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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    Well, perhaps they won't force devs to implement 3D or have some tools that make the process from normal to 3d easier. IDK, i simply can't imagine poor third party support for a handheld nintendo system.
  2. Nintendo 3DS

    It seems like you think this is a side step like the DSi, but it appears to be more like a DS2. This announcement rocketed my in nintendo gaming from 5 to 88/100
  3. Old Games That Hold Up...Or Don't

    When i read the title my mind immediately went to most early 3D material. Before i mention concrete examples. How old are we talking here?
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello there JPL.

    That was very cool.
  6. Left 4 Thumbs 2

    My infected of choice seems to change depending on the environments. The burning section of the hotel: Jockey Hard rain: Charger The hotel scavenge section in the campaign: Smoker Any map that encourages team separation: Hunter Maps that bottle neck survivors: Spitter Open areas with good cover opportunities: Boomer
  7. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    My copy has been in my house for 24 hours, and i still haven't removed the wrapper. *Goes back to playing L4D2 versus as infected*
  8. Left 4 Thumbs 2

    Yes, i got my copy yesterday.
  9. Left 4 Thumbs 2

    I will obtain the console version on the Nordic launch day. (20th Gamertag: wasp seducer
  10. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Welcome to the thumbs community.
  11. Assassin's Creed II

    It is much cheaper to wait. Which is part of my motivation to postpone games.
  12. I heard that the army of two developer is taking care of it. Considering how close to release it is. I wouldn't imagine that they couldn't somehow get it out there.
  13. Assassin's Creed II

    I did not play the first one, but I'm a bit interested in AC2. The problem is that i will obtain the two other games of this week. So this title simply has to settle for the short end of the stick. I'm thinking i will probably obtain it during the summer.
  14. I lost faith in pandemic after mercs 2. So i will remain skeptical until i see reviews.
  15. New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Hmm, NSMBW, i might utilize a trade in deal for this game.