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  1. Mein Thumbcraft—IdleT Dedicated Minecraft Server

    So I only just heard about this. Can I get permission to build pl0x, minecraft name is "Myselfe"
  2. The alleged video recording of this episode doesn't exist, does it? :c
  3. Wowo. Enjoy not eating solid foods for a while.
  4. Minecraft

    I've been playing Minecraft a lot. It's what I play whenever I'm listening to podcasts. That's a 10x10x40-something shaft wherefrom I get most of my stone.
  5. PC purchasing advice

    As a general guide:
  6. Well now I'm sad again. Almost every other pod-cast is either boring or filled with douchey douches.
  7. The Witcher

    I'm reinstalling this right now because of this thread.
  8. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Sup guys. I recently found out about the Idle Thumbs pod-cast and fell in love with it. makes me sad that it's over. Just came in to see what the forums are like.