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  1. oh yeah! great tune, ya'll. is it better/worse or merely different awards shows like the grammys and oscars are voting on their peers while the game awards have critics choosing winners? went to download this after i posted and it turns out i already had it installed!
  2. cast was good! i'd like to hear rob list some of those sad games. damn. now i just want to boot up one of those first two i haven't play yet.
  3. General Video Game Deals Thread

    great deal for $12, but i'm in the spot where I own most of them from other platforms; this confirms my initial hesitations that kept me from signing up, so i'll probably continue to not do so.
  4. Music & Music I'm on PST, though I collaborate well over e-mail. I like the sound of bells so it'll be appropriate to this jam. Twitter in the signature is the best way to get at me.
  5. Really wanted to participate in the last one but I was in the midst of some time-sensitive work. Would love to make some tunes for ya'll this time around though. I voted for the last week, but I guess people want to "spend time with their family" instead of game jamming during the holidays In any case, let's go!
  6. Looking forward to the weekender cast! So this Enhanced Edition of System Shock 1 is also my first time playing it and I have mixed feelings about it. I don't think it measures up to the praise I've heard about it, though I'll point out I don't have a great grasp of the game's context to see how it stood out against other games of the time. The dialogue often feels utilitarian without any color (though the writing for Diego does a good job of sketching out his character) and the voice acting sounds like it was half-assed by staff members (with the exception of Shodan). Something I think the game does really well is creating a neat place to run around in. All the levels I've gone to feel distinct and memorable; they are what kept me going through the game. After 9hrs or so, I've also hit a brick wall in progression where I think I know what the next step is, but I can't seem to find the tool I think I need to do it. I'm thinking I might just move on to System Shock 2, which I've also never played but have heard great things about.
  7. I've heard this ad like three times now and each time I hear 'betting' instead of bedding and I blame the Beastcast for this.
  8. One Evening Games!

    Spirits of Xanadu takes less than 4 hours to get through. Made by the same folks who did good morning, commander and The King of the Wood. Takes place on a creepy spaceship and has some of the 80's future stuff of Alien: Isolation.
  9. I also went to Tested first when looking for opinions! If I bought a new MBP I'd want to go all out and it looks like the 15' ones only come in retina and everything is soldered into the logic board so there's no upgrade path. That combined with the fact that the highest end one costs twice as much as my desktop and isn't even as fast makes me think I'll go with just upgrading the one I have.
  10. Is it worth investing the money into a Mid 2008 MacBook Pro with more RAM and a solid state drive? I have a PC desktop that I do most of my work on, but I'm planning to do a little more on my MacBook and since I love it 95% of the time, I'm wondering if it's wise to spend more money on it to extend it's life or save it to get a new one to have for another 6 years.
  11. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Used this when they were selling Double Fine games and I got Broken Age, Iron Brigade and Grim Fandango for $10! Incredibly good deal.
  12. Plug your shit

    So I'm making the music for a visual novel being written by Javy Gwaltney- of Terror Aboard the Speedwell fame- and illustrator Ian Higginbotham. It's called Distress and we've got a Kickstarter going and there's a freely available prequel for ya'll there as well:
  13. This conversation is the only one I've heard about MGS V that has me interested in actually playing it. Only game of the series I've played is AC!D 2 and while I've enjoyed hearing about things from the main entries (psycho mantis reading memory card, playing a different character in Solid 2, Chris' experience with the ladder in ... 4?) I've never been intrigued enough to try it out. Comparing it to Far Cry 2 kind of sold me.
  14. Game Jams

    For those using Tyrano Builder, there's a jam contest with the theme of 'united by fate': Final submission date is Sept. 17th and there's cash prizes as well.
  15. I was able to hear Jake well. Thanks for releasing it!
  16. Lisa: The Painful RPG

    Lisa the Joyful is out.
  17. Rocket League

    Watching high-level Rocket League makes me cringe at how bad I am. Is there a Rocket Thumbs thread going on? It'd be cool if we could get together a tournament or something.
  18. Sean's description of people gathering under the drone felt so evocative to me of some ancient ritual or something. "We shall gather under Drone and thank it for its refreshing breeze." "Turn your hymnals to page xx for 'In The Shadow of Drone'" A set of Eastern Orthodox style rules for portraying Drone in iconography, always with a gun and always above humans.
  19. Apparently Austin is going to be teaching CK2 to Alex and Vinny. This might be the thing that gets me to sign up for premium.
  20. King Of Quiet Nights

  21. Life is Strange: Tween Peaks

    Finished ep 4 and the quality of the writing still wavers from bad to decent. I've tried not to use my rewind powers for little things because that makes narrative sense to me (I imagine if I suddenly gained a time-altering ability that coincided with sudden nose-bleeds, I'd probably stop using it all together). While I'm less averse to the time mechanic in the game at all, I still think it's not being utilized great. I'd like to see more focus on how everyday people are interested in using time travel for (confronting regret, redoing moments that make you cringe at yourself in hindsight, winning the lottery). Some of that stuff has been in the game for sure, but that all feels incidental to The Mystery. light spoilers for one scene in ep 4.
  22. It's got good game reccs like
  23. I'm a bit disappointed that I got into the game so late that I didn't get to enjoy this mode more. The last game with CTF that really appealed to me was Tribes Ascend. Like Titanfall, the way you move around the map was the biggest draw for me and sliding everywhere at high speeds was incredibly fun.