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  1. Anyone Remember?

    Thanks, Jake, that sure was helpful... xD EDIT: Btw, while we're talking about pizza, ever since you mentioned the "sleepover pizza" phenomenon in one of the episodes from last year, I can't help but think about it every time I eat leftover pizza the next day...but I still have no problem eating it whatsoever YES! That's it! I knew it was sometime before Ep.50, but that's all I could think of. Thanks!
  2. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    My entry isn't showing up...I entered my info almost 2 hours ago...and then I tried again a few minutes ago, but still nothing... EDIT: It's ok now, it works only if I don't enter the postal code, weird.
  3. Anyone Remember?

    There was an episode of the Thumbs podcast a few years back, in which Chris was talking about something and then interrupted himself by saying "Oh, there's a pizza here". Then Jake says "We'll be right back after this pizza". Does anyone remember which episode that was from? Please, help!
  4. Help me remember that movie/book/thing

    Thanks, you reminded me to simply use the search bar
  5. Help me remember that movie/book/thing

    Hi. I know this isn't the right thread for what I'm looking for, but I can't seem to find the proper one...seems to be lost somewhere among the sea of Idle banter threads. But since this thread is also about a "thing" that I can't remember, I'm going to try here. Anyway, there was an episode of the Thumbs podcast a few years back, in which Chris was talking about something and then interrupted himself by saying "Oh, there's a pizza here". Then Jake says "We'll be right back after this pizza". Does anyone remember which episode that was from? Please, help!
  6. The threat of Big Dog

    Just to refresh this thread (and possibly to see Jake freaked out), this happened.
  7. because the guy said he had "started blasting through these", meaning previous pods.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    have a happy one, toe blicks.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    Finally seen Paul last night and quite liked it. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost mash up perfectly with what the American comedy has been offering in the recent years (the more-or-less standard team appearing in several titles over the last 5 or so years, including Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Joe Lo Truglio etc.)...anyway...don't have much to say, not in the mood to...just that I recommend this movie.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Since it's already 16th here in my country, happy b-day (again), Famous Bandanaman!
  11. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Yes, as I've heard and seen somewhere, he's born American, but his parents (or, ultimately, grandparents...I don't remember) emigrated to America at some point, before he was born. So his parents actually are still native Serbian speakers. That would explain the good pronunciation, abysmal grammar and the piss poor vocabulary, seeing that he's probably heard them speak the language but never did learn it properly himself. Also, I've seen a video of him in Serbia, visiting his family during summer. Actually, here's the video. Naturally, he makes a joke out of that too. U pičku materinu. tQJF0z145Fs
  12. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    He can, but not THAT much fluently and correctly, when it comes to grammar and stuff...he knows some words and can form certain sentences (some of which do sound google translated but with a solid enough pronunciation, as kingz already mentioned). EDIT: and that lesson 5 was in my mind all the time whilst replying to you. lol All in all - if it were necessary, you can still understand him and he can (or so it seems) communicate with you just fine if you're, say, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/etc. and you don't know a word of English.
  13. Happy Birthday!

    That's so grossly unnecessary. Why does such a thing exist?
  14. Happy Birthday!

    Whoah, Happy B-day, Nachimir and JC!
  15. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Hehehe! Yeah....kinda. Haven't watched his episodes in a while now...also, I thought that everyone here had already seen it previously so I never posted it earlier.
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    Curiously enough, my first reaction to that movie was almost exactly the same as yours. The scenes looked weird, the color pallettes didn't seem suitable, the characters weren't at all what I expected...but then I watched the movie for a second (and eventually a third) time and I don't know why, but things just...clicked for me and I noticed more than a few things about the movie that I actually really like...I started looking at the main characters from a different approach, one that showed me that the vibe between the main actors/characters is actually quite proper and suitable for that particular Holmes - Watson relationship and really well portrayed and that, in general, there's just an adequate amount of action, humor, and witty dialogue which, combined, make a decent Sherlock Holmes story. Also, I've heard a lot of complaints about the different approach to the character of Sherlock...especially the fighting scenes. But what do you actually imagine when it says in a book that Sherlock brings the man down? Just that what you see in the movie, he brings the man down. And he was portrayed in the books as an experienced boxer and a fighter....
  17. Dragon Age II

    Holy sh*tballs!
  18. Oh my...I've just seen this....and my heart just skipped....heck yeah!! :tup: Thanks, guys! What he said.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Wow. A truly inspiring bot.
  20. Best. Also, I like how ultra mega super serious they look.'re joking, right??! Hahahahah....hahah....hah....h...uh....umm....khm...b-but...wh.......
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yep, that I agree, as well.
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah, that was like a completely absurd turning point in the movie, but nobody seems to have payed attention to it.
  23. I love (you,) Video Games. Could have been sooner but now is better than never