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  1. Mafia II

    "Accidentally"? You sound like an embarrassed adolescent. You're playing a macho mafioso. Macho mafiosi don't complain about playboy bunnies. "Are you a fag? Do you want to bring shame on your family?" - these are words your mafia daddy would likely say to you in the light of your playboy phobia.
  2. Sad video game music

  3. Mafia II

    No, that was the first Mafia. This game has a city up in the sky.
  4. Sad video game music

    I've compiled a little collection and uploaded it to hotfile. It contains high quality mp3 files from lossless sources. Link: blackboxme.7z Password: blackboxme The collection includes tracks of two of my favourite Video game soundtracks: 6bmQcc8KbB4 _6EGScX9DSU 9iQJMPb8lkM (It's the theme of Okasankaar actually) for this thread!
  5. Mafia II

    I have fond memories of playing Mafia. Replayed it at least two times. But I am not as thrilled by Mafia II as I used to be by the first one. I wasn't before I played the demo and now after several hours spent on the demo (thanks to the guy who created the time freezer - why the developers even implemented it is beyond me) I'm still not convinced. [rant] I think after eight years and after playing GTA IV for hours and hours I expected more or smth. different. The gameplay of Mafia II has been left unchanged almost completely compared to its predecessor. The only differences are some added elements common among todays games, like recharging health and a cover system. The demo mission is something I have played literally hundreds of times in GTA and other games already: watching cutscene -> running through corridors / taking cover behind objects / shooting peoples' faces off -> watching another cutscene -> shaking off the police while somebody is bleeding onto the back seat. The urban environment feels like a Truman set, just like in the original Mafia and even more than in GTA IV. Cars materialize 100 m in front of you and vanish as soon as you are around the block. You can create huge pile-up of cars on a crossing which never disappears as long as you stay. But running 50 meters from the scene looking in another direction and voilà: the chaos is gone and it's as if it never happened. And how weird the "people" act around you: kill somebody and others around run away (reasonable). Somebody will eventually come and utter some words of consternation (somewhat reasonable). The police shows up, stands around for a few seconds and then drives off leaving the body (NOT reasonable). And then people start minding their own business as if nothing ever happened, walking past the corpse like it's perfectly normal (disturbing). I'm well aware that GTA IV has the same problems (though the world feels more real overall due to a greater variety of character designs and more detailed surroundings) and I played the sh*t out of it. But I'm becoming increasingly bored and disappointed by the obvious stagnation in terms of "creating a convincing world". While graphics improve and improve, NPC behavior is as horrid as ever. No improvement at all. [/rant] What I liked: Driving the cars in simulation mode is challenging and fun Graphics are mostly nice looking Particle effects look great (APEX clothing is useless though due to the huge performance hit) Voice acting is good and cut-scenes well staged (the stiff faces not taken into account) After robbing a place police shows up to investigate; depend on hints to identify you / no psychics
  6. Injuries That Prevented Gaming.

    As a lefty I use the NUMPAD. 8456. All keys neatly aligned. And with my thumb I can easily reach all the cursor keys. A superior alternative to the gross-motor-skill key (aka space). Back to topic: Nope, no injuries which prevented me from gaming. Not as far as I recall.
  7. Watching other people play games

    The last time I watched somebody play a computer game for a considerable amount of time was in my teenage. But I don't remember it beeing particularly entertaining. The only hilarious thing I remember was watching a classmate play SWAT 3 on my pc (the first of the series to be in 3D). He unwittingly and repeatedly tried to look round corners to check for armed suspects by actually turning his head and looking onto the monitor from an acute angle.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    You feel like the world around you is fake, just an illusion? Obtain certainty: attempt to kill a bird flying in the distance by throwing a stick of dynamite at it.
  9. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I'm quite happy that I can't watch this trash without using a proxy due copyright reasons. I only recently heard about this Wendler dude for the first time by accident. There was a docusoap about him and his family advertised on tv and was parodied in a show I watched. He is one of those douches who managed to make millions with bad music. I hate people who help such pseudo-artists to become successful with such cruft. - Say "Hello!" to Polly: SUaaAFZ7zjo
  10. Help me help myself(Help my computer)

    Here you are. You so horny?
  11. Holy crap!

    Don't forget to reuse this thread when there are exactly 7777 threads.
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Youtube page says the film has been made in 1995. But it looks and sounds like from the seventies. 1:39ff, 2:39ff: Don't forget, kids: Cows are holy in India, not horses.
  13. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    My favourite lines: - There is a recent GamesRadar article with youtube links to game music played on unorthodox instruments. My personal favourites are this: B1O2jcfOylU this: LudXCEZvn50 and this: qPqXxmC51bI
  14. Red Dead Redemption

  15. Red Dead Redemption

    I already asked myself this: More evidence for sickening cruelty to horses.
  16. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    On german television you only get drunk under medical observation, police surveillance and with a safety message at the end of the vtr: "Don't do this at home!". Safety first! hyNUdM0il2A 2:47 : "I usually don't drink alcohol... ever since I can afford cocaine." 4:10 : "Scientific experent." 5:45 : "Thank you for paying tv fees." 5:58 : "Does it further increase? - What does further increase? - Further increase. - What does further increase? - The blood alcohol level, you... idiot!"
  17. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I watched the first season of The Guild back then but soon forgot about it when nothing new appeared for so long. Thanks for the reminder. Its premise alone makes this show worth watching: WoW nerd with geeky friends happens to be a pleasant, attractive young single woman. Borderline cock-teaser for nerds so to say. - The "communication problems" video is pricelessly surreal.
  18. The threat of Big Dog

    Not as long you don't have to change giant smelly diapers.
  19. Alan Wake

    Mirrors are more fun than television!
  20. Alan Wake

    They scrapped the idea along the way. There are some driving sections which are probably leftovers of the open-world aspect (the driving in general not the sections by itself, because you're only driving along a fixed path now).
  21. Hock and Sock leaves Ubisoft

    I'm sharing the authors opinion about the character shift of Sam Fisher for the worse. I always avoided killing anybody in Chaos Theory. The game even encourages you to do so even if it isn't mission critical by rating you down during the debriefing (in the form of a dull percentage admittedly). In Conviction the reward for acting merciful is gone and I miss it. This reminds me of a similiar situation in No One Lives Forever where two goons have a talk. The one tells the other that he plays in a jazz band and invites him to attend their next session. They sound like guys you want to hang out with, but shoot them into the face instead.
  22. Alan Wake

    Okay, I'm convinced now (I'm not being sarcastic here) that the silliness is there on purpose, just like it was with Max Payne. I think it's just not what I wanted it to be. But I'm in love with Max Payne 2, so if AW is of comparable quality my complains may be without any reason. I know what you mean. And it's interesting that it took over four years to give anybody enough reason to write something again.
  23. Alan Wake

    Alan Wake review is up on Gametrailers. Although I'm still a little pissed that they initially announced it for both Xbox and PC (and even made a tech demonstration to show performance on Intel multi-core processors) only to scrap it eventually (but Microsoft may change their mind half a year from now - just look at the GTA IV Episodes), it seems as the game turns out be much less impressive than imagined. Pro: The visual design is excellent. The rich environments are excellently lit (as you may expect from a game which deals with light). The attention to detail reminds of Max Payne (2) (just like all the recycled elements like the hud font and icon design by the way). The action set-pieces seem well arranged and presented... Contra: , but seem to be generic as well. The element of light is a good idea, but it doesn't seem to alter gameplay much from that of many other games. The episodic tv-serial-like narrative style: I'm not a fan of tv mystery series and I presume that Alan Wake won't change this. The voice acting sounds bad (just like in a cheap serial with b-actors) and the script has plenty of goofy characters and awkward lines on hand. I'm not convinced that this may be Remedy's intention, despite Max Payne beeing a persiflage on film-noir revenge flicks. It doesn't work for me here anyways, as the opportunity for suspenseful story-telling seems wasted. I may consider a pc version for a reasonable price. And if there will never be one, I'll be still fine with it.
  24. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

    These commercials are as unconvincing as usual. They even went wrong with the color of the DS. Baby-blue? Everybody knows that girls prefer pink! It's good to read that they improved this aspect in the sequel. I may buy this game eventually, but haven't even finished the first game, yet.
  25. Floppy-tastic.

    So, there are 37 products in total?