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  1. Plug your shit

    This isn't specifically my own poop. My pal Timbre - a harpist who has collaborated with the likes of mewithoutYou, Tom Freakin' Jones and Jack White - has launched an IndieGoGo to fund an ambitious new double-LP, Sun and Moon. It's an attempt to bridge the worlds of classical composition and modern songwriting. She's great! indiegogo.com/projects/help-timbre-record-a-double-disc-album-that-will-unite-two-worlds-of-music timbre.bandcamp.com to check out her other material. Her cover of Radiohead's "Spinning Plates" will make you weep.
  2. Metro 2033?

    My mouse pointer was inching ever so close to the Buy button on Steam for this earlier. Anyone played it yet? If so, how does it run on a modest PC (1.80 Dual Core, 4GB Ram, DX10 graphics with 512 dedicated VRAM).
  3. Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

    I'd seen art for this around one theater I often go to, but I only discovered what it was last week. It's great so many companies lent their characters to it! I bet that was hard to wrangle.
  4. LOOK at this photo of fighting wizards! Just LOOOK: http://news.cnet.com/2300-17938_105-10007428-4.html This park was built in memory of a local kid that enjoyed D&D. I know where I'm going next time I take a lengthy road trip. Here's a CNET article about the place with more photos: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20053770-1.html
  5. http://images.sugarscape.com/userfiles/image/jan2012/kluce/LydiaArgEgg.jpg Am I the only one that thinks of something else before Cadbury Eggs? Gross!
  6. You should re-visit On Stranger Tides. Chris, I believe it was your mention it episodes ago that inspired me to pick it up. I loved that book.
  7. I vote for Gena Showalter's Heart of the Dragon next. "Deep in the jungle on the trail of her missing brother, Grace never expected to find a secret world populated by mythological monsters -- nor guarded by a sword-wielding being whose beauty put mortal men to shame. Darius en Kragin belongs to a race of shape-shifting warriors sworn to guard Atlantis and kill all travelers who stray within its boundaries. Yet when Grace stumbles into his realm, he finds himself tempted to betray his centuries-old vow. Now their forbidden love will either bring their worlds together -- or tear them both apart." http://www.amazon.com/Heart-The-Dragon-Atlantis-Book/dp/0373773501
  8. Idle Twits

  9. Plug your shit

    I am a regular panelist on an improv comedy show in which we take random phrases suggested by listeners and turn them into the next great video game. Hear A Fistful of Pixels right here.
  10. I loved the one with the iD folks telling stories.
  11. Any chance of you guys doing the entire The Hunger Games? It has a subtle nuance that is worthy of expounding on.
  12. Monkey Island 2: SE

    I picked up the iPhone game and am now about 30% of the way through it. So far, I'm enjoying it immensely. I will most likely pick up the PC version eventually simply to hear the commentary and encourage more Monkey Island stuff to be produced. I didn't particularly care for the new "Direct Input" control interface in the iPhone version. Sometimes it was a bit tough to find and tap stuff on the screen with it. I'm glad they allowed to switch back to the old scheme.
  13. iPad

    I enjoy the legalPad a great deal more. http://wejo.tumblr.com/post/496990256/talkin-pads-with-wejo
  14. Kid Gets Stabbed for Wallhacking

    Anyone hear about the latest Asian internet café violence? Apparently a 17-year old playing Counter-Strike at an establishment in China got stabbed in the brain with a 30cm for wallhacking. The stabber vacated the premises immediately following the incident and has yet to be hauled in. The rusty blade surprisingly missed major arteries in the boy’s head and was removed successfully. He’s currently under observation, though. They think rust flakes from the knife could cause eventual problems. Sick photos contained here: www.hotbloodedgaming.com/2010/03/22/counter-strike-wall-hacker-gets-knifed-in-head/
  15. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

    WWZ was a fantastic, unique zombie book. Did you all know Max Brooks is the son of Mel? I had no idea until his appearance at Wizard World Chicago a few years ago.
  16. So, I recently finished Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, from the author that brought us Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. The book was actually quite clever, in my humble opinion. I do own PPZ but have yet to make it through that one. Today, I heard about a prequel coming to that book and decided to surf around for some info. Doing this revealed a terrifying list on Amazon. http://tinyurl.com/yalutgw Robin Hood and Friar Tuck: Zombie Killers? Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim? The Undead World of Oz? Yup, all those are real. It's like the Guild of Authors decided adding zombies to a story instantly makes it readable. Anyone have any opinions on this? I'm hardly a lit nerd but am getting a bit sickened by zombies.
  17. Horror/Classic Lit Mash-Ups Are Driving Me Insane!

    Here is the letter the guy sent to me. He actually encouraged me to share it: "Dear Wesley Thomas I'm the author of 'Robin Hood and Friar Tuck: Zombie Killers - A Canterbury Tale by Paul A. Freeman'. I've read your views on PPZ and its spin offs and would like this opportunity, if I may, to put my book into context. Although my novella includes zombies, it's not actually part of the 'monster mash' movement. The Robin Hood legends we all know and love are actually composed of myth fragments from a number of different sources. Although I allude to one or two of these in my book, my novella is in effect an original tale. In fact, the first half takes place not in Sherwood Forest, but in the Holy Land during the ill-fated First Crusade. Also, 'Robin Hood and Friar Tuck: Zombie Killers' is alternatively titled 'The Monk's Second Tale', and is the longest of a series of eight 'new' Canterbury Tales that I've so far written. And before you start berating me for jumping on Chaucer's coat tails, let me explain! 'The Monk's Second Tale' is part of my ambitious 'Canterbury Tales' project, and involves each of Chaucer's pilgrims telling a second story in narrative poetry. They are all original tales, though I've borrowed Chaucer's pilgrims for the short prologues and epilogues to the tales. See: www.paulfreeman.weebly.com Chaucer envisaged his pilgrims each telling four stories - two on their outward journey and two on their homeward journey. Unfortunately he died before completing even a quarter of his tales. The Canterbury Tales I've written so far (which chronicle the pilgrims' homeward journey) are all in different genres, varying from fables to fabliau, and from crime fiction to chick lit. Since Coscom Entertainment offered me a chance at publication, 'The Monk's Second Tale' became my horror Canterbury Tale'. My Canterbury Tales project is now going quite well. My 'Miller's Second Tale' is being edited for an anthology of neo-medieval literature, and the abridged version of my 'Knight's Second Tale', an Arthurian legend, will appear soon in Every Day Poets' inaugural poetry anthology. Sorry I've been a bit long-winded, but this project of mine is very close to my heart and is not meant to be exploitative at all. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me explaining what on the face of things is a sensationally titled, band-wagon book, but which is, in reality, anything but. If you wish to post this email on the sites you frequent and where you've discussed 'monster mash-ups', feel free. All the best Paul A. Freeman"
  18. Horror/Classic Lit Mash-Ups Are Driving Me Insane!

    My main problem is that it looks like the majority of those books were written simply by deleting the antagonists of classic lit and replacing them with zombies. If an author actually works said beasts into the story creatively, I can accept it. Zombies are also getting incredibly played out, which doesn't help me look upon the list with kindness. To the author of Robin Hood & Friar Tuck's credit, he seems to have put a bit of work into his tome.
  19. Kid Gets Stabbed for Wallhacking

    I think the guy who did the stabbing was a futuristic samuri that managed to only damage the part of the kids brain that contained the memory of how to wallhack.
  20. Heavy Rain

    Finished it today. Thought it was great, for the most part. I still can't dig on the voice acting.
  21. Horror/Classic Lit Mash-Ups Are Driving Me Insane!

    I dropped one mildly disparaging remark in regards to these books in a recent blog post. Apparently the author of Robin Hood & Friar Tuck: Zombie Killers found said post through Google and decided to send me an email defending his book. It was civil, which made me respect him a bit. Some time after that I found another site that slammed his book and he'd commented on the post with almost exactly what he sent to me.
  22. Metro 2033?

    I'm kinda interested in reading the novel too. It's German, I believe.
  23. Everyone saw these, right?
  24. Heavy Rain

    Playing it now. Aside from the voice acting, I digs.