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  1. "Adults Should Read Adult Books" - Joel Stein

    Prescriptivist scum!
  2. "Adults Should Read Adult Books" - Joel Stein

    Honestly, I could give a shit if someone wants to read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Who am I to dictate what tastes other people should have? Sure, it's not good intellectually for an adult to just read books for teenagers, but just having seen them reading it once tells me nothing about their habits overall. And even though I do think it would be better for people - myself included - to read more "grown-up" fiction, being a dick to them about it like this guy isn't going to help. On the other hand, anyone reading Twilight should be ashamed of themselves, not because it's written for teenagers, but because it's poorly written garbage full of prose so purple it makes Prince look monochromatic.
  3. Fez

    Yeah, I'm enjoying it so far, but this has kind of robbed it of any real sense of progression for me. I just kind of end up going into doors and going wherever they take me. It doesn't feel like I'm navigating a real space or anything, or that there's any kind of cohesive structure, just a succession of stages with little to no connection to one another. And then I look at the map screen and nearly shit myself.
  4. Mass Effect 3

    Yeah, after finishing ME3 I went and started a new ME2 game, and they've really done a bunch to make the conversations in 3 look more cinematic. Or at least more visually interesting.
  5. The whole Foxconn thing

    The bigger problem with the whole Foxconn kerfuffle is that Foxconn is the rule, not the exception. They just get attention for the Apple connection. Chinese labor laws are a goddamned joke, and labor conditions there are pretty much across-the-board terrible. The corollary of this is that there is virtually nothing any of us can do about it - until China is no longer the low-cost-labor destination of choice, or until the international community stops fellating the Chinese government at every opportunity (or just buckling to their bullshit), the only way to make any difference is not to boycott Foxconn products, but to boycott literally everything made in China. And good luck with that.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Same here. Joined up ages ago, then promptly never really posted because I have some weird inability to focus on more than maybe two forums at a time. Also holy shit, what in the world led to being a necessary emoticon?
  7. Going by the number of picklemen I encountered, I'm going to say "manly."
  8. Funny Stuff Idle Thumbs Related

    I did some proof-reading on an upcoming game a while back and nearly pissed myself when I came to the part dealing with mission text for a mission that required you to kill "all wizard units."
  9. Other podcasts

    Filmspotting was one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to, but eventually I had to leave it behind because they were a little pretentious for my tastes. They didn't seem to have a lot of time for movies just being entertaining. Have they mellowed out a bit since?