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  1. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I watch the VMAs every year as a sort of begrudging habit, but this year was more interesting with Miley Kanye and Nicki doing stuff.
  2. It's a shot in the dark, but I hope that if you put a slight reverb on this mp3 file, it'll sound like a Idle Thumbs live episode where Jake is the only one in the entire theatre.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    just the one that came out yesterday; up until that season 2 has been transcendent. But plenty of cartoons coast for many episodes at a time on a "meh" level of quality. It'll be back next week hopefully
  4. The Smash Bros. Thread + A Primer

    post under construction... There are plenty of notable players to follow, these are a few choice ones. NOTE: Some of what I am about to say sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I swear it's all true. THE TOP 6: From 2010 to 2013 there are 5 players, literally referred to as the Gods of Melee, who were levels above everyone else and could only be beaten by another god. Along comes 2014, and a player from Sweden named Leffen (also literally referred to as the God Slayer) becomes the first player to beat all 5 of the gods in tournament, solidifying his position as a top player and turning the "top 5" into a "top 6". [A]lliance Armada: Currently considered the best player in the world after winning EVO 2015, Armada is a Fox player from Sweden. Before this year he was known as the best Peach player of all time, but has since switched to Fox without losing a beat in tournaments. TSM Leffen: Considered the villain of the Smash community, Leffen is known for his incredible Fox as well as his ambitious trash-talk. He's the only player to have beaten all the gods in tournament, and currently is considered the 2nd best player behind Armada. Incidentally, both are from Sweden and play each other frequently. C9 Mang0: Mango is the overwhelming fan favorite of the top 6, which is good or bad depending on whether you like him or not. Although he is of course as skilled as the rest of the top 6, Mango is known for his brash, unpredictable and sporadic Fox/Falco playstyle and personality. He oscillates between playing extremely well and laughably bad, and is currently considered near the bottom of the top 6, but still has the most loyal and largest fanbase of any one player. Liquid Hungrybox: Mango's polar opposite, Hungrybox is the best Jigglypuff player in the world. While he is certainly as good as the rest of the top 6, he is unpopular for his overly-safe and campy playstyle. EG PPMD: A Falco and Marth player, PPMD recently has had personal issues prevent him from traveling to major tournaments. For 2015 he only showed up to the supermajors, but still places very high despite not playing in tournaments for months at a time. COG MVG Mew2King: Currently at the bottom of the top 6, Mew2King is known for his highly precise Marth and Sheik, and is considered the king of Final Destination due to his unparalleled dominance with Marth on FD. Hand injuries, sponsorship troubles and mentality issues have prevented Mew2King from playing at his potential, but everyone is fully aware of what Mew2King can do when he's on. TSM ZeRo: Right now, ZeRo is shockingly dominant in Smash 4. While he has been a top Melee player, he is more famous for being one of the best Brawl players. Since his rise to the top he has not lost a single tournament, and his undoubtedly the best player in Smash 4 right now.
  5. Didactic Thumbs (Pedantry Corner)

    Give it a rating. Implies that you aren't just a guy who groans at puns and would rate higher if it was actually better. Other than that, I option for Zeus' response. Fuck puns.
  6. Pro Gaming Documentaries.

    Since there's no general esports thread: Would a smash bros thread with a introductory primer on the scene be of interest to anyone? Smash is super entertaining, sort of goofy and hilariously overdramatic. The documentary is fantastic, but only covers the early years of the scene in depth.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I loved it as well.
  8. firewatch is frog fractions 2
  9. anime

    It's like, shocking to me that Dissapearance of Nagato Yuki can be so boring, but they can play and I still lose my shit completely.
  10. anime

    There have been interesting parallels drawn between Dragonball Z and being black in America. Of course there's Piccolo, who becomes a mentor to Gohan later in the show (incidentally, Gohan also cribs his style from Piccolo while he's growing up). Some people have also mentioned how the saiyan characters and their history appeal to black fans. Something like, the idea that there is this race of people who possess immense power in their blood, and are under constant pressures from the world (or from alien villains I guess) to unleash that power and only refrain from doing so by their own will and honor. Even though most saiyans are depicted as clearly asian, the fact that the main characters of the show have been separated from their home, which was blown up and its inhabitants all murdered, and now protect their new home with the genetic power that unifies them as a race... well, its a good explanation for the whole black goku phenomenon. Though I also think a lot of it just has to do with the show being exciting and badass and great, as well as the fact that kids of every race got to watch it on Toonami as a kid. (edit: If i recall correctly a lot of this I first heard about from books by RZA, who of course is all about this particular reading of eastern philosophy and culture)
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Rush Hour 2 is one of my favorite movies for some reason. I think the series is always trying to balance the partnership between Lee and Carter by giving both their moments and foibles, but the best thing that works about them is that they're both basically huge idiot assholes. End of the Tour was great, Jason Segel made me forget he was Jason Segel, and Jesse Eisenberg is so good at being terrible. The audience I watched it with was super receptive to the humor.
  12. anime

  13. anime

    Rewatching haruhi like I said i would, and I realize I've never seen the show chronologically. Some of these episodes make a lot more sense now! Kinda wish more long-form series would do the mini-arc thing in the way that Haruhi does for its 6-episode adaption of the first light-novel. Feels like a movie in how well-paced the story feels.
  14. anime

    Ok. I just saw it.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    I kind of stumbled into some tickets for End of The Tour, the David Foster Wallace movie. Really excited to see it on monday.
  16. Had to stop by one more time just because it hit me suddenly that my all-time favorite Nick Breckon moment is when he tells a story about ruining his neighbor's daughters with Sim City. When was that???
  17. SCP has always been so perfectly and uniquely contained on that one small corner of the internet, It'll be a sad day if it ever gets lazily adapted into some other medium. Marble Hornets was like that, but kept its unsettling allure by disabling comments on the youtube videos, even after the Slender craze.
  18. anime

    What did everyone think about that Disappearance movie? Is it still the last thing adapted from the actual light novel series? I'm also super bummed that I don't get to live in that beautiful KyoAni-realized world anymore. edit: shit, I have the urge to rewatch haruhi.
  19. if only for the pivotal last few minutes. Other personal favorites are the episode where , and of course, . Also, I think its absolutely incredible that we've been following Chris' ridiculous shelter week-by-week exclusively, and then the RTS Fog-of-war thing happens where we realize that Nick Breckon has been 3 steps ahead the whole time.
  20. Reaction videos for games as well as movies and tv (especially from huge audiences) can be intoxicating. I am less into those youtube institutions that have thousands of scary game lets plays, since I feel they always have a lot of exaggerated reactions for a more entertaining show. Love the ones where they are actually not at all expecting whats going to happen, or are genuinely unaware of what they're watching/playing cause a friend showed them. Looking forward to the Nick Breckon clip show next week.
  21. I Had A Random Thought...

    let P(n) represent the number of tears shed while doing n inductive proofs
  22. anime

    I try not telling my friends about the EE and seeing how far they bother to get on their own. I know one person who somehow sat through all 8.
  23. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw that movie about the video games yesterday. Honestly was not expecting the love and care that clearly went into it, thought it was going to be a lot of cheap unresearched Video game name dropping. While that stuff is in there, most of it is just really clever and true to whatever they're pulling from. Also a blend of adult and child comedy that works so impressively together. I learned that they're making a sequel, and I am now excited for it. So yeah wreck it ralph was really good.
  24. The threat of Big Dog

    some disconcerting news via nick breckon's twitter