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  1. I never noticed how similar those two font treatments were.
  2. I'm slowly making my way through the archives, and this was the first episode with some real clash of opinions. Bruce and (to a lesser extent) Troy only seemed interested in getting people like themselves into strategy games, and quick to discount anything that they personally found uninteresting. Julian, on the other hand, seemed to focus single-mindedly on a progression of abstract game concepts over the actual reasons someone probably wants to play strategy games ("life lessons" is what the rest of the cast referred to these abstract concepts, which was weird). Tom flipped back and forth between these two sides (in typical Chick "now in ____'s defense..." fashion) often on Julian's side of the argument until he brought up some game of particular poor taste in which he would flip in order not to seem in support of something like Risk or Advance Wars. It was also the first episode where I came out of it not particularly agreeing with anyone on anything more than individual points. Still absolutely entertaining, though.
  3. Idle Thumbs Progresscast #9

    "BIKES AND AWESOME FRIENDS RULE!!!" pretty much sums up the entire aesthetic of Pokemon.
  4. No I have not, and I will definitely do this.
  5. A dinner out with the gentlemen involved seems pretty standard. After that? Who knows where the night could go.
  6. Idle Thumbs Progresscast #9

    I've always had the same attitude towards MTG as you, Vogon; a really compelling game, but one that requires a stupidly large time and money investment that I will never ever consider paying. I picked up Duels of the Planeswalkers on Steam during the same sale Chris did; it's a game that I can pull up in windowed mode and play 15-45 minutes of, and for that reason it was an excellent investment. But... I noticed this pretty quickly and it annoyed me a lot.
  7. BioShock 2

    While I prefer almost all the other story beats in the original Bioshock considerably more than those in the sequel (as is the popular consensus), the way each game ends is the exception. Bioshock 1 kinda putters off after the climax/twist in Andrew Ryans office, and the finale just sorta did it's job and nothing more. Bioshock 2, I think, ended a lot better... at least in terms of gameplay, if not story too. The final level was actually a very cool level, unlike in Bioshock 1 where it was a boring escort thing leading to a surprisingly cliched boss fight.
  8. Brilliant. Let's kickstart this.
  9. I would've gone with Dick Smith, personally. Or maybe Richard.
  10. Idle Thumbs Progresscast #9

    A thread probably wasn't made because progresscasts haven't been given threads. The eighth was an exception.
  11. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Zammuto (formerly of The Books) put out his first solo album earlier this year and I've fallen deeply in love with it. Here's the full album stream. Here's a track on youtube, for people who don't want to leave the forum page. But I had a hard time picking just one song; this one may not be the most common pick. D3lEYM4-Zgs
  12. I dunno how much time I'll be able to spend minecrafting, but if I do end up spending a lot I'd like to be able to pitch in a bit for the server cost. Is there a way to donate or something?
  13. I feel like mentioning: I got Europa Universalis 3 during this sale, and I haven't been able to run it at all since! I just tried again last weekend, and nope, still couldn't figure out how to stop it from freezing up after hitting new game.
  14. I am very tempted to buy myself some Crusader Kings 2 because of the recent cast on the subject, and indeed I would if I weren't having such a hard time managing my time right now as is. I've listened to Three Moves Ahead before, but only episodes about games that I already owned. When the Thumbs partnership was announced I started listening through the rest of the archives; I have a feeling this will prove an expensive decision.
  15. Resident Evil 6: President Evil

    How do you "reboot" Run-D.M.C.? Also: "I need you to fake our deaths, can you do that?" made me smile.
  16. 0x10c -- Next little number from Mojang

    As long as it feels thematically more "hard" than usual, then I'm fine with him forgoing realism. I just don't want another space opera.
  17. Visible Thumbs

    Jake as a talking head giving "pro-tips", superimposed on Video game footage with a high-energy rock soundtrack sounds amazing.
  18. There's music in a genre called "lolicore"? I could've lived happily not knowing that.
  19. That's price per month, right? If so, that's really affordable! I ask because I can't actually see any qualifiers on that "price" row of the table, and those prices are low enough that it would actually be somewhat competitive with other pricing models I've seen even if it were weekly. I checked elsewhere and it's indeed per month. A good deal.
  20. We like you. Please like us. Please.
  21. 0x10c -- Next little number from Mojang

    Alright, well, now I know. /learning Everything I assumed behind my statement about Java stems from comments from a professor of mine in a rudimentary computer graphics class I took but never followed through on. Now I'm guessing he was just talking about unextended support for media stuff.
  22. 0x10c -- Next little number from Mojang

    Nonsense? I feel like you just explained a way how what I just said isn't nonsense. I said that the decision to write it in Java is likely where a lot of performance issues stem from. Which is distinct from saying Java is slow. I may be wrong, sure, but when you yourself can come up with reasons why someone could think that, why call me out for "nonsense"? That said, I think I might've been underestimating the JVM when I made that statement.
  23. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I guess if Erik Wolpaw is to be believed Doublefine has a sucky snack bar.
  24. This looks like the sort of thing I'd find in an arcade and flip out over. With the right company (the friends of mine who would willingly go with me to an arcade) I imagine it would be an absolute blast. But that actually doesn't depend much on the quality of the game.