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  1. I would also theoretically be into this kind of thing—lord knows Civ4 has eaten so much of my life already—but for many reasons won't be able to be part of a game until later this summer. If there are enough people to start another game some time down the road, I'll be down for that.
  2. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    I love how we are systematically checking and realizing why the default settings are where they are.
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    Put me on standby too. It looks like everyone is asking to be put on standby; put me on the second tier of standby.
  4. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Yeah... It's weird knowing that there isn't really anything for me to do for another half a day almost. But I'm strangely psyched to roleplay in this thing. I haven't role played in a game... maybe ever. And now I really want to. You may call me Grand Viceroy Greg of the Solifugaean Syndicate. If you want. Or DIUM, I guess.
  5. Civilization 5

    Don't you mean a hexagonal peg in a square... ...that sentence is not worth finishing.
  6. The Witcher

    "thankx everyone for special how to start the games" <-- this is great. Also: I bought this game way back in the Steam post-Christmas holiday sale, and have yet to install it. I still have a shameful backlog from those few weeks...
  7. Civilization 5

    I'm surprised no one else has done that yet. That screenshot implies that it's quite doable. I mean, obviously, hexes will make things easier.
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    What was the game configuration of the first game? I wanna get a sense of what everyone is used to, or how different the rules of game 2 are.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Yes! Hot dang, I'm excited.
  10. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

    I dug out my DS for this game and I've been having a grand time, when I can bring myself to play it. Playing a handheld feels weird to me now, though. I don't know when this happened to me. There's always a bigger screen in the room that I could be playing a game on instead of this tiny one in my hands, and for some reason now (but never before in my life) this is a huge deterrent. All my commuting is on foot nowadays, too, so that rules out the classic bus-trip scenario. But anyway, the game is actually a lot of fun once I get into it. I mean, it's pokemon. They don't really change that much between games, they just improve each system slightly and maybe add new characters to sprite.
  11. Anybody Played...?

    Arcanum aged badly? That sucks. It's been on my play-eventually list for a long long time, ever since a good friend said it was one of his favorite games when he was younger. That sentence was badly realized.
  12. Limited editions, what's your stance?

    Not sure if I've ever bought one in my life. Can't remember, so I probably haven't. I usually spend a decent amount of effort avoiding a game at full price, so paying even more than that just seems backward. Of course, I'm not against them ideologically or anything. The Blazblue pack-ins look appealing.
  13. Starcraft 2

    Apparently, someone in the beta could have a key to give to a friend. I don't think I do, or if I do I don't know how to get to it. Gamestop also gives out beta keys for preorders (in store or online).
  14. Starcraft 2

    Thanks to Gamestop, I am now in the beta. I am very, very bad at this game. This isn't new; I have never been good at RTS games. I usually have trouble even beating the single player campaigns. The ladder system in this game is really good, though. Even I can win games occasionally, and I do feel like I'm slowly getting better. If you need an ego boost: DIUM.spiffy
  15. The 12 games before Christmas

    Are all of these games on your list things you specifically avoided because of prejudice (or whatever the right word is)? Because if that's the case, you must have has quite a lot of inhibiting preconceptions. There aren't a lot in common with most of those games.
  16. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I've been playing for two days now, which means I've done almost nothing. But from what I can tell, economy is the most important upgrade early on. Not that other things aren't important... I don't really know the ratios for these things to be honest. Just, make sure a high income is a priority. I think there's a more general thread for tips like this in the gaming forum.
  17. Is this going to become a standard point of comparison in Internet Rhetoric? I sure hope not.
  18. The threat of Big Dog

    I hate robots now. All robots.
  19. Temptation

    I'm in a similar situation you were as a college student. I don't have a current gen console (or a tv), so 90% of my gaming is on the PC. (10% is on the DS, which is current gen console I guess. So I lied.) I almost never buy a game at full price, but even then I think I buy a bit too much. Steam sales are a huge blessing, but also a curse... I tell myself I won't buy another game until I've finished playing some of the ones I already have, and then Steam has a weekend sale and I cave. I honestly think I would be spending a lot less money on games if they weren't so cheap. I've been meaning to buy a console for a while now, but I'm afraid of how my spending habits will just get worse once I do. That, and I'll need to buy a TV too.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    There might be enough people to start a second game if we have to. I think the player count is capped at 12. I, too, am an infrequent-to-nonexistent forumer who would enjoy a game of Neptune's Bounty (as I refuse to stop calling it) with thumbed men and women.
  21. Name Generators

    Tiger Woods' Farm Brawl
  22. Monkey Island 2: SE

    I went to quote a part of your post to reply to, and it had changed. You were trying to sabotage my post, and make me claim to be a moron! Sly.
  23. Monkey Island 2: SE

    Are they matching animation frames up with the original again, like last time? If that's indeed the only way they can incorporate the neat back-and-forth old-to-new switch function, then I guess its worth it... but I question the benefit of having shiny new graphics and twenty year old level frame rates. EDIT: Ok, that's kind of exciting. The commentary, I mean. I don't know anything about the art viewer. I guess I missed that bullet point.