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  1. Games giveaway

    Farcry 1 anyone? Edit: Not the good one.
  2. Battlethumbs 4 Have yet to pick it up due to 4 other games coming out days before. After sever weirdness dies down, and the game doesn't crash when buildings fall, I am in.
  3. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    Drunk me made some really questionable purchases on Friday night. That guy is a dick. For some reason he thought Euro Truck Simulator would be a riot, along with all of the Hitman games. I don't even like the Hitman games.
  4. Steam Trading Card

    Don't know if this has been pointed out yet: There are foil badges. They don't seem to be worth any more than a normal badge and are just like an extra level. Considering that I have seen foil cards go for 25 dollars for some games they can keep those.
  5. The threat of Big Dog Saw this this morning. Robots are steps away from becoming ninja.
  6. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    I am confused though, there is a Torchlight 2 badge, or card, or cancer or something there and I own that game and yet it doesn't appear on the list of things that I can earn. Either this is something I will figure out and earn 12 of while drunk one night or ignore and just continue to be excited about the sale. I do have to say though, regardless of the result I like the old badge system better. Cards are cool and all, I think, but badges are badass.
  7. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    I had to stop listening just before I got to work on the off chance that i showed up in open tears. kind of the last thing anyone wants is a fat guy showing up weeping.
  8. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    He isn't. He was on his Honeymoon. Two weeks ago was his last.
  9. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    I have been listening to him for years, staring back in the Gamespot pod days. The weeks that he wasn't there just weren't the same. It was almost worth listening just to hear Jeff and his back and forth. I am at work right now and just found out. Man, this blows.
  10. Steam Trading Card

    Even though the badge you get isn't foil, in your heart you will KNOW that it is. Now if they could only make a gold foil double rare badge that I could drop hundreds of expendable dollars on.... I could only dream about the sarcastic things I could say about that...
  11. Steam Trading Card

    Please, what is the point of anything that isn't (I wish there was more ways to stress that) foil badges? Go big or go home, even when there isn't any proof that you did anything ever. I kind of lost interest when I found out you can only get a limited amount of card drops total.
  12. Battlethumbs 3

    I am jumping on at night for the double E3 xp if anyone wants to do a battlethumb thing this week.
  13. Dead Rising 3

    Wasn't the first Dead Rising attempted to be sold as a serious game? It seemed that every time that their was a cut-scene in the series they always wanted to be uber straight-faced about it but it broke the moment that you got into the wild and started putting shower heads into zombies to watch them bleed out. Was it just me or did the zombies, in large groups, seem to move in almost predictable clumps? Like it was picking from one of four choices and doing that.
  14. Battlethumbs 3

    Battlelog tells me it is double xp ATM
  15. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I have apples for trade and need an axe. From what I have been reading I think I need to pick that up somewhere that isn't Nookingtons though, which confuses me.
  16. Steam Trading Card

    I think it is scary how quickly some of the stuff you put up for sale goes for. I put up an invite and it was gone in 20 seconds, which I am sure is just long enough for the server to process everything and send me an email. The cards are kind of the same way. I have been in an handful of Steam beta's before, and while some of them change slightly over the course most of them seem to sort of stay the same-ish until release. I am pretty sure that the state of things as they are is probably what we are stuck with for the time being. Also, I still have a couple invites left if anyone wants in.
  17. Monster Hunter 3 Thumtimate WiiU/3DS

    Sadly unless there are some thumbs near me I can't jump online to play as I only have the 3DS version of the game. I long to play the game with others as I am just hitting the G rank stuff myself, but I cannot as clearly no one in Albany plays Monster Hunter or any video game that is not Call of Duty.
  18. Steam Trading Card

    Anyone want an invite?
  19. The threat of Big Dog

    Thank you for that. I am at work, but now need to find a way to go home and change my pants.
  20. Etrian Odyssey 4 is a thing

    I love the feeling of exploration and map making are wonderful and I really enjoy the fact that I feel ownership of it. I went online because I got stuck and noticed that they used different notations then I did and it felt weird. The game does a ton of stuff that I think make this kind of game really accessible as opposed to the others; although the first time that I hit a wall in my play it basically resulted in me putting the game down (Monster Hunter coming out didn't help).
  21. Saints Row 4

    Wow, this turned into a GTA v. Saints Row thing very, very quickly.
  22. Battlethumbs 3

    People play this on things other than the PC? The design just kind of makes me feel like mouse and keyboard are required. Also, added you wrestevania. Let me know if you want to jump into a game some time.
  23. Tomb Raider

    Ran it last night, and granted I was streaming it, but it said that I was only getting about 20 FPS which is weird because it looked smoother than some games that I have seen running at double that. There were moments that it would chug and get crazy slide show level, but beside that it was great. Don't know if anyone else has brought this up, but what is up with Lara getting adventure ending wounds and just shrugging them off with a good nights sleep?
  24. Yeah, but who wants to work either hard or fast when you know that in the long run you are probably just going to be the guy from Metal Gear 1 that just kept peeing in the urinal? Hard work only counts if you aren't going to have some deadly spy sneak under you and plant C4.
  25. SimCity: The City Simulator

    Luckily for me I picked up another game this week and can't really bring myself to dump more money on other games at the moment. I really enjoy the beta a ton and decided then that I was totally going to buy this. I honestly don't care about server issues as those will get resolved by the time that I am going to start playing this. What worries me is the idea that they are going to attempt to expand this like they did with the Sims. I can totally see this being a thousand dollar hole you could fall into just for functionality that should ahve been there to start.