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  1. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    I've been reading this book for years. Literally. I'm stubborn and won't read anything else until I finish it, but I think I started in 2011. The only thing I set it down for was A Dance with Dragons. I'm torturing myself, but I don't read daily like I used to when I was growing up. That changed about ten years ago and I've just never gotten back in the habit, which is kind of a shame. I only have about two hundred or so pages left so I should just polish it off.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone, I've been listening to Idle Thumbs for a long time, and recently decided to check out the forums. Lately I've been playing Bloodborne and Final Fantasy XII - and Nintendo Badge Arcade... Just looking for a relaxed place to chat about video games and books for the most part.
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    Well, I'm definitely interested, but I'm going out of town later today until Sunday and I don't know if I'll have internet access. If a game does get started, put me in!
  4. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    My fatal error in the game was believing I had an alliance. I threw the house at Mr. Pants and Rabbit immediately betrayed me. I was never really able to recover from that. Are we playing another? I'm interested if we are.
  5. Recently completed video games

    Finished Red Dead Redemption a few days ago. I stalled out in Mexico over the summer, and just picked it up again and immediately got swept away by the story. Now I'm trading it away on Goozex.
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    Don't play this game! People try to kill you!
  7. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    I was originally going to respond to this, but then I realized that it was just a clever ploy to try to match up my forum handle with my in-game identity. Well played, Hero Protagonist...if that is your real name.
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    If the frequency with which I check this thread is any indication, my life will be on hold when the game actually starts.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I found out about Neptune's Pride on the podcast, and I played one public game in which all but one other person quit within the first week. I came here looking specifically for committed players.
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Do I need a twitter account to play this?
  11. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    You are suspicious. I'm unlikable and it's hard to ingratiate myself to a new internet community. I post under the same name at NeoGaf if that means anything.
  12. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I understand. You fear my greatness. I would fear me too if I wasn't me.
  13. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I'd like in on the next game please.
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I'd also like to get in on the next round. I will not AFK. You will have to destroy me.
  15. New people: Read this, say hi.

    THUMBS! I found out about this podcast shortly before the old one ended. I was very sad. Then they made a new one, and it was still awesome. These guys always make me laugh out loud, which is bad because I listen while walking to class. I am planning on calling 55-WIZARDON soon.