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  1. MechWarrior 4 re-released for free

    I tried to download the game and the only thing I got was a depression. Why do I have to install a shitty download manager first? Why the shitty download speeds? Why make it complicated? No, thank you.
  2. Floppy-tastic.

    I remember having an Iomega Ditto tape drive. It's a bit surprising that I don't have nightmares or a permanent sleep disorder of it. Why, you ask? My father bought it to backup files from the only pc my familly had at that time (around 1996), which was located in my room. The tapes had to be formatted in order to work which took hours and was accompanied by an almost unbearable noise. And my father decided that it's a good idea if they are formatted during the night... in my room!... where I try to sleep! And the best of all was, that the formatting process was aborted at 99% due unknown reasons sometimes. Ah, the memories...
  3. I need help identifying a game

    Sierra Championship Boxing?
  4. Floppy-tastic.

    Look hard enough and you will eventually find embarrassing jpegs of your mom.
  5. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    "Clever marketing" you mean?
  6. I need help identifying a game

    Hey, Quanta! I think I've found it. It's Hard Hat Mack!
  7. I need help identifying a game

    It's Theme Hospital by Bullfrog. Fun fact: 1842 days in the top 100 of Amazon.co.uk.
  8. Floppy-tastic.

    I've heard that there are plenty of machines and electronical devices in the industry which still rely on floppy disc to exchange data or to update the firmware. And as industrial devices usually stay in operation for several years or even decades the market for seemingly out-dated technology remains. They are also still common in second and third-world countries. I personally got rid of the floppy drive in my desktop pc about five or six years ago. USB memory devices rendered the floppy disc obsolete.
  9. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    That's the spirit to make a good schnitzel!
  10. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Here is one with slightly better green screen compositions: Ova1dClIWJM (The girl in the red dress looks totally out-of-place within this average white-guy suburbian cliché - maybe casted due Liberal Guilt reasons, who knows. )
  11. Open Outcast

    Outcast! It's one of my all-time favourites. The soundtrack played by the moscow symphony orchestra alone makes this game a worthwile experience. It's great that you can play the re-release on Windows 7 without problems. But a resolution enhancement is absolutely necessary as well. The limit of 512*384 was implemented because even high-end cpus (it was a Pentium III at 533 MHz or smth.) were struggling with the game. Today's common resolutions however wouldn't be a problem for modern CPUs.
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    This just made my day!
  13. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

    Played the demo and liked it much. Just like Simon I was dissapointed with the first season - I dislike its visuals and the compression artifacts in the voice recordings are excrutiating - and skipped the second season altogether. So, I'm excited how much Telltale improved everything. The presentation has improved considerably. I will wait and see how the season progresses and may end up buying the whole thingy on DVD perhaps (just like I did with the first season).
  14. GTA IV

    You fail the mission if you kill both. I just tried myself. It's the same situation as with Playboy X and Dwayne. The one or the other.
  15. I need help identifying a game

    I'm looking for a game I played on my once beloved Commodore 64. I've played it as a kid (8-10) and can't remember much. I've already looked through lists of games with screenshots (hundreds of games), but could never identify it. I can't even remember if I actually played it that much, but there is one moment in the game I recall. I think it was some kind of jump and run. Side-scroller perspective. The only thing I remember from the game was that there is a "platform" with a door in the background. When you come close the door opens and a man with a small redish/brownish dog comes out. And there is a tune set to it. I remember losing the game when I came too close to the dog (never understood why). It's all very hazy. But I can't forget it and it's driving me nuts. If you can't remember the title either, no problem! I've got another one! Also played on the C64. It was a one-screen-per-level-type of game (like Donkey Kong). It takes place on a steel framework (the steel is red I think) of an unfinished building. You are playing a construction worker who hops around on a compressed air rivet hammer. Object of the game is to clench all rivets (I recall them beeing white) spread along the steel stringers while avoiding a bad guy(?) and maybe obstacles (can't remember). Any idea?
  16. GTA IV

    The game ran perfectly only once (smooth, no slowdowns ever) on my PC (C2D E8500 @ 3.6 GHz, GF 8800 GTS 640, 4 GB) with a specific combination of prerequisites (Win XP SP3 + specific patch + specific graphics driver). Even with "high" textures via "availablevidmem" multiplier. It never ran that smoothly again ever after. With the newest version (GTA IV:, EFLC: it's playable until the slowdowns begin. Then the game crawls for several seconds to minutes until it decides to run normal again. Rockstar said they improved the memory management. But I suspect they've made it worse (or like you say in german: Sie haben es verschlimmbessert.). I've just started The Lost and Damned and was able to uncover wonky scripting once again. I doubt it was their intention to proceed this way.
  17. GTA IV

    The "kill Dwayne or Playboy X" choice is something which pinpoints what's wrong with GTA and what has to be changed in the future to keep the series interesting (for me). The lack of choice you have is irritating in a game which is usually described as a free-roam experience. You can't choose when to spare someone's life. And in case of Dwayne and Playboy X the choice has no purpose other than getting a neat penthouse and Dwayne and his gansta-bros or getting nothing. Then there are the missions. They are so undynamic/ heavily stricpted that it really hurts the experience. I hate it when you can't shoot someone or his car, because the mission would be over before I experienced the stuff the makers thoroughly prepared. There is this one assignment where you have to steal a truck (full of drugs? can't remember). First you have a shootout in an alley - the truck is on the opposit end of it. After killing a specific amount of gangsters somebody enters the scene and gets into the truck. You can aim and open fire on this guy but after a while you realize that he is bulletproof, because otherwise there would be no chase. This is just bad scripting in my opinion. Why not hide the truck until the chase should start? Activating godmode for the driver just gives you the definite conclusion that you don't have a choice whatsoever.
  18. Red Dead Redemption

    I'm already curious if there will be another outrage about a rockstar game. This time because you're able to mass murder horses.
  19. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    You can indeed shoot the groom with the sniper rifle from the roof of the glasshouse without beeing detected. But you have to sync your shot with the shots beeing fired by the wedding guests. If you're beeing unmasked nonetheless, you're making some other mistake (wrong disguise or suspicious behaviour).
  20. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    The pc version of the first was a mess. I rent it from a video store and wasn't able to play past the bank lobby scene due to a programming error. The game crashed at the exact same spot with a C++ unhandled exception error every single time I tried. As far as I know they've never released a patch to fix this issue.
  21. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    The video is fun but then I made the mistake of reading through parts of the comments and all the joy was gone. To summarize the comments: "Stupid ni**ah! Soccer? Isn't it "football" in GB? Your stupid! Cun t!". Anyway, is the reporter just fooling around or is he really that abstracted?
  22. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Yeah, Bankjob and Late for Work are my favourites, too. And I somehow like the way he responds with "Dammit!" in Rob and Bob. Or maybe it's just how it's edited.
  23. La Celle Splintereux: Conviçion

    I thought about getting it when it's cheap, because I'm not all too thrilled by the game. But as long as they've got the laughable DRM running I won't get it at all. The gametrailers review is up, btw. What the heck has happened to Grimsdóttir? And Fisher looks slightly different, too. I can't pinpoint it, but for me he looks even younger albeit having more wrinkles and greyer hair. Ironside's voice doesn't match Fisher's new face all too well in my opinion. Go check the videos.
  24. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    For all those with short attention span... saqO_ZqX6uY