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  1. The Best of PC Gaming

    I recommend you one of my all-time favourite FPS: No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way. It contains shooting, sneaking, looting and plenty of humour. And the graphics are good looking up to today (especially the character designs).
  2. Far Cry 2

    I remember that I complained on the official Ubi forums about a bug concerning the game speed. My game behaved just like many console games by playing as fast as frames are drawn which was really annoying. I had to limit the game to 30 fps, cause otherwise the game would run too fast (up to twice as fast at 60 fps apparently). In other occasions it slowed down everytime the framerate went below 30. The bug was never addressed by anyone anywhere. A good way to verify this issue is to approach a diamond suitcase. You can hear the detector beeping change in tempo according to the framerate.
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    I'm going for the pc version myself. I think they will announce it a few weeks after the console release. It happened with all GTAs. And as this game basically is GTA: Wild West, I'm in upbeat mood that a pc port is planned.
  4. Monkey Island 2: SE

    I'm fine with the colors and brightness of the swamp scene. The only problem I have with the new version which makes it a little dull actually is the muted sky. In the original it looks more vibrant cause of the moon lit clouds and of cause the many sparkling stars.
  5. Fucking PC gaming!

    The GTX 260 is not produced any longer and may be hard got get for a good price. To make it short: GTX 260: + better texture filtering (less flicker) than the ATi when set to "high quality" in control panel. + better performance (around 15% average @ 16xAF/4xAA) + GPU PhysX support (e.g. Batman: Arkham Asylum) HD 5770: + needs less power under load (around 50 W depending on power supply and overall consumption) + supports DX10.1 and DX11 + HDMI-out (incl. audio) (+ GPU PhysX support with secondary nVidia card can be enabled via an unofficial hack) If you can go without >DX10 support and find the nVidia for a good price (price not higher than the ATi) I would go for it. Otherwise the ATi.
  6. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Instead of putting all the marines and their families on the same spot, they should scatter them to lessen the risk of the island tipping over. Just to be on the safe side, you know? - Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments
  7. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    All the random stuff is just there to relax the rant. And the harsh contrast between the sadistic kidnapper type you are presented with and the nerdy star wars fanboy stereotype you possibly expected only adds to the entertainment in my opinion. And it's harmless entertainment, really. What about the interview of friends of him in the Episode I review? Or the "that's what he said" joke? This is totally out of basement-rapist-character. In addition, I do see the torment hints as just beeing a dig at the unsettling popularity of torture porn movies like the Saw episodes (the solve-five-jumbled-puzzles-in-one-hour scene comes to mind).
  8. Interesting stuff that might get you laid.

    Also interesting: dogs (and cats too) see compound objects as a whole. If you put treats into a bucket in front of them and cap it with a (even easily removable) plate, they won't try to get the treats. You have to explicity teach them how to remove the plate. A great way to have fun fooling your pet (if you happen to find satisfaction in such things).
  9. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Woohoo! Thanks for posting. I was waiting for this. Hopefully as fun and profound as the last one. And with more rape jokes, "I love 'em!".
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    This game looks great. Like Dan said, Rockstar really took care of the horses. It looks like their femoral muscles are animated, which make them look utterly lifelike. And I either hope that they make them a little stubborn, which would really add further authenticity (never thought that I could be so thrilled by horses ). And the shootings look cool, too. BUT.... why has there been no pc version announced (yet), again? I hope it's coming to the pc in december, just like it was with GTA IV.
  11. Any German kindly speakers in the house?

    Quanta says: Feel free to make some improvement suggestions. I wasn't even sure what tense to use. And the third paragraph was pure horror. Even as a native speaker I had to read it three times to fully understand it (but maybe I'm just slow in the mind).
  12. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    The launch trailer doesn't really show what I associate with Splinter Cell. The sneaking super-soldier, who's eliminating enemies with precision and stealth got replaced by a reckless sadist. That's how it looks to me, at least. I know it's because they killed his family and all, but this transforms the franchise into something completely different. The former games were struggling with unconvincing AI and the flawed visual detection (it only matters how much light falls on you, not your silhouette. standing in a dark place but in front of a bright background makes you clearly visible in reality.). I wished they would have worked on these things. But instead, they pimped the visual (by adding fancy projections) and ramped up the gore factor once again. I am disappointed. Apropos zebras and giraffes: a stealth mission in a zoo at night would be awesome!
  13. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Every time I hear Arnie's austrian accent, I'm glad that there are german dubbed versions of his films. The accent makes some of his one-liners even more hilarious, but on the other hand completely kills any attempt at seriousness.
  14. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    Still no signs of dismemberments? LAME
  15. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    When they have become as sophisticated as the Lucy Liu bot in the Futurama episode you may change your mind. - EyM0wpqhPKQ
  16. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Even scarier than Actroid's face are her big sausage fingers. Osaka University... are they the ones, who also designed the bizarre taxi robot from Total Recall? 0H5k--n7sFI
  17. Kid Gets Stabbed for Wallhacking

    I concur. This was stupid. But breaking his nose would have been more than enough to deliver his message and obtaining satisfaction. Although I agree that any of the cheaters in multiplayer games literally ask for a stab in the brain, i'd rather surround myself with a bunch of despicable yet otherwise harmless cheaters, than a bunch of touchy knifers.
  18. Here you can find over 200 pictures of female characters in video games: Pick your chick! Some highlights: This top is hot!!! This and no underwear. Another winner. (I know you will like it, Yufster) I like, how the shield artfully reveals her cleavage and crotch. No, these are not menstruation speckles on her negligé. It's nazi blood! Her YKK is jammed. (But to be fair: there are also plenty examples with comparatively normal looking women.)
  19. Metro 2033?

    It sounds as if the power supply has blown up. They usually say good bye with a big bang. And they are at the top on the backside, behind the disc drive. If you're lucky, you only need to replace the supply. If not, then... well... I guess you can imagine. About the game: I've read in several reviews and seen it in the Gametrailers review, that the enemy AI tends to be utterly stupid (aiming at you without shooting, taking cover behind the wrong side of a wall, not reacting at all). This sounds like a atmo-killer to me. The reviewers applaude the dense atmosphere unisono. But retarded AI harms something like immersion alot. How bad is it?
  20. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    I played (@Ubi: and bought legally - honest!!!111) the first three SCs on pc with joy. I skipped Double Agent, because it was a half-finished mess (especially on pc). And I think I will skip Conviction as well. The tagging-system looks boring and smells like fodder for the "they're dumbing down the games for teh shitty consoles!"-faction (I'm always happy with more accessble games, but if you have to shoot people in their faces every thirty seconds, I want to do it myself - this is not what I call "more accessible", but "less interactive" / "less challenging"). That and the negleted AI (wabbling straight to your last known position is not what I call "intelligent") equals at best, in my calculation. Or to put it short: ...not!
  21. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I think it's staged. Maybe a parady on the currently popular "scary girl" characters in horror movies? Or on smth. from chinese pop-culture, maybe. If it's not staged, I don't get why the poeple are so terrified by her. The most I would expect is a light boggle, because they are not expecting smb. to stand there.
  22. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Eagerly waiting for God of War III, watching reviews, looking at screenshots, all while humming the God of War ("The End Begins") theme? Ever asked yourself what the heck they are singing about? Someone translated it: eYe9wc1q5qE (Unveil after watching the video)
  23. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Panty liners! GdcC39WGU8I
  24. Monkey Island 2: SE

    As a big fan of MI2 I'm much more worried about what seems to be re-interpretation of the original rather than just giving it the "hi-def" treat. Have a look: Look at the backgrounds and compare. In the original it looks like a tube made of concrete and steel. Guybrush's rope is winded around exposed metal. In the new one it looks like a natural cave. The exposed ends of the metal mesh got replaced by tree roots. With the twist end in mind it looks like a big faux-pas, weakening the ambiguity of the finale . What do you think about this? PS: If my english sounds a little clunky, please consider that it's not my first language. I'm from germany and reading the forums for many months already.