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  1. mKKKgua7wQk

    The kind of people presented in this video are the danger for any democracy. They mindlessly support and vote for somebody whose political targets they don't even know and fuel a dangerous personality cult. I'm glad that Palin doesn't know her targets either, diminishing her potential danger.


    Can you help me with the part beginning at 3:23? I hear them talking about SARS, which makes no sense obviously. :erm:

  2. It's irritating that they can say "FUCKING" but not show a man's wee or a lady's bottom. If you have to blur it out, don't put it in the trailer, pussies.

    It's blurred to not violate Youtube regulations. And it's in the trailer to show what's in the actual game. The game won't be censored of course.


    What did you expect? This trailer shows everything what Duke is all about. I only played Duke3D. But I've always seen it as a well done fps put in a silly monster-sci-fi-soft-porno frame - with over-the-top violence, macho behaviour, immature humor and hot topless chicks. :tup:

  3. What a coincidence! I was going to post this:

    Okay, I checked the Apple page for those ominous MacBook Pro's and all I found was a ordinary laptop made of common hardware.

    The only differences I found were the aluminium casing, Mac OS X and the mentioned overblown price.

    Wouldn't it be way cheaper to just buy a ordinary laptop plus Mac OS X?

  4. Photoshop and 3d rendering are considerably multi-threaded. I would therefore suggest to look out for a quad-core cpu (maybe even an Intel i7 with hyper-threading). They furthermore benefit from lots of RAM. 8 gigs are recommended.

    Display-wise I suggest a non-glossy surface to avoid nasty reflections, which would render the display pretty much useless for any serious image editing. You may also consider, that laptop display panels are TN-based, which are not the ideal solution for color-critical work.

  5. GaZXJfkXyHw

    Uploaded a playthrough of a Mario fangame I made when I was 12 to YouTube. It's quite a trainwreck.

    I've only watched the first part so far, but from the dialogs, to the narration, to the overall game design, it's quite an impressive work for a twelve-year old. :tup: The silly humor for instance is well delivered and entertaining. I doubt that I would have been able to achieve smth. like this when I was only twelve.

    To cut a long story short: You make me feel like a once stupid kid.

  6. Argh, why is this not coming out for the PC?! Damn you Tim, DAMN YOU! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR PUBLISHER'S FEELINGS, I WANT TO PLAY THIS!

    :( :(

    This. I discoverd this game a few minutes ago. My mind went :woohoo: while watching the new gameplay video. And then I realized, that I forgot to check the release platforms: "Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network" FFFFFFFFFFFFU :fart:

    Oh, and while we're on it: Brütal Legend for PC? No? FFFFFFFFFU :fart::fart:

  7. Voice compression ;/


    The voice compression is REALLY bad this time.

    :( :(

    Telltale's sound department: :fart:

    When checking the Telltale forums, I found a single thread concerning this issue with only one reply sofar, stating, that he/she doesn't perceive it, and never did in any of Telltale's games. As long as only so few people complain about this issue, Telltale will not fix it. They only fixed it once, when many people complained about this issue in a particular ToMI episode.