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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I just bought the latest humble bundle almost entirely for the soundtracks. Feels weird.
  2. I really don't want a 3DS upgrade of Majoras Mask to happen, and the reason is I'd probably buy it. Which means I'd have to get a 3DS, just to play a game I already own a different version of. Yes, I know it's irrational, and I would totally hate myself for doing it, but I probably would anyway. I like Majoras Mask that much. So hopefully they never actually do it. That said, an HD remake for the Wii U I would not only buy, but buy without shame. I'm actually against remakes of games in theory, I mean, if I think about it for more than a second I conclude that they're stupid, but sometimes the idea of an old favorite prettied up is just plain alluring.
  3. You guys are talking about the City Builder games from Impressions, published by Sierra. I used to get demos for those games bundled with Sierra games all the time, so I played most of them even though I only owned a couple. They were great! And yeah, they've been talked about on 3MA before (I've only listened to earlier episodes so far, but I distinctly remember them talking about how the "walker" system of resource distribution from those games is not missed). The games are indeed similar to each other, but they're different enough that they're more than just reskins of Caesar. Zeus was, in my opinion, the best of the lot. I usually still have that installed and every so often I play through a scenario or whatnot. If the game had a weak-point, it was when you needed things to fight other things on screen. The military aspect in general wasn't bad (and I actually liked that it was there); it was another thing you had to build infrastructure to support, and then you'd get more units to move around on the map of Greece. But when fights actually came to your city, you just felt helpless. I don't expect deep tactics or anything, but I would like it not to be frustrating or not be there at all.
  4. A quick aside: who owns the Evil Genius property? It was so very nearly a great game, but it wasn't; the sort of game that desperately needs a sequel to get it just right. Beyond the hand-holding tutorial problem already mentioned, the other problem I have with Evil Genius is how I never seem to have as much control over what I'm building as I should, and I often resort to fiddly little tricks in order to create what I want with the imprecise tools I'm given. (I realize that another Dungeon Keeperesque game need not be a sequel to Evil Genius, but I really liked the outrageous Bond villain spoof thing it had going on)
  5. Happy Mask Salesman wasn't nearly creepy enough, and something about his limited, looping idle animation is integral to his character and shouldn't be replaced. ... yes I'm a big enough fan of Majoras Mask that I went into horrible internet man nit-picky mode. This trailer was actually pretty neat.
  6. The Electronic Three: 2012

    I can't find any info about Last Guardian at this e3 after a (quick and lazy) google search, so hopefully he meant it's disappointing there was nothing revealed about it.
  7. A rule of (ahem) thumb for those too lazy to use the sizing chart: American Apparel shirts run small (at least compared to most American sizes). Most places I'm a medium, but for AA shirts I'm a large.
  8. Do you genuinely believe this? It seems pretty self-evident to me that if some art makes you think about something, that says something about the art.
  9. Oh man, I hate driving in Massachusetts... all those randomly merging lanes and whatnot. I don't really like driving in general, but I think my learning how to drive in Massachusetts has something to do with that.
  10. I'm loving it so far! It feels really snappy.
  11. There are very few cities in the country with higher rent than SF. Possibly only one place. And that's where I live.
  12. To listen to and be part of a discussion on the book.
  13. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I was part of the first (possibly second) Bountiful Pride and it was the most stress any piece of entertainment ever caused me. I'm glad I played it, it was fun, but I don't think I will ever play again.
  14. Shooty games with many bullets

    I love Jamestown despite being horrible at it. I can't get a handle on any of the ships besides the basic beam ship, so I never touch anything else ever. I'm currently slogging my way through legendary difficulty in order to unlock the fourth stage (it's going to take me a while). Jamestown is the first and only bullet-hell game I've ever played beyond one round. My relationship to shmups prior to Jamestown had been mostly as a spectator: an old ski lodge I used to go to every year when I was in middle/highschool had a table-style arcade machine with some shmup game (I have no idea which one, I never bothered to try to read the Japanese title), and I would watch one of a handful of kids utterly destroy each stage. They would let me have a round every so often so we could all have a laugh at how quickly I died. It's depressing how little I interacted with local people my age when I lived in Japan, but the time I spent with that shmup game managed to break my English-speaker-centric tendencies. Now that I think of it, every meaningful interaction I ever had with local kids had to do with games (video or physical).
  15. Because the statement "there's already a gamecube version out there" is only true if you already own it, or are willing to pay huge amounts of money on a secondary market.
  16. Zorro Joins Double Fine

    Community Manager, looks like.
  17. Zorro Joins Double Fine

    And also now not in a position where he can tell us! At least, probably not a great idea to do it "on the air", as it were.
  18. There's a thread in idle banter for "pimping your shit" that may have been a good place.
  19. The Witcher 2

    Is Geralt of Rivia bisexual? Whoop, ninjad with an answer.
  20. Diablo III

    I didn't have time to play very far into the beta, but everything did seem much easier than in Diablo 2. Either they've made the difficulty curve more gradual this time around (in which case things will get tough in due time), or I'm going to need to play it on a higher difficulty... I don't really mind either, but I would like to know which it is.
  21. Diablo III

    I had lag when I tried to play it without downloading the whole thing (when the downloader/installer said it was "playable" but not "optimal". That was a bad idea. When I let it download completely, I never experienced any lag. I had a lot of fun punching stuff as the monk. I'm definitely getting this game eventually, possibly earlier if someone else picks it up to run through it with me. I do not share most of the reservations people seem to have here, not even about the art style.
  22. anime

    I'm unsure why that's important, but point conceded.
  23. anime

    Me too. If for nothing else, then for Castle Cagliostro. Preferring the Miyazaki interpretation of a character may be a cop-out, but I don't care.
  24. I assumed the ninth one wasn't public either (before a thread was made), but it eventually did end up on the RSS feed. It's becoming a bit ambiguous.
  25. anime

    I didn't know either! Gotta check that out. Lupin is great. I think anyone (who isn't against cartoons on principle) could probably get into Lupin.