble i'm cst
  16. Sure I'll commit right now. Let's do somethin'.
  17. Painting tabletop miniatures

    Thanks! Those looks great. I have that game but haven't had a chance to play it, yet, haha. I think I need to know if I like the game before I paint them. But also maybe not 'cause I at least love the video game and it'd be cool to have painted minis just for that reason. U:
  18. NieR: automobile

    The part you're on now is super easy and bosses will be absolutely trivial.
  19. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    They added Japanese. I think it's not very good. I've also studied Japanese before, so I am biased in that regard, but I can't imagine going into it blind and learning the kanji and how sentences are structured from this method of teaching. It worked really well for Norwegian when I was doing that, because the grammar is pretty similar to English. Japanese is much more different! It doesn't even make an effort to teach formalities, but still occasionally sneaks in some casual forms, and, yeah. This isn't really a knock on Duolingo, because, like I said, I think Norwegian was working really well. But I just think it doesn't work for Japanese, on its own. Maybe I'm wrong. It was a good review, though? Not that it matters 'cause I broke my streak by finishing my "day" one minute too late, and that means I can stop.
  20. AM2R - Samus roids again

    "Commercial" in this instance is legal/doublespeak for "this could compete with a real commercial product that we might or could be or are making".
  21. NieR: automobile

    Those higher level ones can be done...later.
  22. NieR: automobile

    Auto-recovery post-prologue requires installing a chip for it. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that. >_> also wow that explains why it always looked like it wasn't 1080p (i didn't really care that much tho because i don't know i just don't care anymore like i used to)
  23. NieR: automobile

    most of the sidequests are really good for the things that happen, some are just cute little side things, some are devastating what a fucking good game there aren't that many sidequests, all said and done if you want to do them, do them as soon as you can, because certain story events will make them become unavailable
  24. NieR: automobile

    what a fucking good game