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  1. It's certainly what the best teams in China are doing, especially so at TI3. The majority of teams in China aren't doing it however.
  2. Crystal Maiden is one of my favorite heroes, I have a 13-1 record with her and refuse to play that hero ever again. Gotta preserve what's left of my record after I took that L. Buy Scythe of Vyse on every hero, btw.
  3. Dota Today 5: With Brad Bot Shoemaker

    Pro teams generally don't pick heroes until they've seen it run pretty exensively. For the longest time the only team that would ever pick Outworld Destroyer was Orange, Quantic started first picking OD and Treant about two months ago and now both of those heroes are pick/ban material in the first 12 for Western teams. The same has happened with heroes like Clockwerk, Visage, and Kunkka. Wisp is an interesting case in that he's the one hero whose relevance hasn't crossed from West to East. There are some teams that like the hero (almost never enough to first pick it) and their presence in the TI3 East Qualifiers is why he was picked/banned so much there. Since then the hero has fallen back to it's near nonexistent status. An NFL game has ample time between each play to breakdown the preceding play and even then if you watch an NFL broadcast and have no prior knowledge, you'll be about as lost as you are with Dota. It's easy to pick up the basic positions and what they generally do but there will be lots of talk of technique, route trees, coverages, blocking scheme, etc.. Learning to play Dota, even on the simplest level, entails learning to watch it as well. It doesn't make for a particularly enjoyable cast if it needs to be explained that a bottle is used to burst regen hp and mana and can be filled by the fountain or runes. NFL broadcasts don't explain that a wide reciever lines up wide of the formation and catches balls thrown by the Quarterback.
  4. Dota Today 2: The Lord's Pitch

    If all 5 players want to end the game, they can all leave disconnect at once. No abandons are given for that.
  5. Dota Today 2: The Lord's Pitch

    How many mid heroes are going to reliably escape an organized gank on their lane before 6? Puck, Queen of Pain, Batrider, and maybe Templar Assassin? I don't care which hero it is, if they've been aggressively ganked they're going to struggle to have an impact. What Viper does excel at, winning 1v1 and fighting melee heroes, there's no better hero for the job. Viper is an agility carry, of course he's going to get wrecked late game without farm, every agility carry will. I don't want it to sound like I think Viper is a top tier hero, he's not, but he's also not Bloodseeker. He has his place especially against the current popularity of melee heroes.
  6. Dota Today 2: The Lord's Pitch

    No escape mechanism is an overrated fault (Viper's incredible ability to slow is plenty escape anyway). Most heroes don't have escapes and most heroes are totally viable for every level of play. Viper especially so because so few heroes can dominate a lane like he can.
  7. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    You guys probably didn't realize you're supposed to be talking about Crystal Maiden. It's ok, so few people do
  8. Dota without Rucks isn't a game I want to play. I made a smurf account a few weeks back and only ever used it once because it doesn't have my Bastion announcer.
  9. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    The greatest thing Valve has ever done is free Dota players from iCCup and Garena.
  10. Dota Today 1: QOP Top and POTM Bottom

    Am I alone in my years of WC3 Dota? I've been playing since before most of the heroes in the game were in the game
  11. I love what Valve is allowing tournament organizers to do with tickets. The Premier League 3 ticket comes with a HUD skin and QOP cosmetic items that level up as you watch more matches.
  12. Episode 212: Set Disruptors to Acts of God

    Listening to the episode I was keeping Dwarf Fortress in mind and fortunately Julian brought it up. Those random acts are why people play Dwarf Fortress.
  13. DOTA 2

    Dota is just Steam, I've got keys to pass on. Add me and I'll hook you up the first chance I get.
  14. I've got 10 or so beta passes for Sins of a Dark Age if anyone is interested. Interested in playing League of Legends with a new coat of paint and a healthy serving of input lag.
  15. I wore this game out during the closed beta. I'm at the point now where even with friends I can't bring myself to play it anymore which is really a shame because I want to see act 3 and I have a million builds in my head. I'd certainly be up to play with some thumbs if sessions were ever organized.