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  1. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Thanks for the explanation.
  2. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    The kind of people presented in this video are the danger for any democracy. They mindlessly support and vote for somebody whose political targets they don't even know and fuel a dangerous personality cult. I'm glad that Palin doesn't know her targets either, diminishing her potential danger. PS: Can you help me with the part beginning at 3:23? I hear them talking about SARS, which makes no sense obviously.
  3. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    You mean: in contrast to her more capable colleagues, who are better at saying nothing with a lot of words?
  4. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    "...stay aware; stay safe; and maybe even have a little fun!": VfCYZ3pks48
  5. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    It's blurred to not violate Youtube regulations. And it's in the trailer to show what's in the actual game. The game won't be censored of course. @Jake: What did you expect? This trailer shows everything what Duke is all about. I only played Duke3D. But I've always seen it as a well done fps put in a silly monster-sci-fi-soft-porno frame - with over-the-top violence, macho behaviour, immature humor and hot topless chicks.
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    Optomitrists? Are these the ones with that disconcerting procedure where they grab your eyeballs and tell you to cough?
  7. Internet Comics

    Garfield minus Garfield This thread: . Some great stuff to be found here.
  8. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    GfxIz44mHKI Qkspjshu-Oo
  9. The threat of Big Dog

    This looks (no pun intended) like an effective way to induce a ptosis (fig. 1: ).
  10. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Oh, and this is... absolutely breathtaking! Such mad skills are utterly enviable.
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    _GR5_X1CfUA Too late, Intel! Too late!
  12. Need to buy a laptop. Advice plx! Tnx.

    What a coincidence! I was going to post this:
  13. Post your face!

    Damon's beak looks different though.
  14. Need to buy a laptop. Advice plx! Tnx.

    Intel just released their new mainstream platform "Sandy Bridge". Desktop solutions are already available. Mobile solutions will be released soon (probably within the next few weeks). It may be worth waiting. Intel’s Sandy Bridge: Upheaval in the Mobile Landscape
  15. Need to buy a laptop. Advice plx! Tnx.

    Photoshop and 3d rendering are considerably multi-threaded. I would therefore suggest to look out for a quad-core cpu (maybe even an Intel i7 with hyper-threading). They furthermore benefit from lots of RAM. 8 gigs are recommended. Display-wise I suggest a non-glossy surface to avoid nasty reflections, which would render the display pretty much useless for any serious image editing. You may also consider, that laptop display panels are TN-based, which are not the ideal solution for color-critical work.