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  1. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    Sounds like a blast, I'll try and make it.
  2. Haha oh wow, that's an awesome turn of events. I'll assume that was around the time you attacked me (Colossus), at which point I convinced Bargo go east and help defend. Which arguably lost him the game because Wolfman was now able to attack his flank, essentially winning him the game. I tried to play a very diplomatic game and only got attacked once. I was in a pretty bad position off the start with three strong players on either side of me. Im curious to see who all had strong allies? I started with talking with everyone close to me (Wolgman, Bargo, and SWiz) but had my strongest alliance with Wolfman after our minor battle. I knew he could destroy me after watched him take out Bargo and Boost fairly easily.
  3. Starcraft 2

    He was really good all series at stopping drops. Except for that last game where all his drones got torched.
  4. Starcraft 2

    Yea I was pretty sad the end of that turny. Great games, but It would have been cool to see an actual European win. Very excited for the Korean finals next week though!
  5. So game 3 is winding down to its finish with only 3 players left (after an uneventful afk of the 4th place person). I think it would be cool if we did some sort of All stars game with the top 3 players of each team competing.
  6. Game 3 has been ruining my social life.
  7. Starcraft II

    With the expansion, you can now switch areas on a whim. Which means you can play with us North American fellows
  8. Starcraft II

    Yea it looks like there is a member limit as well, so it probably wouldnt work very well for an online community. I made a group called "Idle Thumbs" in NA. That should make it easier
  9. Starcraft II

    So the clans name is just IdleThumbs and the Tag is VGVGVG. Seach it out, or add my blizzard tag (illeria #963)
  10. Starcraft II

    I'm only a mid level silver and I haven't been doing very well either. I'll make a clan tomorrow and see how well it sticks with the community.
  11. Starcraft II

    Ill be making a group/clan for Idle thumbs on the US servers. and preference between clans or groups?