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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman last summer and instantly fell in love. I've seen it a couple of times since then and now I'm convinced it's my favorite movie. Jesus christ did I feel sad when Paul Newman sang Plastic Jesus after the death of his mother.
  2. Books, books, books...

    I just wrote an essay about Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats. It's not literature but it's still damn good reading, especially if you care enough to invest yourself.
  3. Dragon Age

    The Arcane Warrior specialization allows your character to use your Magic stat instead of Strength when determining if you can equip an item or not.
  4. Idle Thumbs ??: What is game?

    Site RSS feed and updated song list, I was referring to the the later.
  5. Idle Thumbs ??: What is game?

    Dear Remo, Do you have isolated studio or did your neighbours hear you sing videeoogaaaameees, videeeeooogaaames (if so, do they look at you weirdly when you pass them in the hallway)?
  6. Mass Effect 2

    I don't want to read any of this thread in fear of spoilers but I'm just curious how is the SPACE in Mass Effect 2? The first game had some amazing moments with the music (see here, and here) and some of the visuals where pretty evocative too. How is this in the second game compared to the first?
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. Right now I'm stuck in a weird state where I keep playing through almost of all of Demon's Souls up to the last boss and then start over with an identical character... It's really weird because that's the only think I've been playing for the last month or so. Apart from that I'm currently interested in poetry, classic British literature and cinema.
  8. Demon's Souls

    I've been playing this for a while now and I love it. Don't have anything to say about the game that haven't been said already so I'll keep my mouth shut. Now I need to figure out what my next character is going to be...
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw A Serious Man with my girlfriend a couple of days ago and I loved it. Really Coen-like humour with great sets and characters. If you liked their previous stuff you'll love this.
  10. Demon's Souls

    I got this a couple of days ago and I love it! A few things I've learnt so far... Meat Cleaver work surprisingly well in small areas thanks to clipping through textures and weird collision detection. It is very unreliable however... Game is not that hard if you are careful and fight the right enemies with the right weapon and strategy. If you play sloppy you will get killed regardless of your level or equipment. Carry ranged weapons or magic at all times and the game will be much easier. The game allows for a lot of different combinations of items, magic and stats and you have great freedom in how you want to form your character. Replayablitity is great (as long as you like character-building). I have a few levels left and then I'm done with my first character. A warrior using Meat Cleaver and Adjudicator's Shield +5 along with Miracles to defeat his enemies. I just have 1-3, 1-4, 3-2, 3-3, 5-2 and 5-1 to go.