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  1. Yeah, I can't listen to Danswers for that reason. Taking life advice from a single 29 year old guy who writes about video games for a living is probably not the best thing ever. Though, I spew tons of advice on my own podcast, so I am the pot calling the kettle black. When Danny O'Dwyer was trying to rationalize leaving his fiancee of like 7 years for an hour on the podcast, I couldn't take it. It really sounded like he was trying very hard to defend a decision that he still didn't make up his mind over. It takes courage to walk away from something like that, but his demeanor and language sounded like he was trying to convince himself it was the right decision Also, Dan R. is the last person I would ever take advice from. He is a nice guy, but he has some really odd worldviews and closed-off ness that I don't think of what I would want from someone giving me advice. Personally, I am really open to trying new things, kind of like the way Drew seems. Like "Fuck it, I will try it at least once!" kind of attitude to new things. Dan is very guarded about some things, and very open about others. It would also make sense that Dan would have the views on relationships and money he has due to his childhood upbringing. I have plenty of friends who had divorced parents, and they very much seem to act the way Dan does. Very closed off and afraid of committing to someone. It only makes sense, as you have a very real example of relationships/marriage not working out.
  2. The threat of Big Dog

    Robot passes self awareness test.
  3. Maybe Jeff's past history with being bold with his opinions is leading to some reticence on addressing the topic any more than they already have.
  4. I would agree that there is definitely like 99.9% of rational people on one side of the debate, (Though, I don't know who that 0.1% would be). The problem with addressing the whole GG situation (to a larger degree than just one open letter) is that it just kind of takes over the narrative of their website. If you talk about it... they will come. And then everything turns into a shit show. Sucks that it turns out that way, but that is how it has been happening. One thing that GB has done, though, is have people like Samantha Kalman on their shows, and it was no big deal. If you make a deal about it, people go crazy, so they are not discussing it on the site. I feel like their position on the whole thing is like you are saying "This isn't even a debate, and the GG folks are so crazy" so we aren't going to give those people the time of day by treating it as a legitimate discussion topic. To change the subject, anyone try the Nacho oreo abomination? My brother texted me that he tried it and it was great. Uggh. Dan is an idiot and I love it.
  5. I think that there are extremes on both sides, and the position you are referring to isn't one of those extreme ones.
  6. Team Building Thread

    I can't program, but I have good mics/recording set up, and I can do voiceovers etc. That is the limits of contribution abilities, but if people have text they want read in funny voices, I can do that just fine. Came to this a bit late in the party, but if anyone needs my simple abilities, I would love to help.
  7. I would watch Playin' with Peegs. I really hate the sentiment, on both sides of GG, that "if you are not saying anything, you are obviously against me". It is unproductive and a bad way to think about things. I personally don't say anything publicly about the awful GG stuff, but I have my opinons, I just don't share them publicly. I would be bad at that. There are plenty of other thoughtful and eloquent people that could say things better than I.
  8. I feel like they ignore the gg shit because it is shit. Their MO has been to make wide ranging light and fun gaming videos and host a wiki. Typically Gisn't Bomb hasn't been the site with deep insight and journalism in the industry. They just make fun shit. Their letter was well written and poignant. I liked it. That being said, does anyone else get the feeling that Brad just phones it in now? Pretty much every UPF he sleeps on the couch or brings in a broken game/ plays a game that they have done to death.
  9. I can deal with one ghost, but man.. two ghosts would totally blow me away.
  10. Titanfall

    So, Origin IDs? JonDangerRowe
  11. The threat of Big Dog

    Laser Hexapods!
  12. The Wiggle Man of DayZ

    Holy schamoly that is awesome.
  13. Idle Thumbs Accompaniment?

    While working. In a lab. Testing Pharmaceuticals.
  14. PL4YST4TION 4

    Share feature is awesome. Add me on PSN if you haven't yet! Jon_Danger