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  1. LOST

    Really I never thought LOST was about finding the answers, but rather the effects that the questions had on the characters. I enjoy pretty much every season except the final one, only because i thought the whole alternate universe thing was a decent ending, but consumed too much time from each episode.
  2. anime

    TTGL really is the "lets-cool-off-a-bit" counterbalance to Neon Genesis Evangelion. While the story is easily dismissable I would still recommend it to most, as it is a very well crafted series because of it's awesome music and incredible animation (seriously, TTGL is a technical masterpiece). I've recently finished Death Note and Madoka Magica, which were both pretty good. The first half of Death Note, in particular, is immensely thrilling.
  3. GDC 2012: With Blasts

    While hearing sirens in the background and talking about Gunpoint's subtle personal experiences was classic thumbs, the addiction talk at the end was really the type of interesting discussion that I've missed the most from Idle Thumbs.
  4. I spent for the longest time trying to Rambo my way through the bridge by running on it and then trying to get out the extinguisher before they make Manny run back out.
  5. Plug your shit

    Here's a flash game I made once.
  6. Yeah, it'd be really nice to play Grim Fandango without being forced to stop playing because you're literally stumped like Chris in the podcast. I've gotten to the petrified forest part with no major roadblocks so far. Opening the tube-machine threw me for a loop though.
  7. Anyone Remember?

    Where did "horsebag" come from? I happened to be looking at the source for the main website and the division class is horsebag. Must be the cunning plan of Doug Tabacco.
  8. Halo 4

    For some reason I'm actually kind of excited for the new sound assets for everything.
  9. I started playing Grim Fandango after this podcast. Awesome stuff.
  10. SCP-087

    I remember this SCP. good implementation; can somebody tell me if they did the crying girl noises like in the story?
  11. DOTA 2

    Does anyone play HoN ever???
  12. I haven't come here in the longest time, and I wanted to download some old episodes after I saw the trailer for Farcry 3. This is the best news.
  13. I await many episodes of awkward silence, then saying video games, then saying some variation of "yes", then Jake coming to a wild realization and announcing "STALKER!" ..That kind of already happens. But still. :tup: