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  1. I can only just believe they still make these, haha.
  2. Civilisation 6

    My prediction is that anyone who was disappointed in vanilla Civ 5 (which seems like either a majority, or a loud minority) will be at least a little bit cool on Civ 6 at launch. Also anyone whose primary concern is opponent AI. The question is, to what degree. But the audience for these games is so broad now that even if the two groups above reject it, it will still find a sizable audience to satisfy.
  3. Civilisation 6

    I've been salivating over any media I can get my hands on. I'm fully bought in to the hype, but on a less emotional level I think it's wise for people to hold off and take a wait and see approach. Stronger than me, though.
  4. Recently completed video games

    I beat Obduction! I only got hints for one puzzle, and it's the nature of these games that I must feel bad about any hints I receive outside of the game (intentionally or not). But! All things considered, only one hint is pretty low for a Myst-alike game. Outside of maybe a little bit of tedious back-and-forth traversal (with loading waits) required for some puzzles, I'm very satisfied with how the whole thing was designed. I am excited for some Myst mega-fans in my life to get their chance to play Obduction. Except, I seriously doubt they have computers that can run Obduction, possibly the most resource intensive game I've played on my own machine. Ah, well, eventually maybe.
  5. The Next President

    I cannot imagine watching a presidential debate for entertainment purposes, and yet I know people do it.
  6. Taking Bjorn's lead, I just watched the double-length pilot for DS9. Maybe because I set my expectations very low for the first few seasons, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! To be sure, a lot of the acting/dialog-writing was very bad. Some physically painful line reads in there, especially from Bashir and Dax and Sisko. But also, I totally bought into all the sci-fi they were laying down, even the (admittedly too drawn-out) wormhole god dialog sequence. And many of the characters show a lot of potential already. I dunno, it got me excited for more. I was planning on skipping episodes according to Gormongous' guide, but now I'm considering just powering through the whole thing. Let's see how quickly I change my mind. EDIT: also, I only just discovered that Major Kira is NOT played by Didi Conn, like child-me always thought
  7. Warcraft Adventures (old old stuff)

    I'm excited to play this, even if it's unfinished or "bad". Good VO can carry an adventure game pretty far.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    To address your subconfession: I've seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon on DVD, having been convinced it would be a fun romp as long as I wasn't sober. I think it may be my least favorite movie. It is so ugly, and is so full of intended "hell yeah" moments that instead fill me with existential dread. It is also apparently significantly better than the movie before it. I also, earlier in life, saw the first Transformers movie, but the only thing I remember about it is a recurring masturbation joke.
  9. ketchup on pizza

    I had already, earlier in the thread, asserted my positive stance on mayo-on-pizza (with the it-must-be-Japanese-mayo caveat). The AV club's food section (which is a thing now I guess?) has two pieces today relevant to this thread, as if they were reading it looking for content ideas. They include a brief bio on the afore mentioned kewpie mayo, and an even briefer something about ketchup chips. The latter makes a fair case for how ketchup chips can be decent even though ketchup is (as we all agree) garbage juice with vomit.
  10. The Fast and the Furious series

    I did more or less the same thing last year and had a very enjoyable marathon. I think I enjoyed 2, 6 and 7 more than you (in that I thought they were fine) but otherwise agree with everything in your assessments.
  11. Same, but middle school. Got a wave of genuine nostalgia there.
  12. ketchup on pizza

    I had some (leftover delivery) pizza with Bulldog brand tonkatsu sauce recently. Weren't bad, weren't great.
  13. ketchup on pizza

    No, too embarrassingly bad.
  14. ketchup on pizza

    I would respect an arbitrary, no-commentary list like that if it were at least somewhat exhaustive. But 16 is pathetic. Clearly he tried to come up with condiments off the top of his head, and couldn't even be bothered to come up with a round number.
  15. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Review: The Witcher 3 is a worthy successor to the Pokemon TCG game for gameboy. 4/5 stars
  16. ketchup on pizza

    Non-tomato ketchups still exist! Although the only one I've actually seen and tried is banana ketchup, which is a Filipino thing. It's OK.
  17. ketchup on pizza

    Ketchup flavored potato chips aren't my fav or anything, but I actually prefer them over fries with actual ketchup on them.
  18. ketchup on pizza

    I remember this, and also a whole series of Heinz Ketchup commercials where the hook was about how difficult/slow it was to get ketchup out of the bottle. Which, to be fair, is one of the better features of ketchup.
  19. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Garretts on the Riviera feels pretty generic in the first two games, and I suspect continues to feel generic in the third (although I'm still < lvl 10 so what do I know). And yet, this doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  20. ketchup on pizza

    Yeah, Ketchup is definitely sweet. Even fancy or "artisanal" ketchups have mucho sugar piled in there.
  21. ketchup on pizza

    I like regular French's/Heinz/Etc. yellow mustards, but then they're mostly just vinegar and I like vinegar.
  22. About the reason behind Hidden My Game By Mom translation quality: like WickedCestus said, it's really hard to tell! It's definitely some genuine-feeling bad translation, so I don't think it was manufactured by someone who can secretly speak better English. But my gut take on the situation is they knew their translation was probably bad, and also knew it would probably be funny if they didn't bother to fix it, and that happens to be a wonderful excuse not to invest in doing it "properly".
  23. Sorry the cast didn't work out. It was an exciting idea.
  24. ketchup on pizza

    This is an outrageous statement.