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  1. anime

    It was pretty bad.
  2. It was a really strange bit of dialogue. All that word brings up connotatively in my mind is old SAT prep vocabulary. Who knew the white collar crook and the alcoholic cop were so well read. This episode definitely had the most hits of the 3 so far. I'm still really looking for something like the ideological-tension-as-cop-banter of the first season to really carry me through the hour, cause I'm not sold entirely on the district interplay or the detective work yet. I'm enjoying the characters much more, and I've finally gotten over Vince Vaughn's comedic baggage and like watching his guy for the most part.
  3. This evokes some kind of Matrix-esque harvest where clawed robots burrow themselves into a line of human legs for nutrients. god why are they so slow
  4. Her Story

    Nothing much to add, this game is great and I enjoyed playing it with my friend.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    This isn't really pertinent to anything, I just realized that the ACTUAL back to the future 2 future date is coming up and it'll be nonstop groans.
  6. anime

  7. anime

    For what it's worth, I didn't really like Steins;Gate (which is as close to hating as I can get ), and it's still pretty worth watching.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    where are the heroes though?!?!?!?
  9. I had a fucking moment when they started comparing the hands in Tacoma and Firewatch.
  10. Fashion

    So, does anyone have any favorite things to wear? I've been rocking these shoes (sort of an approximation, I can't find an actual picture) for 2 years now.
  11. Fashion

    I'm not even sure if I could fully denounce that definition though. If my mother wants to communicate love and loyalty by buying my family a bunch of brandname shoes when we go visit them in China, it seems like an ok idea. The way fashion scales with money and status is problematic in a lot of ways but also is deeply related to how fashion (in this sense, having the ability and luxury to decide) in general is a statement of privilege, which I think someone else might have mentioned.
  12. Fashion

    Yeah, this is probably completely true. Those are actually just my own insecurities about my self esteem and privilege that I project onto buying stuff But, there exists the group that DOES see fashion as a sort of symbol of economic status through brand recognition that I am super fascinated by but do not understand. I don't know.
  13. Fashion

    I have an admiration for fashion as a means of visually complimenting how you feel inside as a person. Still, I think the inherent narcissism (??) in fashion is offputting. I also find it troubling how explicitly commercial it all is, and can't ever bring myself to really splooge when it just makes me feel indulgent (i wish i could, though). edit: i get a lot of clothes from target
  14. I would have loved to be a new listener this week. This episode rocked. That turn of the century city-builder idea is insane and I also want to play it. Reminds me of how Cities Skylines released a full European themed content pack. Hoping that they do other eras of buildings as well.
  15. Life

    You are all wonderful people.
  16. Wizard Jam 2016 Proposal: Quotes from insane Goodreads author.
  17. In my humble opinion, Tech Mo'r's subtle contributions to the definitive sound of the group are tragically forgotten. Also this hilarious excerpt from the wiki: Ouch.
  18. I am very excited for the nick and chris cast, AKA With Cheese Plate Part 2
  19. Silicon Valley

    I think this season is funny as hell and great, but wow it has a strange story arc. A lot of backpedalling, red herrings and sporadic subplots that haven't come together yet, but are clearly going to by the finale in some way that i haven't pieced together.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    "We have to go back, Kate" is so dumb, but I won't deny I lost my shit when it happened. The way LOST could find the perfect intersection between their narrative conceits and the emotions of the characters was beautiful.
  21. I'm glad by nature of the joke, the "ever wish you could rewind time" joke is probably the oldest idle thumbs joke still in frequent rotation. It still gets me, embarrassingly.
  22. 212 is already in my music rotation frequently, so hearing it preceding an episode of Idle Thumbs would go undetected for a bit and then freak me out a lot.
  23. anime

    I had this same reaction to the first couple episodes of Planetes. It gets better. Like, an entirely different show. 2.22 was so good, it's the only rebuild film that I can actually remember parts of. 1.11 and 3.33 have completely washed away for me.
  24. I'm perfectly ok with believing that Don goes back to McCann and does the coke ad, because I don't necessarily believe that advertising in Mad Men was meant to represent something cynical and dehumanizing, even though Don may tout that perception at times (especially early series). Throughout the show we've clearly seen that Don actually puts a lot of himself in advertising. The famous Carousel pitch in season 1 always struck me as proof that Don sees a connection between what we want as human beings and what materialistic things can provide us. I vaguely remember that Don actually explains this to Peggy when he tries to convince her of joining SCDP in season 3 finale. He believes in Peggy because Peggy understands that the essence of advertising is the belief that you have agency in your happiness through consumerism. The Hershey's breakdown also, where Don first tries to spin some flowery thing about his childhood before breaking down and admitting that a chocolate bar was the only thing that made him feel like a normal kid. Does anyone have to believe that there still exists a human core to advertising in real life? Probably not. But watching Don's journey through the half-season, I don't think it undermines his arc at all to say that he went back and put his whole heart into the ad.