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  1. I'm definitely interested in this given the developer's pedigree. L4D is fun to play endlessly, and counterstrike? What needs to even be said about counterstrike. Possibly the greatest FPS of all time. Will definitely buy this.

  2. void is actually the best carry imo because even during early mid game he serves gank and team fight utility with his bash and chronosphere. He's probably my best overall character, but i always can't decide between bfury and mask of madness, or going for a butterfly and damage items.


    I think against a team of squishy heroes the bfury makes more sense because you can kill them easily in the time the sphere lasts.

  3. If the pricing and selection are good. I see no reason why I wouldn't find myself streaming games occassionally. I really don't think resolution and graphics matter THAT much. So even if the streamed game isn't in full HD or has some "medium" level textures, it's totally fine if the convenience is there.

  4. I just watched the videos now. It's pretty funny… their casting of the PS1 and PS2 as wild success stories rings true, but spinning the PS3 as such a great thing seems ridiculous. They show Kutaragi taking the stage and all I can think about was what a boondoggle it seemed to be in the beginning.

    It was goofy in the beginning for sure. But it's quietly built itself up to be a heck of a games machine with lots of great titles.