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  1. It's interesting how into Just Cause 3 Chris is, though I think him not having played Just Cause 2 explains a lot of it. If you've put a lot of time into JC2, especially if you used any of the fantastic mods that JC3 heavily cribs from, JC3 is staggeringly same-y and quite disappointing.
  2. Nick mainlining MGS: V and having that just make it seem all the more weird is the best.
  3. The Walking Dead

    Loved the new episode I have only one gripe:
  4. On another subject, a "Silver Dinner-Revealer" as described by Jake is actually called a Cloche.
  5. But wouldn't those experiences have been better prompted by something in the game world, or that fit in with the narrative, rather than some out of game check list or generic pop-up window? Achievements are problematic for immersion reasons. Of course whether you care about immersion, or whether they actually affect your immersion, is very much a personal thing.
  6. The talk of how it's impossible to accurately, personally, compare Diablo 2/Max Payne 2 with Diablo 3/Max Payne 3 really reminded me of a couple of great articles from Mind Hacks, Learning makes itself invisible and Alter input with expectations. Basically it's the mental equivalent of 'You can't go home again'. Also, Sean railing against games as a platform/service, while being in the middle of releasing The Walking Dead is kind of mind-explodey. Great cast.