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  1. Portal 2

    Portal 2 was the best single player thing I've played in years and years. I started to think that when I played, but ultimately That one line gave his more personal memoirs context for appearing where they did, to me.
  2. Earth Defence Force sequel

    Yeah, I saw that yesterday. I'd say "it'll come out when it's ready" but I think making this TOO good would entirely miss the point...
  3. There's nothing worse than having to start over on a project like that. My heart goes out to you, Jake! EDIT: Huh, the sad face chomping dude.
  4. Earth Defence Force sequel

    Pre-ordered as well. If it's half as fun as EDF 2017 was co-op, it'll be money well spent.
  5. L.A. Noire

    Hah, I kept thinking that the main character looked like Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove on Mad Men), and sure enough, he's lending his likeness and voicing the main character. Awesome.
  6. The Last Guardian

    That...could be interesting. We'll see, I guess.
  7. BioShock Infinite

    Yeah, count me among the "disappointed it has the Bioshock name tacked onto it" crowd. Otherwise, it looks pretty swank - and lord knows AAA video games need to be pushing the creative envelope a little harder. I am excited to explore this crazy 1920's sky city. ...isn't the new Zelda game set in basically the same location? EDIT: I have to interject and say that being down on it because it has an "old timey feel to it" is sort of...wrong? Bioshock was, what, late 1940's inspired? This is 1920's. It's a DIFFERENT kind of old timey. Should be fun.
  8. Long-time lurker, first-time poster, just to say that I've never had a youtube clip better express my feelings than right now: (Just, uh, replace "Saruman" with "Chris Remo" I guess.)