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  1. Neptune's Pride Co-op, Sort Of

    Ermm... I said "working against" and "beating", not "killing". What about my analogy attempt? Successful? Maybe I misread the whole affair.
  2. Neptune's Pride Co-op, Sort Of

    A co-op game against a common enemy, which tempts you working also against your comrades for selfish reasons? This sounds like a horrific experience, indeed. It's like Left 4 Dead (2) Versus mode where only a single player can win the match. I imagine the result being disastrous. Surrounded by douches who you can only beat by acting douchy yourself. Ugh!
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Like ThunderPeel2001 said, the opposite stands true. However: This is a change I dislike. It comes across as exactly what it is: an afterthought. And I agree on the view, that was a bad idea. This effectively eliminates the audience's attachment figure / role model.
  4. GOTY.cx 2010

    There is no game in particular that blew me away this year. But I thoroughly enjoyed Mass Effect 2 R.U.S.E Sid Meier's Civilization V S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat I'm still unable to rate the following games due lack of playtime: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (not played at all yet) Sam & Max Season 3 (stuck at first half of Episode 2) Super Meat Boy (only 2h played so far) - I thoroughly disagree with your opinion. Focus on its gameplay mechanics and you'll discover a shitty game wrapped in a lush cover. The most disappointing game this year so far.
  5. Batman: Arkham City

    Catwoman reboobed? I hope they make her vulnerable.
  6. Loved

    Would you kindly be a good girl and click on this?
  7. Jonathan Frakes Is The Devil (The funniest QL)

    Don't forget to make a stopover at 17:38 following. On a personal note: I wish I had been able to skip Joe Piscopo. I don't know anything about him beside this video, but he is so bloody annoying here. His mannerisms, his facial expressions, his head-wiggle. Almost intolerable.
  8. Batman: Arkham City

    0:38: Batman: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."
  9. Loved

    I replayed the game, this time pissing the shit out of it. The outcome reveals
  10. Loved

    Probably nothing. But after beating the game , which I considered quite complimentary.
  11. Tomb Raider

    I accidentically my response in the wrong thread.
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    re: MEGA64 REBOOT Hilarious "running" gag @ 0:24. Edit: I just realized that this is the wrong thread.
  13. Tomb Raider

    Yes, Heather from SH3. She immediately came to my mind, too.
  14. Tomb Raider

    "In the 90s, we were all teenagers and wanted to bone a porn star, so she looked like a porn star. Now we're grown-ups and we just want to date younger, vulnerable women who don't threaten our sense of masculinity, so Lara is going to look younger and more vulnerable." This is only consequential. Lara Croft was never more than a sexed up Indiana Jones with less personality. I'm not surprised that this won't change in future. And I really don't think, that this is even desirable. Why eventually change her role after 15 years? Yes, decent female characters may be scarce in video games. But they do exist (with Alyx Vance probably beeing the most popular nowadays). And that is why I don't care about the kind of changes made to Croft.
  15. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    There is no setting for audio quality. Only volume controls.
  16. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    I'm not sure what setting do you mean exactly. Is it in Windows? Where do I find this? I'm using Windows 7. Anyway, the ironic thing is that the armpit fart wavefiles on the other hand are of a tremendous quality! They are mono PCMs with an impressive resolution of 24 bit * 44100 Hz (as a reference: 16-bit * 44100 Hz is the resolution of an Audio CD). I know it's impossible to provide lossless 24 bit files for minutes or even hours of dialog. But I'm unable to reproduce the distinctive distortions even if I recompress a dialog track from an Audio CD to a mono channel OGG file with quality factor set to -1 (which created a file with an average bitrate of 35 kbps or 262.5 KB/min in my case). But Telltale may use a very different codec. I don't know what codec and parameters Telltale actually uses for their games.
  17. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    Regarding DVD releases: I bought the DVD edition of Sam & Max: Season One back then and it suffered from the same crappy compression artifacts as the downloadable version (the used files in both versions are likely the same).
  18. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    You can LOL as much as you like, but I really don't understand, why bad voice compression in games which heavily rely on dialogs can be a deliberate choice. Why messing everything up in one if not the final and probably most inexpensive link in the chain of actions necessary for creating the in-game dialogs? I just don't get it (especially in concideration of other games which deliver superior quality in this regard despite not beeing particularly dialog-driven.).
  19. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    Wohooo! I just achieved "Four of a Kind". This was the second to last achievement that is still missing (last beeing "Straight Flush"). I've already spent more than 19 hours with this game. I'm in love with the quirky characters of my opponents. The voice performances are spot-on. Speaking of voices there is one annoying flaw though. And it's a flaw which is inherent to most Telltale games: the sound quality of the voice recordings. The used encoding, respectively the compression factor create heavy distortion (especially well perceivable in "s", "sh" and "th" sounds). I already created a thread about this on the Telltale forums over a year ago (see here) - among several other threads by other people talking about the very same problem -, but Telltale never acknowledged this flaw. I presume that "2_CelebrityPoker_pc_voice.ttarch" is the container for the voice files, which is 29,7 MB in size. Upping the file size by a factor of two would increase the overall size of the installation from 364 MB to 394 MB - or 8%. While the overall increase is negligible, I'm certain the sound quality would increase dramatically. It's really sad to realize that nobody at Telltale seems to be aware of this issue. Either nobody is able to really perceive it (I doubt it) or nobody cares to change something in this regard, as there are not enough players complaining about this issue.
  20. Imagine every FPS had exploding barrels as a hommage to Doom... ...- Wait a sec! They all have!
  21. Tomb Raider

    Loosing her virginity to her first boyfriend and breaking up with him?
  22. WTF is Telltale's new game?

    Oh man, Poker Night was patched today and it happened right in time for me. I already thought that I lost my mojo. Lost game after game for a while now, after making 210K with most games played on "hard" (except for the first few games). But now I realize: it wasn't me! The game was simply broken. I just played two more games and won both (on "hard"). Especially the Heads Ups are less of a pain now. I was constantly losing, because they tried stealing the Blinds like mad all the time. When I called, I usually lost due bad luck (think two pair (10, K) against three sixes on river).
  23. Metro 2033?

    Okay, I finally managed to get through this. But it was no fun, I can tell you. I made it to the MG under the bridge when they discovered me. This was the moment I started a killing-spree. This sure was a challenge (I'm playing on "hard", btw). But not a rewarding one. It was a very unfair fight. One - who can only rely on human senses - versus sheer countless √úbermenschen - with psychic powers. And the game insisted on constantly reminding of the fact, that everyone is aware of my position at all times, by letting enemies say "I know where you are!", even if I am in complete darkness, one level above them and solid concrete between us. It was ridiculous. But in the end I killed them. All of them...