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  1. An interesting idea I saw elsewhere to improve the combat was to just reduce the amount of units that can double their attacks (and maybe reduce the x4 on Brawlers because making my Byleth a brawler was intense). At least that way if you wanted to take out an enemy in one turn, it would either have to be done using two units or one unit with a combat art. As long as you don't switch to steel weapons when they become available, it seems like the vast majority of the game is spent doubling enemies and easily killing them in one turn, it would also make crits a little more meaningful when they happen because it would actually save a turn, rather than just save watching the second attack. It probably wouldn't work across the board, parts of Hard might become *too* hard without doubling, but it's a fun idea to imagine how combat would play out with less x2 attacks anyway.
  2. I loved everything about this episode. After just binge watching The Defenders recently, I can't help but see Freddy as Iron Fist in Twin Peaks .
  3. On the mosquito thing, I've actually visited an eliminate Dengue Fever program laboratory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia that does the same thing. At the lab I visited, because they're breeding mosquitoes there's obviously a requirement to feed them. Feeding them requires someone to volunteer to place their arm against a circular area in the side of the box the mosquitoes live in, while a hundred mosquitoes take their turn to have a drink of some delicious blood. I think the volunteer receives about $2 or something per box of mosquitoes that they feed. It's not actually as bad as it sounds though
  4. I feel like I'll enjoy this show a lot more if I come back to it at a different point of time, or if I wait until I'm in the right frame of mind to watch episodes. Trying to watch this episode when I wasn't feeling particularly patient just resulted in me turning it off around the time the giant showed up, not because it was bad, I just skipped around some and thought "I know exactly what this is going to be, and I just don't know if I can handle it today" I think years from now when I re-watch, I'll probably better be able to appreciate this episode
  5. I hope James role throughout the show is to just be in the background, staring at people
  6. On the creative writing thing - In sixth grade, we were divided into pairs to write a story together. My friend and I, we both played a lot of N64 so we decided to use the game we had recently played a lot as an inspiration. That game was Conkers Bad Fur Day. The teacher did not enjoy our story.
  7. I have two, I guess, "full name" gmail addresses with both Steve and Steven, I always just get random emails telling me what my local congressman is about (I don't live in America.) At one point I was getting a weekly report emailed to me about a toddler in pre-school, thankfully that eventually stopped. Also it was kind of nostalgic listening to you guys talking about Lets Plays. I started first watching them/reading screenshot LP's on somethingawful around 08/09. At that time there was a lot of animosity towards "Youtube Let's Plays" because usually the Youtube stuff was such low quality in how it was recorded compared with what was being put out on SomethingAwful at the time. Also one of the core ideas was always "We all do this as a hobby, you're not going to become internet famous because of this so don't come here hoping for internet super-stardom." I think that emphasis on quality and doing it purely to show off a game you love was what really got me into that part of the SA forums back then.
  8. Life

    Congrats new dad I feel weird posting about my life because I haven't posted on this forum in years and mostly just read it (because of severe anxiety) but I'm just so confused about what to do in the back end of my uni degree. I'm 25, and in three weeks I'm *supposed* to be going overseas to study in Indonesia for a year. But it's really difficult, for my entire life I've felt like I barely had any friends, but in our recent election campaign here in Australia I got super involved, and met a bunch of cool local people and I don't want to lose those connections, and one of the groups I was involved with is going to keep trying to build itself up in the area I live, and I'd really love to be a part of that. So now I've just got two things, both of which I really want to do, and absolutely no idea which to choose! Decisions are hard..
  9. wrong thread

    I just returned from studying in Indonesia, and it was really great!
  10. Somewhat related to the exploitative free to play conversation - I have a relative that used to have a poker machine addiction, and now they don't play poker machines often and just play a lot of bad free to play games. I find myself constantly worrying that one addiction has just been replaced by the other, and that's now the reason they're always struggling to pay bills. I don't mind free to play stuff, I guess, but some of that stuff really does feel like it's designed to prey upon people like that, and it's pretty gross to me.
  11. Recently completed video games

    I've only finished up to Episode 4 so far, but I'd say it's definitely worth it even if you haven't played Borderlands. There's some little references to the games (such as selectable characters in the games making appearances) but nothing too major. And the Borderlands games themselves barely had any story in them anyway, I played them all in couch co-op so barely paid any attention to what was happening and I've been enjoying Tales from the Borderlands immensely so far, one of the few games to genuinely make me laugh.
  12. I had a really weird experience with The Last of Us because my PS3 is dying. For the first couple of hours of the game I had no technical difficulties at all. But for the next 10 hours I had characters constantly resetting to their default animation. It takes all of the emotion or tension out of the situation when characters are sliding through doors in their default animation instead of going under them, or when they start floating up ladders. And every single time a cutscene would start I had to pause the cutscene and go away for a few minutes while it loaded, or else it would just stutter like crazy. Hopefully nothing like this happens for you guys because it completely ruined the game for me!
  13. I'd like to recommend This Earth of Mankind by Prameodya Ananta Toer. It's the first book in The Buru Quartet which the author wrote while he was imprisoned on the island of Buru and the Indonesian government banned the book in 1981. I don't really see too many people reading books from Indonesian authors, so I just thought I'd suggest one! You could also cover The Mute's Soliloquy if you were willing to talk about the authors memoir of his time spent imprisoned.
  14. I played through all of Max Payne 3 and by the end of it I couldn't remember if I actually had fun at any point or not. Max's self-loathing got a bit over-bearing for a while there as well. I've had serious depression for the past 8 years and by the time I was halfway through the game I found that Max was just making me even more depressed. If I hadn't taken a break for a week I'm not sure I could have finished that game.
  15. Infinity Ward - MW2 news

    It hasn't changed that significantly, it feels a lot more chaotic than cod 4 because there are constantly helicopters and harriers flying around. But other than that it's basically more of the same with new maps, better balanced weapons, and the same old matchmaking system that won't put me in games with other Australians.