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  1. Battlethumbs 4

  2. RockStar Social Club - Idle Thumbs

    I imagine this is going to be relevant again pretty soon. Here's hoping the number grows past five pretty soon.
  3. ThumbCity

    Origin also has the option to add friends by email. I've yet to have this work. Invite to region?
  4. ThumbCity

    Free public transport for everyone! quoteended on Origin.
  5. Diablo III BattleTags

  6. I came in at the end of third epoch and played for a bit of the 4th. What pulled me away from the server was the Middle Earth project. I've also been renting my own server but its been vacant and I can't get my friends back into the game so I'll likely cancel it soon.
  7. I already updated my client without even thinking that I may not be able to log in to the server. Will have to play terraria in the maintime.
  8. Starcraft II

    CanadianRyan - 752 - North America
  9. PSN ID exchange

    I was going to harvest a bunch of id's from this thread then I remembered that the darks times are upon us. *sad trombone*
  10. Universe Sandbox

    This looks pretty awesome. Going to look for it on Steam or some other service right now.
  11. Sony Shitshow

    I don't like that my personal info is floating out there now. I could care less about PSN being down though. All that means for me is that I can't spend more money in the PSN store and have to play games I already have. Oh noes.
  12. I've only browsed through the server a little bit but I'm looking forward to starting building.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/id/agentfoxmulder