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  1. Recently completed video games

    Oh, God Hand is nuts. Everything about how that game works is just completely upside-down and I really like it. It's a shame you played it on Easy cos being really hard was part of what made it good for me. I especially remember the difficulty in God Hand would Level Up as your combo streak got higher or whatever, and that was a really fun system. I reccomend you check out Vanquish, cos that's an arcadey, fast, goofy shooter that reminded me of God Hand.
  2. Steam Greenlight

    Here's a sad realisation: The comments all say things like "Yeah I would love to play this!" "I wanna buy this, so thumbs up from me!" "The trailer looks good, I would love to see more of this game." ...but our game has been finished and came out a year ago, and is still for sale right now. This is something I already knew, but these people equate being released on Steam to being released AT ALL. Just instinctively, without even thinking, if it's not on Steam then it might as well just be on my hard drive. How many of you guys have actually checked if you can already buy these games your finding? There's no release date on these pages. Not being on Steam being equal to not being out is kind of how it feels when you're the people trying to sell stuff- except from our perspective it's a problem we have to work with and I guess the consumer is only pretending it's a problem for them. Cos really it's the same .exe either way and you all bought Minecraft, right? Probably a lot to talk about there, but ah whatever I'll start worrying about it when submitting the next game.
  3. Steam Greenlight

    I just watched the trailer, and hereby make it my life's goal to get this game into the hands of millions. Oh man, good idea!!!
  4. Steam Greenlight

    Update: Steam has removed the ability to see my own ratio of up-votes to down-votes. So I guess that was a fun novelty for a while, I'll just ASSUME it stays up? I can't find anything in this article about people doing that. I actually disagree with a few things other developers say in this article. I have a different view on trolling than most other people do, I think. The word "troll" has completely lost it's meaning; people just use it to describe someone with an opinion they don't like. Whenever I see negative comments, it's 90% of the time someone who actually didn't like what they got, not some clown who's being a cartoon Dick Dastardly for no reason. Those DO exist, they're just much rarer than the internet makes out. Practically all the negative comments I've got (not many!) have been genuine, and even stuff like "Isn't this a flash game? ppffffff!!" I can still see where that person's coming from. I definately wouldn't want the power to report or delete those kind of comments. This guy especially: You have this whole thing backwards! It's not supposed to drive traffic to your game, and it's not supposed to be a different avenue to release it. It's just a page for you to say "I still think I should be on Steam!!!" as loud as you can. Of course you're supposed to make tweets and facebook posts and tell everyone about it yourself!
  5. Steam Greenlight

    Urgh boy, downhill I go!
  6. Planetary Annihilation

    Hey guys this game is officially coming out, in case you didn't notice. Their most recently announced stretch tier is LAVA PLANETS AND METAL PLANETS. BOY LET ME TELL YA: I LIKE THA SOUND O THAT. It's only if they get like 1.5 million dollars though, so aaaaaa maybe they won't get it. Each new type of planet has an inherent benefit and strategies tied to it, the game sounds really really cool. I don't have much of a PC though and am a complete alien to PC multiplayer so I am sad about that. They said in this interview that the whole game is designed to be as cheap as possible to produce, from the perspective of coding and modelling and all the man-hours. So I'd GUESS it won't be too bad, cos everything will be kind of a little bit boxy. BUT YEAH GOOD PUN LOL!! Well the second pledge tier gets you the game, so... that much.
  7. Polygon (internet website)

    Oh I just got it... "PRESS" Reset.
  8. Steam Greenlight

    Well this is a service for games that did not get on Steam. If you're saying a game that has 100,000 upvotes should already be on Steam and the judging team must've made a mistake- then yes, that's what Greenlight is. Although yeah maybe they should actually drop the cieling by half, cos if Project Zomboid can't get there, then what's the point in this service, right?
  9. Steam Greenlight

    YEP! The response to me was "It's not our policy to give you any feedback, but maybe if you got the game out there we could change our minds." We've sold a few thousand of this game through our site, but to get the game out there means more than that, it means being Binding of Isaac or Closure or FTL, something people have heard of... OR just be a really great game. So I guess Steam Greenlight is a "Show us that people are ready to start buying this, cos right now we don't believe you" test.
  10. Steam Greenlight

    Yeah- we had a really rough launch, so if you're one o the people who got it when it first came out then I personally apologize. Shoot downwards before holding Jump to jump as high as possible. Always be beaming slightly downward, don't beam completely to the left or right, unless only for a split second. If you're flying forward too fast, shoot forwards to slow down. The second half of the game (into Season 2 especially) is way better than the first, playing through it before Greenlight hit was really annoying me because the quality of the first 30 or so levels just does not match the other end
  11. Steam Greenlight

    I released my first for-sale game last year and IT IS NOW ON STEAM GREENLIGHT! So far we have 90% of people like us, 10% of people don't, and we are 1% of the way to an "auto-approval", which right now seems like an absolute miracle. Most games are at 0% or 1%, and the only games I've seen higher are Project Giana at 3% and Project Zomboid at 5%. The interface is kind of difficult, yeah. There's almost 500 games on there and flicking through the pages isn't useful any more. The search box blended into the background for me, I couldn't find it. BOY, reading through every comment on internet dudes deciding whether or not your game is FIT TO BE SOLD sure is a painful experience!
  12. Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker

    So do people conserve threads in this forum or something? Anyway OMG METAL GEAR SOLID IS THE GREETEST, I'm excited about this new rainy base-based footage without even seeing it. Looking closely at that picture though: I'm not crazy about it being set in the 60's Big Boss era. Note the orange circle icon on his shoulder. My favourite Metal Gear was MGS2 and I don't play these PSP spin-offs. This is kind of an unpopular opinion, but I SO WISH Kojima Corp would start new games that aren't additions to the Metal Gear story. After Metal Gear Solid 1, and before MGS2, they made a space beat-em-up called which was like my favourite fucking game on PS2. It looks SO MUCH better than most things that came out for years after. The Metal Gear series has such great characters, knows not to take itself too seriously, has unique, fun and interesting gameplay ideas, hits in Japan and the US... that team is so smartly in-tune that WHO KNOWS what they'd make if they started from zero with a new world and a new style of gameplay.EDIT- I just remembered they're called "Kojima Prod", but I will never stop calling them "Kojima Corp".
  13. Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Animal people in American cartoons is not the same as animal people in anime. This is common sense. That's like saying little girls in The Powerpuff Girls is the same as little girls in Powerpuff Girls Z. ...wait this is a dumb argument, why am I joining in here.
  14. Polygon (internet website)

    I don't know how fair it is to keep comparing this to GiantBomb, but it took them like 2 or 3 months to , and... it's been 8 months since they announced Polygon. The site already has ads on it.I do feel like I'm just bullying now, but- what the fuck IS goin on, right? There are 16+ people working there!
  15. When HD TVs first came out, Dead Rising and Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts got really told off for using tiny font on all their text. I think they both made it a company-wide point to not do that again. Side-note I know 2 people who play games and have one hand, so stuff with controls is just automatically something I think about now.
  16. As a developer, I make games at 1024x768 on a 14 inch monitor, so yeah I promise to continue writing everything like a ham-handed caveman. Also it's funny that someone who basically can't read; can write perfectly. And it's funny that you're Derpy, BUT ANYWAY- I've never used an online pass, but yes that's annoying. I completely stay away from PC games. This stuff you're saying about not knowing what kind of technical features it'll have: I hate that. I don't have a good PC and I NEVER know how well anything'll run. PC games are a nightmare for me, just as someone who doesn't know what a motherboard looks like. Motion controls: You're missing out on Mario and Zelda for the Wii, and Dance Central for the Kinect. As someone who's fully into Video games and who's had all the chance in the world to play all the motion games I want: Those ones are basically it. And they're great, actually! So yes you are missing out. Tangent: Colourblind stuff in Video games is really interesting to me- it's why the jewels are all different shapes in Bejewelled. A lot of games'll have the option to swap colours out for stripes or something, it's surprising how much it comes up. In most cases, though: If you can't see the difference between red and green, you are fucked. TANGENT RANT: Fighting games are complete bullshit for accessibility, to anyone. When Street Fighter 4 came out, I had NO IDEA what a charge move was. Charge-left, Right, underlined left-right, PunchPunchPunch means NOTHING, and it especially doesn't mean anything about pressing L1. The game does not, anywhere, tell you how Supers or Ultras work, how to gain Super meter, why characters flash yellow sometimes, how to do a focus attack, or anything. It's a joke. Years after that, they released Marvel VS Capcom 3 which was even worse. ON ANY CONTROLLER. I'm not playing this on an arcade cabinet because IT'S NOT 1996!MvC 3 has Spider-Man and Wolverine on the box, you'd think they'd be aware that people are coming into this for the first time. The X-Factor mechanic is ONLY explained in Youtube videos made by other people, it's not mentioned in the game. Nothing's mentioned in the game, I combed through it. I understand if they don't wanna lay out fighting strategies to beginners, but why is every fighting game intent on alienating new players? I'm not even joking when I say they should license the guys at Shoryuken.com to just put their videos in the game. I brought this up on a forum once and got the shit kicked out of me for being a scrub, and also that it's all written down in the manual. The god damn paper manual! Some games are less bad with this, Mortal Kombat makes a good effort. Anyway yea, that's my accessibility rant. My disability is that I didn't win EVO before I bought Guilty Gears.
  17. Polygon (internet website)

    Ok, good, we're all pretty much on the same page that this is really silly. Making the first post in this thread I was definately feeling like I might accidentally piss everyone off, HAhaha. Except you guys like to read articles more than me, which is fine. I read 3 articles at Penny Arcade's game news site recently, and they were all sad "click-bait" that made me feel bad for falling for it. But I'll read this RockPaperShotgun thing now, cos that seems good. EDIT- I read it and it was kind of masturbatory, and harsh. I don't like Polygon either, but this is exactly the kind of bullying you see from a teacher who hates children, and takes his anger out in telling them off. Or someone who absolutely revels in talking about how much they ruined Star Wars or something. I also noticed in researching this that these guys aren't super independant, and were just hired by The Verge to be their games branch, which colours the whole thing in a different light. By which I mean it's not Indie Game: The Movie any more, and feels more like the silliness of "The EA Humble Bundle". Being bored of GiantBomb is understandable, it's not got a tonne of momentum these days. Since January of this year, I think. You're right though, covering Video games is WAY too niche to be pointing out anyone as a celebrity.
  18. That Borderlands 2 concept art is pretty funny: Randy Pitchford (of Gearbox) appeared on a podcast just now. He starts talking about all this stuff directly at about 30 minutes. He sounds really annoyed at the whole thing, but doesn't really blow his top or anything.
  19. The artist probably thought "Alright everyone in this universe is a dim, ham-fisted gunzerker, so what joke can I do with this flyer? ...oh I'll make the mugshot be of her boobs instead of her face, haha" It does reflect poorly on him if you pause to think about it. Not in a MONSTROUS way, but in a way that looks really bad in the context of talking about how sexist Gearbox is. You could dive into how the characters of Borderlands are like blown-out charicatures of it's players and play styles, and what significance that has in this conversation, but hey let's not beat someone up over a background joke, right?
  20. Why so curious?

    Peter Molyneux you're such a card!
  21. It's this much of the way through: He's basically explaining that all sorts of gross douchebags come out of the woodwork when people discuss this kind of thing, but it's worth doing anyway because then at least you're confronting the blood alien.
  22. Yeah it makes me sound like a real jerk. I don't think everyone should stop, I'm just gonna sit out on it for the rest of forever.
  23. I was kind of like "Aw great, more girlfriend mode stuff" in the same way these guys would groan if someone asked em whether or not games are art or something. But y'know- it's Idle Thumbs so I'm not gonna defiantly switch off the cast. There was some fumbling around with semantics, but hese guys are smarter and more aware than the average dudes who tell you what's coming out every week. It's a different story when it's my fave cast, cos what Chris said about the industry being a tight bubble and making it more malleable to change was interesting. But if most any other blog site or game news site or whatever wrote an article about the portrayal of ladies in games, I would probably not click it in a hundred years. I watched a PAX panel about this stuff once, and it was like 50 minutes of just "hey guys, Dead Or Alive is super weird and that's not right!". They circled around the top layer of the discussion forever and it just drained the life out o me. I don't enjoy it! Maybe this is just a broader issue of how I feel about reading things on the internet, because most video game forums are like 95% SSJ_Bubsy420 and some dude with a Sephiroth avatar circling the drain forever on racism.
  24. Why so curious?

    But what's at the middle is amazing.