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  1. Finally got round to listening to this today. Great stuff, especially about the future of game. Wondered if there was any potential in what GTA IV has been doing with its DLC - big investment in one very detailed and large world which you populate with subsequent self-contained episodes. Fallout 3 is similar but with GTA you get a new character and new storyline each time, and without the need to build the universe afresh - like (poor comparison) the "Oval Office" of 'Dave' being re-used for 'The American President' and 'The West Wing'. Still, a huge initial investment I suppose and the idea of licensing assets for use by other studios is, I imagine, a bit ambitious but I have been particularly struck by what GTA has set out to do with its expansions.
  2. Gabe Confirms Episode 3 Cancelled

    *Big sad face* I really enjoyed these (though they were rather over-priced). I suppose it's not a huge shock - setting up your first game as a four-part episodic franchise is just a little bit ambitious. Probably best to draw a line under it now - I can't really imagine the story working as a book or even a graphic novel. Nor would I really want it when there's so much more richness in the several mini-series they did recently (Automata for instance).
  3. Fallout 3

    If you've finished the game you'll need Broken Steel to revive your character - but I don't think that it forces you straight into the BS questline from the get go (been ages since I played it). This gives you chance to mop up a lot of the extra content in the original game that you might have bypassed. Once you've done that (or as much of that as you want) and gone through Broken Steel I'd agree with the majority of people - Point Lookout is the best of the bunch. Its got a range of missions. I'd rate Pitt higher than the others - it's got a much grimier, industrial feel that makes a change from the deserts of the capitol wasteland but is still very much Fallout. I'd say these three are definitely worth a punt at 50% off. Anchorage is probably next (it's fun but pretty straightforward and linear). Zeta is way too un-Fallout-y - it feels like a mediocre sci-fi FPS.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi there. Finally decided to join the forums after over a year listening to the podcast (including the agonizing wait since November). I'm a mac user so pretty much limited to consoles and handhelds - xbox Ps3 and DS. Oh, and the disgustingly addictive Flight control / Plants v Zombies on the iphone. Cheers! Steve