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  1. Starcraft 1 is my favorite game of all time and I kept trying to find the time to dedicate to getting good at SC2, but I always had that ladder anxiety to actually just go and play the damn game, and eventually i've drifted away

  2. in a game I had the other night, someone mentioned some kind of strategy by a player dendi involving a force staff on invoker? I couldn't find information anywhere. Anyone know what this guy was talking about?

  3. JUst had a great game as Clinkz, playing him as a DPS carry. It's so fun stealing in on those squishy supports that are distracted in lane, silencing them and dropping them before they even know whats going on.

  4. Yea, once he gets mask of madness it's pretty much explode mode

    Yea thats exactly what I did was get mask of madness. The attack speed bonus combined with his greater bash chance is great

  5. I've been playing random a lot lately and it gave me a hero I hadn't played, spirit breaker. This dude absolutely rocks. I went like 15/5/12 with him, he can dish out some serious damage if the opposing team isn't coordinated enough to focus you down quick. With Scepter his ult has a 20 sec cooldown, does 500 damage, and bashes for like 2 seconds. It's crazy

  6. Yea im just not sold on the look or feel of this game at all. This is coming from a hardcore diablo 1 and 2 fan, and a big starcraft 2 player. I'm just not feeling it this time around

  7. prophet is definitely a bitch to fight against. It seems like whenever she lets her ult off, no one even wants to come near her. That kind of map control is huge for sure. She's actually one of the 3-4 heroes I still haven't used 100 games in