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  1. It's a hover landing page, INTERESTING. My guess is the announcement is today and Chris counter-trolled Jake.
  2. been whitelisted on the last idlemc server ~_~
  3. My ID is RedSkyTonight plswhitelist
  4. Having put hundreds if not thousands of hours into LOMAs, I can tell you that they would need a separate commentary track for people who didn't play the games. The amount of information that must be conveyed, or is being conveyed visually, is incredibly difficult to exclaim without shorthand. What is the best way to learn all the slang and shorthand in the game, as well as all the heroes intricacies and the metagame, without playing it? I don't think there is one. For all the effort you would need to learn how to watch dota as excellently as a player can, you might as well learn to play the damn thing. It's more fun that way, and you'll learn by doing. If you have specific questions, this or the channel ingame, or the giantbomb channel, or the reddit channel, or the dota subreddit, are all great places to ask. To your queries: A bottle is an item that starts with 3 charges. Each charge, when consumed, restores an amount of hp and mana. when the bottle is empty, it can be refilled back to 3 charges by returning it either on your hero, or on the courier, to the fountain where you spawned at the start of the game. You can also refill it by picking up a rune (think powerups), which will store or "bottle" the rune. In order to use bottle charges, you must first consume the rune. At that point your bottle will have 3 charges ready for use. The thing you pick up from roshan is the aegis of the immortal and it causes your hero to respawn a few seconds after death, right where they died, which consumes the item. This first death does not count as a real death, you simply have 2 lives while you carry an aegis. Upon its third death each game and every death thereafter, roshan also drops a Cheese which instantly restores the HP and Mana of the hero consuming it. The cheese can also be sold for an amount of gold. A BKB is a black king bar, which is an item that gives strength, damage, and a usable ability which grants magic immunity. This prevents most spells from stunning you or targeting you with large burst damage. THis is often used by heroes who need to channel a spell without interruption, or a hero who wants to deal lots of damage with auto attacks without being stunned or disabled. A carry is called that, because they are meant to carry the team. Initially they are weak, and must be carried through the early game. In a late game scenario when they have many items, a carry can often destroy an entire enemy team alone if they are not dealt with properly. Feel free to ask more stuff, i'm sure people would be glad to assist you in dota education!
  5. DayZ

    you might want to check out reddit.com/r/redditrescueforce
  6. All new champions are not created equal. See: Jayce (debatable, I think he's just too complicated for a lot of people), Draven, Varus, Hecarim, Fiora, Sejuani, Viktor. I truly believe a lot of the "OP"ness of new champions has to do with people not knowing how to fight them, combined with ease of use for the person playing them. I do know some of the ratios are messed at the beginning, but watching people not dodge Diana's Q over and over and over is really frustrating. Zyra was definitely broken, but then again, Sejuani has been broken in the other direction from launch and is still not busted. I am definitely biased, but I think LoL gets a lot of hate it really doesn't deserve.
  7. Command & Conquer: Generals 2

    I feel like a very weird person writing this, but Generals 1 was my favorite C&C. RA1 comes close, but I was too young to have any coordination when playing that. I spent many many nights playing 2v2 Generals with 3 friends of mine. I really don't care for much RTS single player these days, I find it hard to connect to a narrative from that perspective. I'm pretty excited to a point about Generals 2, or rather "Command and Conquer", but I do fear what EA will do with their f2p model.
  8. DayZ

    I'm a relative veteran, especially for solo play. If anyone wants to do a meetup I can tour guide a bit. Avaren on steam, feel free to add me and send me a message. I'll be joining the group tonight when I get home from work.
  9. Blacklight Retribution

    The costs for permanent item ownership with ingame currency seem extremely high. I come from a League of Legends background, so I have no problems dropping real money if I feel it's fair whether I do or not. After a few rounds, it was matchmaking me with level 30 guys with a ton of paid gear, and the game just wasn't fun anymore. Personally this game seems to fall into the paytowin camp. The amount of grinding to achieve any level of good gear without paying real money is just prohibitive. They may want to consider a weekly rotation of free kit setups. But I've also always hated the "Buy this item for 1,3 or 7 days!". Just leaves me feeling gross.