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  1. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    IT and the forum are very formative for me, so much so that I don’t think I’m ever gonna stop checking in routinely. It is sort of a bummer not having new pods, though. I noticed that the last post in the anime thread was made half a year ago, and it was a new user boldly declaring that Spirited Away is the best anime of all time. So I feel like he kinda closed the book there; anime is over forever. Random memories: -burning down the wolfman (the pax episode) is the single best episode of idle thumbs. -at some point the podcast had a hectic five-person lineup, which was I think eventually toned down because it alienated some listeners. I thought it was hilarious. -“the idle thumbs podcast” series of episodes with gaynor and eventually Sean might be my favorite stretch of the show. funny and informative with anecdotes and critical wisdom that I have ingrained in my memory. -I was 13 when I discovered idle thumbs and I found it by randomly googling “video games podcast”. I am not lying
  2. anime

    I started watching Yu Yu Hakusho again and it brings me great joy. This show and similar throwback shonen like Inuyasha have this crude vulnerable masculinity aesthetic that really gets me, despite all the dumb shit that they otherwise do. The characters and macro-level story beats all have this shade of romance to them. The show's first big bad, Toguro, has this simple but charming love backstory that serves as his motivation, but you have to keep in mind that this dude is just kind of hilarious looking. I had friends in middle school who would doodle guys that looked like Toguro. This whole show is a weird juxtaposition of things that make it really fun to watch. Though, it's strange how certain characters like fox pretty-boy Kurama are rendered with such strong shades of femininity, and yet all the actual women characters in the show lack any depth at all. I'm watching the Funimation dub, which I'm very confident is superior to the original version, even though I've never seen the original version. Funny, considering Yusuke is voiced by Nozomu Sasaki (literally TETSUO from AKIRA) in the Japanese version, and Justin Cook (some 19 year old, at the time) in the English version. The dub is so Funimation in every way, there are so many off the wall references and 4th wall breaks, but I couldn't imagine anyone sounding any different. I say this even for Genkai, who is literally just Frieza the whole show, and Botan, who has a dumb made up British accent. I'm like 70 episodes in at this point, much farther past anything I actually saw as a kid. I was a bit worried because it seems like the general consensus is that the show starts jumping shark after shark past the Dark Tournament saga, but I'm honestly enjoying Chapter Black even more right now. The premise of this saga is that there exists a VHS tape called Chapter Black that is just a compilation of all of mankind's worst atrocities, which actually is compelling to me? It's weird and goofy, something you'd read on like /x/, but this is 1992 and it feels like a really forward-thinking premise to me. Also introduced in Chapter Black is this concept of human psychics and psychic territories, which is... new and inventive? In a show about spirit weapons and fighting. I'm genuinely impressed at how this show basically restructured its fight-scene DNA halfway through. The English-version OP is also for sure top 5 all-time.
  3. played through all of fall in the colony, nothing big until a warg pack invaded! still not feeling as devastated as i usually am in my other colony attempts, but ill see what happens with these wargs tomorrow or something. if i make it out ok, i'll probably ramp up to cassandra superhard or even randy superhard any other suggestions on what i should do?
  4. ill crank it up to challenge and see what happens.
  5. started up the new save and played the first season, you can find my pictures here: i was wondering why the game was going so smoothly, and then realized it was default set to cassandra rough. I usually play on cass challenge, and the difference was really noticeable. shots hit way more frequently and raiders die way faster. i have yet to have a single colonist injured. I didn't change it to challenge because i assumed everyone was playing on the same difficulty.
  6. Rimworld

    This game is ruining my damn life.
  7. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    Both the J. Allard book from Firewatch and the book written by the dad in Gone Home are also in that bookshelf.
  8. ketchup on pizza

    This wouldn't be happening if Sean was still on the podcast.
  9. Quadrilateral Cowboy: Dad Baud

    I beat the game and it was really good. QC reminds me of Portal 1, as a game that explores both a really novel puzzle mechanic and a story told in really small bursts. I honestly wish this game were longer, because you only get a few chances to showcase everything you've internalized into one sequence. I had a lot of trouble on the last sky elevator level, and tried it at least a dozen times. By the end I was basically speedrunning it. Super excited to create some levels.
  10. A mixture of both. Some are surely only losing the skins that they've accrued over playing time/trading and nothing more, which amounts to under a hundred dollars at most by itself. It's hard to know for sure the breakdown of where kids are getting the money, but (hopefully) only a small amount of them are in the category of "see this video, become instilled with false hope, drop 100 bucks off of moms credit card and lose it all". Many are using a combination of real money, drops and smart trading to build huge inventories out of a small starting amount. EDIT: I wanna also mention that, despite what it sounds like above, there are still a significant amount of people who are $100+ high rollers in CSGOLotto. I wasn't familiar with this particular site, and it seems to be a smaller community aimed at wayyy more ambitious players, with bigger payouts.
  11. For clarification, CS:GO does have skin drops, so that is probably how new money gets introduced to the economy. And the only thing you need to get drops is free time, which of course kids have bullshit amounts of.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Equally excited. gotta wonder how long they've been sitting on that doom verse.
  13. Idle Fiction Jam - Rumours and Hearsay

    a misclick of pipes poopwater, new mexico i hate living here
  14. anime

    Tanaka-kun is Always Listless amazes me for being 20 minutes of nothing but jokes about this guys lethargy. Fittingly, it is also great to fall asleep to.