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  1. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    There's gonna be a truly mind-blowing pre-rendered trailer for Extreme Guns Badass Boob-Slicer. Then there will be a poignant, quietly paced and seemingly thoughtful trailer for a game that will later turn out to be an opposing publisher's equally rippin' answer to Extreme Guns Badass Boob-Slicer. All trailers this year will be performed on-stage by live actors. Cameras will be banned from the expo hall, as a deliberate endeavour to highlight the fleeting purity of each moment for those attending.
  2. Life

    mmhmm, pretty much! I don't wanna cause turbulence or drama, it seems like everyone else is enjoying themselves. Sometimes I am too, it's a nice summer! Just every now and then I'll fall back down this well and struggle to climb back up out of it, it's hard.
  3. Life

    Wow I wonder what this post said!
  4. Visual Art!

    This week I am creating new character skins for . There's a couple in there who are sexier than I would permit to be in this particular game world, so it's pretty clear where my head's at this week :I
  5. Can I just ask before I listen, what is "The [blank] zone where [blank]s rule" a reference to? I've definitely heard it before, but I can't find out where from.
  6. Animated Shorts

    Nice, creative little idea. Nothing mind-blowing, but a sweet 4 minutes nonetheless Can't wait til I finish work so I can catch up on this thread tbh
  7. Game Jams

    Honestly kind of inspiring.
  8. Life

    Ooh speaking of dating, I signed up to online dating for the first time. SO MANY STORIES!!! I felt horrible about it at first, obviously, because this feels like admitting you have some disease. It's cool though, the girls are nice and it doesn't feel that weird once you're in it! Some downers first: The first thing I had to do was subscribe to a premium account so I could change my name. Apparently I had signed up when I was 14 and registered the name I_Smell as a way of trolling myself in the future. Real funny, idiot :I Then I went on a date and she never showed up, I went on another and that cancelled an hour before. Things still suck- it happens! Here's the up-side: I went on 3 dates so far. They were fun! The first two were very nice, and sweet and smiled n laughed a lot, but I just couldn't get em to wake up and be a bit more excited, y'know? It was nice though, I had a fun day. The third one I got there, and within 20 minutes she tells me she works in the pornography industry. That one was pretty special, she was way more exciting, more forward, we had fun. That's the short blurb of it, but the whole thing's a fun adventure. I got invited to a BDSM party twice. I think they target me because I'm nice :[
  9. Unity: What I needed to know.

    Hahaha thanks for the thread, I am such a dope with code. Someone pointed out to me yesterday that I keep describing features in terms of how many FRAMES an action takes instead of cycles and updates and miliseconds. This is because I mainly come from animation, and I learned to code working on Flash games. Apparently that language isn't useful to anyone!
  10. Yeah the guys got a deal signed while they were over in Boston, and now that we actually have everything cleanly laid out I guess crowdfunding would be a complicated surplus. All the rewards are digital though, so it's okay, we can still give everyone everything! I guess from the backers perspective things are just gonna go ahead as normal, but here in the office it was a lot of frantic decision-making, ha! personally I felt bad about asking the public for money anyway, so thumbs up on this, y'know?
  11. Just wanna pop in and say AGAIN that I love the episode descriptions. "He wakes up screaming and rates the experience 4 out of 5 stars" Is a hilariously fast shift in tone that's perfectly fit for the thing you're making a joke about. Nice work!
  12. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Chris mentioned this on a recent cast: Design in Detail: Changing the Time Between Shots for the Sniper Rifle from 0.5 to 0.7 Seconds for Halo 3 http://gdcvault.com/play/1012211/Design-in-Detail-Changing-the It's a talk about weapon design in Halo, and how to think about design and balancing for stuff like this. It's fun, it's nice, I liked it.
  13. Visual Art!

    Argh fuck you I wish I was a real artists and not a dumb baby one :I Here's my favourite recent one. Right now I'm kind of just splashing around a lot, like an idiot, to get an idea and direction down on paper before I open Unity. Not strictly an artist. Blambo your art is consistently evocative!!! I can't speak to the proficiency of rendering, which is what you're working on sorry, but each one is exciting and interesting The in-game one has nice depth and a very neat choice of colours.
  14. Fuckin beats me buddy, I just wrote JetGetters.com right there on the demo and made the flyers. There's like 6 other games there, so no big deal.
  15. Here's our PAX booth: I guess things got pretty busy, then Evil Cloud Strife showed up. I'm still at home in the Netherlands, so I dunno. Kinda sour about all these awesome photos while I'm back here >:I but I got into internet dating this month to take my mind off it, and that's been it's own adventure, so I'm okay
  16. Always postin up new stuff! I put split-screen multiplayer in today! I love love love this art
  17. I haven't watched the pitch video. Not gonna! I hate pitch videos. Gearing up for playable at PAX right now, incase you guys are interested.
  18. Recently completed video games

    Yeah very similar to my experience! I liked it, it's a very neat game. A lot like Zelda except you actually don't know what you're gonna get and there's some fun mysteries and surprises. What a cute game. I ran through Metal Gear Rising recently. I'm a big fat beat-em-up dork so I came into this with a critical eye. It was alright! The slow-motion precision cuts was a novel idea, and I'm surprised it lasted the whole game. Didn't get boring! Congrats, wow. I enjoyed slicing off secret collectible hands, and regular limbs, and I wish they would've gone a bit deeper into enemy designs but I understand that development for this game was pretty hectic. They give you other weapons in the game but I did not check any of them out for even a second. The X,X,Y beat-em-up button-mashing part of this game is just a way to keep your heart rate up between sneaking and slicing, it's not actually the star of the show, so the regular sword was fine. Codec chatter was a bit disappointing. At the start of the game there's a lot of "How was your vacation?" and "What kind of movies do you like?" and characters just being themselves- which I LOVE!! but then they leaned back into intense plot stuff and that's all just dumb. Overall a cool ride, explores a neat twist on the genre, doesn't outstay it's welcome. Neato
  19. mmhm, could be a tight finish!! I put this gameplay up yesterday, so I'm quite sure it's linked to that: You guys saw this game when I started it on Day 1, so you actually won't see much evolution here. We did put it on the shelf for a long time and only just pick it up again. I was dieing to talk over this video, but I just can't act natural by myself in an empty office talking to a monitor :I
  20. Half-Life 3

    3D printing anything is possible in the year 2014
  21. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game of the Movie

    Just like to give a shout-out to spider-man 2 for the PS1; and specifically the costume collecting stuff. Unlocking these audio logs when I was 12 or whatever was a DREAM for me. I watched the FOX Kids spider-man cartoon, but didn't know all the comic lore at all. So to get a little tease of a world in which there is a SCARLET SPIDER and THE NEGATIVE ZONE was straight mezmerizing. And the added bonus that they come with unique attributes and abilities? Ohmygosh
  22. BioShock Infinite

    To me the song felt stupidly out of place, like how the protagonist in a Disney movie would stop being a person to become a performer, and all the background characters just kinda stand around and smile. Who is this a performance for!?? Why would you do this, as a person? I get that people sing for the fun of it sometimes, but not this :I Would've made more sense for her to sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun when they were on the beach! But yeah man, sky-lines, woah! Infinite- yeah!!
  23. Haven't listened yet, but man I fucking cracked the hell up at this title.