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  1. Starcraft 2

    That's sad, i just finally read that story. I've never been very good at starcraft, but the little bit I followed SC2 pro gaming, jinro was always one of my favorite personalities.
  2. yea last hitting and denying, and along with that, knowing when to do that to keep the lane closer to your tower then theres, is probably the single most important part of the game. Winning that opening laning phase goes a long way towards winning the game. but the cool thing about dota, is that it doesn't completely decide it.
  3. Is anyone here really good with treant protector? I like to use him but I can't ever seem to have a dominate late game with him. Seems like the usefulness of sap really becomes apparent once every gets tankier.
  4. Starcraft II

    It's been so long since I played a legitimate game, I'm probably just as bad as you John. The great thing about starcraft 2 though is that matchmaking system actually works really well. You never feel like you're getting matched against someone just completely out of your league, both ways.
  5. Execution is much more important in SC2 then strategy. He has a point. And that's one of my favorite game series
  6. I would like to state for the record that gyrocoptor is underrated. awesome, and super fun to play as
  7. also, the board just correcting me typing m o b a into lords management, and that's the best thing
  8. LoL is a good game and achieved massive popularity due to being free to play. It will take some time, but i bet Dota 2 surpasses it within a couple of years, just because it's more aesthetically pleasing, but still offers a similar experience. At least, that's my hope, because Dota 2 is my first Lords Management, and i love how it's interface continues to evolve
  9. Let's just stick to dota 2. We know it's going to end up taking over the genre eventually anyways
  10. Starcraft II

    I really need to just force myself to get back into laddering, it's so fun when you're in the moment, but the anxiety of losing(even though you win just as much thanks to the good matchmaking) is just a lot to deal with.
  11. Life

    Yea that doesn't sound like a good sign, how long it's taking. I need to hurry up and start my actual career, instead of this waiting tables BS. It's fun and I make decent enough money, but it's not what I want to do long term to provide for me and my new wife.
  12. Life

    sounds super fun man, i'm always regretting that I don't get involved in more festivals and live music, especially living in Austin, Texas, which is so well known for it. Glad you had fun
  13. someone introduced me to gangham style a week ago, that is one of the greatest music videos I've ever seen. So Catchy and awesome. Psy is alpha as fuck with those dance moves.
  14. tried an interesting alternate strat with axe tonight. Bloodstone to scepter. massive amounts of hp, with a 6 second ult, good times
  15. right now i have courier on z, store on x, and voice chat on spacebar, that seems to work out fine for my style, I still use the number keys for items, but im thinking of changing that so I can work with control groups better.
  16. I've been trying to get good with nyx assasin, but I'm having a hell of a time last hitting with him. I think I need more starting agility items or a quelling blade to help out. His animation is good, and I'm normally decent at it, it just seems like his base damage is too low
  17. It makes me jealous how good you are twig. I only pull off plays like that once every 10 games heh
  18. That treads switching vid did a great job of articulating which situations to use it in. I'm going to work on incorporating that into my game. Especially key considering I like to play strength heroes, and mana is often an issue
  19. you should watch a youtube video on a certain hero that interests you, then play a game against bots to learn the concepts of that hero. Then learn about the fundamentals of good dota 2 play with some tutorials on youtube as well. I was new to this whole genre only 3 months ago, and now I feel like I really know what im doing.
  20. Roguelikes

    I wasn't aware nethack counted as a rougelike, i played the console versions on the ps2/xbox back in the day Edit: Sorry im an idiot, i was thinking of that feaux online rpg .hack
  21. Roguelikes

    I need to give one of these games a try. I have a feeling my love for games like demon's souls will translate over. Can anyone reccomend one that's somewhat visually interesting to start out with?
  22. does leshracs diabolic edict work against a cloaked TA? I like to pick lesrac and axe to counter her, and I do pretty well, but i wasn't sure about that specific thing.