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    Well, there's also this:
  2. Eh. I think the thread has worth, obviously it's preferable if people post in the game-specific thread (especially if it's active), but if people just wanna give their two cents about some old game they just finished recently I'm not sure most of them would bother creating a separate thread (I know I probably wouldn't). I guess if a post creates alot of discussion it could just be moved to its own thread or something, you know?
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Community is bar none the best show on TV these days, just a shame it starts out quite slow and it takes them a couple of episodes to find their groove. The second season is even more brilliant if you ask me, with really just one weak episode . Can't wait for the season finale, it's supposed to be an hour long and ! Probably the funniest show since Arrested Development, hopefully it won't get canceled just yet.
  4. The Idle Thumbs Acheivements Leaderboard

    It's ... not, though? The first number is determined by TrueAchievements and based on how difficult they consider the achievements to be. They sort of rebalance the achievements so that your score increases if you've unlocked alot of achievements that others haven't (hence the name of the site). The formula is explained on the TrueAchievements FAQ:
  5. Not to mention Cybershell's Half-Life (2) LP, which is completely amazing:
  6. The Idle Thumbs Acheivements Leaderboard

    Sweet! Here's mine: Thanks!
  7. Recently completed video games

    Wow, that's pretty awesome. Sequence is definitely the mode I played the least of in Geo Wars 2 so I never got Smile or the one for just completing sequence itself. As for Treaty just rush through as many zones as fast as possible, with a bit of luck you'll get it eventually. For my money Deadline and Pacifism are definitely where it's at. I finished up Dirt 2 last night, or at least the main portion of it - there's still a bunch of events I haven't finished, but I did the final X-Games tourney . All in all I'm pretty satisfied, especially considering I bought it super cheap on Steam during some sale last year. The presentation got a bit too Duder, Sick Nasty Extreme at times but it wasn't really that bad, especially compared to most games who go down a similar route (skate., I'm looking at you), and it never really got too much in the way of the racing, which is ace! For me at least it struck the same balance as PGR did, in being quite arcadey but still having an air of realism to it, making you feel pretty badass for cutting a corner perfectly or generally just driving well. Content wise there's some nice variety, from classic rallying to the more chaotic Baja races. Sort of wish there'd be more of a focus on traditional rally events, and I wouldn't mind a bit more variety in the track department - most of the locales only offered a couple of different routes, or the routes linked together or perhaps backwards - and while there's plenty of sand, dust and jungle, I was missing more traditional forest landscape and not to mention snow. That said Codemasters seem to be taking note of these complaints and are correcting them in the third iteration so whoop whoop I guess. Anyway really fun game, must be hellish to play with keyboard but being a Games for Windows Live title it accepts the X360 pad right out of the box which works great. Looks pretty astonishing too, lots of nifty motion blur and particle effects going on. If you're looking for a rally game that isn't too punishing while still offering a bit of a challenge I'd say go for it (or alternatively just wait for Dirt 3 which should be coming out soon).
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I am also in,
  9. The Best of PC Gaming

    Echoing STALKER, either Call of Pripyat (which I admittedly haven't gotten around to play yet, but I've been told fixes most of the problems with the first two) or the original, which still holds up fairly well, especially if it's your first encounter with the series. Cheap, too. Just don't listen to anyone who tells you to install mods, vanilla all the way. At least the first playthrough.
  10. Books, books, books...

    A thousand times this. How sterile and honest the dialogue was just gave me chills all over. I haven't read any of McCarthy's other books yet but I've heard his western trilogy is supposedly just as bleak, so I'll have to check them out soon. Not reading anything at the moment, but I ordered This Gaming Life off of Amazon, by Jim Rossignol (one of the Rock Paper Shotgun writers) which I'm really looking forward to. I also got the first three Scott Pilgrim paperbacks to prepare for the movie, Nineteen Eighty-Four (no, I haven't read it, yes, I'm horrible) and the second Phonogram.
  11. Red Dead Redemption

    360 for me as well, as I prefer the 360 pad and expect the 360 version to perform better as usual. And yeah this looks pretty amazing, sort of getting a Test Drive: Unlimited vibe from the open lobby stuff, it'll be interesting to see how it works in practice. Roaming the country side hunting wolves with your friends is gonna be a blast for sure.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I really wish I could get more into Plastic Beach but I just can't. It's just boring, it's like I'm constantly waiting for it to go somewhere but it never really does. The opening track is pretty cool though, but that's mostly because of Snoop. I'll agree the Broken Bells album is pretty swell though. Didn't see it mentioned here, but I recently checked out The Middle East (they're playing a festival near me this summer). Really cool Australian indie. QSKrrMb9bnE As far as I know the album was released in Australia in 08, but it's getting worldwide release this spring.
  13. Bad Company 2 (360)

    I don't know if you guys are still playing, but I picked this up last week and have been playing almost every night since. Add me on Xbox Live (gt Nicholololas) and send me an invite if you see me on!
  14. Battlethumbs: Idle Company

    Oh, neat-o, thanks.
  15. iPad

    Did you see this? (Norsemen link)