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  1. Tokyo Jungle

    I can't see what's on Kotaku, all I can see is a giant flash ad for some Bruce Willis movie infront of all the text. I watched the GB Quick Look though and wow. I expected it to be some dumb novelty thing, but it actually seems like a super cool game. I wanna play that!
  2. «Kickstarter is not a store»

    By the way, the fact that Kickstarter raises a million dollars plus for something completely ridiculous every other day is still absolutely fucking mind-boggling. I used Kickstarter around the time Cthulu Saves The World managed to raise $7000 and I said "Wow this is amazing! I can't believe that works!", and at this point it's just astronomically difficult to imagine.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I got here a couple months ago, and yea this forum is definately less awful than the average people arguing about what their favourite meme is forum.
  4. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    lol yeah this sure was the scary episode! The reminder that using other people's time will drain a finite resource named "money" is terrifying. That guy wants to keep working but can't! It's a bummer for both parites! and yeah I laughed at Chris, what a goon
  5. Plug your shit

    Hey, this is a weird thing to plug. It's some music, and I DIDN'T MAKE IT! I released a game last year, and releasing a game is this big hectic thing, it was really difficult. Someone reminded me yesterday that our soundtrack was missing a track. I was so annoyed that this slipped through and never got fixed, that I .In looking up the audio artist to plug him somewhere, I noticed that he'd made our soundtrack a free download last month without mentioning it. So I thought "I wonder if he noticed the missing song", and I downloaded it. Turns out there's like 3 or 4 tracks in here that somehow never got to me! Or maybe I deleted somehow? Anyway: Hearing "brand new" content for this game I put so much time into, a year after it's done, is so exciting, it's like finding a weird director's cut. I totally forgot how good this guy was, and how lucky we were to have him. Hidden treasure! There's a couple more on the channel that never got used or that just got uncovered yesterday. It totally makes me think of Bionic Commando ReArmed or Castle Crashers, or some other game with completely enviable music.
  6. «Kickstarter is not a store»

    God, who makes their website grey text on a white background! I'm like an inch from the screen tryina read this! Yeah this is good for those Kickstarter dudes. I remember Robert Khu (company director at Penny Arcade) did a PAX Panel where he said he was friends with those guys, and it really bugged him that people were using it as a store. And as we know from Idle Thumbs, MAKING REWARDS is a strange time and money sink. Personally though, I totally WAS using it as a store. I backed the Double Fine one just to watch the documentary (which is aesome) and the Idle Thumbs one just to get like 3 months of new casts. I supported the goals of the projects, but I put money in to get the rewards.
  7. Playing a game again is a unique type of none-linear story-telling. Like the idea that you can play Walking Dead again in a weird "What-if" scenario is unique to games and kind of a weird new concept. I guess like Majora's Mask is built on that, playing 3 days again and again with different decisions to find out new facets of what's going on. I dunno, just throwin it out there. The game designer in me is all like "HHHMMMMMM..." about that.
  8. If the game is WARSOUP from M00N STUDIOS then there's a couple early dev videos of it on Youtube, and the animation is mega sweet.
  9. The guy in the X-COM chat sounds amazing, what a brilliant idea. Hey, speaking of Black Mesa Source, did you guys ever see the guy who re-animated Half Life? He took the boxy 100-polygon models and all the low-res art from Half Life and made a trailer where he basically animates it as best as possible, and it kinda looks like a brand new game! Animation: It's a big deal! EDIT-- Oh and non-linear storytelling in games: The Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC. Ballad of Gay Tony and Lost & Damned both fill in plot points of each other, and of the regular GTA 4 story. They intersect. Not SUPER INTERESTINGLY, but still in some fun way. I thought that was so cool that I was hoping GTA 5 would just be a 6-hour game with new character-stories released every month that take place in the same city. And yeah I also think it's super weird that Rockstar is, in some specific ways, stuck in a game-design time-capsule. Faggio mopeds are still in GTA 5.
  10. Plug your shit

    I sometimes get into the habit of posting everything I'm doing as I do it, and I'll try not to do that, but here's this: I'm doing concept art for this game and I'm PRETTY NEW to Photoshop, and trying to be a good artist in general. So I have in my head this planet getting blown up. and I make this. Not totally happy with it. It doesn't feel chunky or rocky, it doesn't have the kind of volume I want, the beam looks like a crappy spider-web, and once I'd decided I didn't like it, I didn't stick around to fix the colours. So this is one of the rare times I said "This isn't useful as concept art, it's not good enough, it's not gonna help when I look at it later, I'm doing it again." So I said alright- I'm gonna start again from line-art and make sure I have giant country-sized chunks sinking in and smacking outwards. WAY better already! I'm still kind of a dumb spaz here, and there's... lines all over the place, but this is so much closer to what I'm thinking of. I wish I had time to just iterate concept art over n over again now, but then obviously nothing'd get made.
  11. I think in Portal it's toxic waste. There's almost definately an Aperture-official explanation for it somewhere. I'd like a shooter to incorporate GTA 4's drunk mode in some way. GTA 4 had the best drunk mode, you QWOP'd about so realistically that it was funny every time.
  12. The hilarious thing about that story is that Minecraft doesn't have a scripted "stumbling in confusion" state, which means you were so immersed in the role-playing experience that you mashed the arrow keys around, or just immeadiately ran forwards.
  13. Now... let's talk about lava. Is it hot, or does it just kill you?
  14. Alchemic Skill Tree Idea

    Oh so it's like Super Scribblenauts. Yeah I've been WAY interested in fusion and combining things recently. I'm dieing to start a game that's about taking 2 or 3 elements and fusing them together to make a new one. This is how spells work in Magicka- which I am DIEING TO PLAY but I don't have a PC that can play video games. Definately check out Magicka; it's not applied to levelling, but it is this concept applied to spell-casting. I mentioned an RTS in the game ideas thread and my idea with it was basically that there was no currency, and you create new units by fusing your existing units together. So you could make big hulk-men, or giant spider creatures, or giant flying spider hulk-creatures by mashing all your unit types together. Yea combining things rulz and is the best, everyone play Doodle God.
  15. Plug your shit

    My freelance work I do is actually looking way better than my personal work right now, which is fucking annoying and a bummer. I'd love to show how I'm trying to get good at art, and this game I'm making, but I just looked over it and it looks rubbish- people in this thread are all really good. Here's my latest animation stuff though! Splash 1 - last week Splash 2 - last month A website asked me to come up with a mascot and make an intro splash-screen for all their games that come through. These are both already out there in free browser games. There's a little bit of "make him smile in everything" and "make the lines way thicker" that I'm not allowed to deviate from, but y'know- I've made like 12 of these and I'm TOTALLY happy with how they're coming out! Now if only I could get back to my own game!
  16. Life

    I work from home and my life's kinda boring and lonely. I'm not living in it though, cos living in a house by myself would be a living nightmare, so... I'm renting it out and profiteering. I guess....I feel kinda fat. That's my life right now. Kinda scary that that's it. EDIT-- Y'KNOW: I'm totally ready for somethin nuts right now. I'm kinda bored of my friends and if I had to re-locate to another country tomorrow I wouldn't be too annoyed. I'm THIS CLOSE to being super upbeat n excited about somethin, but I don't know what. Keepin my eye out!
  17. Battleship, The BEST MOVIE EVER

    I didn't see this movie, but my favourite thing about it that I felt like nobody noticed is that the alien ship fires pegs that actually stick into the battleship, as an authentic representation of the board game "BattleShip".
  18. Steam Greenlight

    Oh, hey, I met you on twitter. We're not-on-Steam buddies!
  19. A question about virtual controls on touchscreens.

    Touchscreen buttons typically start off on the wrong foot just because you're not pressing down on anything like you are with a physical button. I wanna answer the main question, but y'know what I bet there's someone more educated than me around here somewhere.
  20. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I can't remember where I went from compulsive hoarder to don't-stop-for-nothin sprinter in RPGs. It might've been FF12's skill board, where I tried to expand out and unlock the entire board, but later realized that's impossible. So the game got way more fun to just focus people on deliberate paths. I unlocked loads more cool stuff. Or Mass Effect, where characters die and you make bad choices, but you're not really locked out of anything. The game just re-writes itself. ...Anyway it's more fun to make deliberate choices and just roll with everything, you get a stronger sense of being a character in the world. If I don't get Ultima Weapon then whatever, it's probably cooler as a crazy myth than as an item anyway. I definitely USED TO be annoyed about having to pick things though.
  21. Clueless Gamer

    Actually now I just watched the Resident Evil one and I did laugh, but mostly at Resident Evil's stoopid jittery bird-people animations.
  22. Clueless Gamer

    Aaaaaa this feels pretty corny. Way too much laugh track, it's not really that funny. Lookin at games the wrong way and how dumb they are is kind of a big reason I listen to Idle Thumbs. I mean Max Payne IS a lunatic gun-part collector lookin for golden gun-parts in bathroom stalls. So I can't think of a good one that isn't straight from Idle Thumbs. Devil May Cry got really funny as soon as I noticed my guy was sommersalting around a huge mansion alone, shouting "BREAKDOWN!... BREAKDOWN!!... are you ready? BREAKDOWN!! This party is getting crazy. HAA!! BREAKDOWN!" Then I unlocked the ability to take off my shirt.
  23. Plug your shit

    HA the whole art blog's fun. Ya got funny art.
  24. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Well before I even got to this dungeon, I already GUESSED there'd be a hookshot. So by the time I got it it was just like ticking an item off a shopping list. I got to the boss, and they had this big intro cinematic and said a load of in-fiction stuff, and the second I got control I used the hookshot. I later realilsed they had a load of animations and moves to trick me and lure me into using it, but I've played Video games before, so I used it right away and just bypassed that whole arc by accident. And by the way, the fact that I'm calling it a hookshot when in the game it's called a-- skull... dark or something kind of explains why that dungeon felt extra boring.
  25. Yeah the part where it's 3D and there are QR scanner cards to collect make it sound like it'll stretch outside of 6 months. So do you have to make a game FOR people at the air defence school, and the aim is to make it super relevant or educational to them?