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  1. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    As someone who finds Lonerism really boring and only likes like, 2 songs on it, I really like Currents.
  2. I hope one day to play one systems-driven game and miraculously synthesize some kind of hilarity like chris or nick seem to do with every crazy game they play. i know the reader mail song is a one-time joke, but it shouldn't be.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Every Frame A Painting is a channel that makes great video essays about film form. Probably my number one pick. Matt Zoller Seitz's full filmography series about Wes Anderson is absolutely killer. Here is the one for Rushmore. You also can't go wrong with Art of the Title, even though it's not on youtube, and not exclusive to movies. Film criticism on youtube is probably a lot more practically difficult than written criticism, I can understand how complementing a thought-out spoken essay with visuals can be super challenging and why few good channels exist. It's just unfortunate that the compromise between thinking about film and being appealing to an internet-level attention span is these trivial scene by scene critiques of story points. These videos get so many views, I really hope that people don't go into films thinking that being hypercritical of these things is a proper way to interpret the quality of a movie. They may also just be harmless entertaining videos, i hope. edit: I also realize that all of the things I linked may not be exactly what you were looking for in terms of, channels that actually review movies that come out in a thoughtful way. WOOPS!
  4. Anyone Remember?

    did anyone ever find the origin of mega mccheese
  5. Funniest thing I realized while watching this episode: for all the idiosyncrasies and different things that make True Detective unique, it still conforms to the most classic cop trope of all time: the cops get taken off the force halfway through, and then have to take matters into their own hands I also agree that McAdams character moments are kinda flat. Are these sexism scenes doing anything for anyone? I find them so 2 dimensional and half-assed. I mean, A for effort, but its not interesting for a guy to literally be the typical "it was a compliment!" guy and then for her to fluster them with her sexuality. It's cool that thats part of her story at work, but i really dont like how its been handled.
  6. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I am beyond stoked for the new Animal Collective record.
  7. The American Sniper poster is also still up on that billboard.
  8. Somebody revive that Idle Thumbs Animated trend and illustrate Chris's fallout shelter stories, please. So good
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Dope was a series of super interesting and exciting ideas executed in the weirdest most sporadic ways. Liked it a lot.
  10. Satoru Iwata has passed away

    A rainbow was spotted above the Nintendo building in Kyoto: People are calling it Iwata's personal rainbow road.
  11. Satoru Iwata has passed away

    Tragic in a way that I can't find words for.
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    My only experience with Staples was through his excellent back and forths with Earl. It's awesome that Summertime 06 has the same dark decayed production as I dont like shit, but also is trill as hell on top of that.
  13. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I got a laugh out of the part where he says "We're actually in a REAL Desert!"
  14. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Simon Pegg is in this movie!? That guy must have been ecstatic the whole time. Reservations aside, it's nice to see people talk about star wars with some hope.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    The 5 emotions to a person concept came off as oversimplified and limiting to me, but when i saw the movie it was super impressive how the dialogue between the characters represented the complexity of certain emotional responses. Like Zeus said, it was well executed. In the realm of pixar movies with the most from-scratch world building (monsters inc, wall-e, cars?), certain parts of this world seem far-fetched to me, but is apparently backed by some kind of actual research, so whatever. I also hope that this universe contains Osmosis Jones in it.
  16. Sports

    I'm willing to bet that the possibility of Jordan going to Dallas was reason enough for chris paul to squash the beef for a moment. Who knows if it'll continue when they actually play again. Seems like they capitalized on him getting cold feet as best they could. Really the whole thing was just super immature, i might be laughing if i didn't live here
  17. Sports

    ugh. worst offseason ever. Worst thing is that Dirk is probably gonna end his incredible career on such a low note. dude deserved at least one more legit shot with a good team
  18. I think the only reason I had an acceptable grasp on the case in season 1 was because of how memorable McConaughey saying "Reggie Ledoux" is.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    was this whole terrible movie just an excuse to make a song with waka and pac man? id actually be less annoyed if that was the case.
  20. i liked how the guys talked about that American Sniper poster on the podcast. It got a laugh out of me when I first saw it but it also works in the same way as the recurring e-cig joke. The second season seems to explicitly mention that this takes place in the present day and it places the story in a unique light. I wonder if that means there won't be any flashback jankery in this season, and why everyone has to annoyingly announce their past in dialogue Contrast that with the first season, which takes place in two stories 15 years apart. While the second half of the story is declared to be 2012, the story didn't rely on that fact in any meaningful way. It was more inline with Rust's own thesis about how time is really circular, and these events aren't temporally contiguous but are still important to one another.
  21. anime

    It was pretty bad.
  22. It was a really strange bit of dialogue. All that word brings up connotatively in my mind is old SAT prep vocabulary. Who knew the white collar crook and the alcoholic cop were so well read. This episode definitely had the most hits of the 3 so far. I'm still really looking for something like the ideological-tension-as-cop-banter of the first season to really carry me through the hour, cause I'm not sold entirely on the district interplay or the detective work yet. I'm enjoying the characters much more, and I've finally gotten over Vince Vaughn's comedic baggage and like watching his guy for the most part.