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  1. If I twiddle my thumbs any longer waiting for the next episode they will begin bleeding. Cant come soon enough.
  2. Deadly Premonition

    That is basically what I could see the Princess becoming if he wasnt here to keep a watchful eye. And I would completely welcome it. As it stands the Princess is one of the best theatres I have ever been to; it generally shows amazing movies and the atmosphere cannot be beat.
  3. Deadly Premonition

    Alright, so I just checked out your theatres website and promptly nerdgasmed all over my keyboard. That is quite literally EXACTLY what I want in Edmonton. Some friends and I were looking into starting up a theatre to play older films in, but the overhead is just way too high. How did your boss manage? If I stumble upon another copy I will keep you posted, shipping cant be TOO expensive to Calgary. Its only a 3 hour drive.
  4. Deadly Premonition

    I REALLY dont know Calgary very well. It was at a futureshop on the way into the city coming from the North from Edmonton. Deerfoot mall sounds right in my mind but could be totally wrong. Edmonton is always complete garbage for finding games that arent published by Actiblizion and EA, so I am assuming Calgary has the same curse. I wish you luck.
  5. Deadly Premonition

    I had to go to Calgary for a marketing competition last week and managed to snag a copy of this for only 20 bones. I would love to hear the thumbs opinions on this insane mess of a wonderful game. The only way I can describe it is as a turkey sandwich with jam and cereal on top. Delicious but first impressions make you never want anything to do with it.
  6. I cannot express how excellent the cast has been in its incredible run. I joined just to express my thanks, and to atleast somewhat keep up with the community in hopes to catch the odd random-cast. Also, I am taking a business computers class in college, and when working with any program in the office suite I get a hearty chuckle from the many wizards. I dont care how hard Microsoft Access tries to replace you guys, but you will always be my Query Wizards. Side note, one of my image verification words was McGovern. Is this a real word? Or have amazing gnomes infiltrated the internet?