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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    Never actually played a WayForward game. Is there a specific one that people like a lot?
  2. Nintendo 3DS

    Sweet, insta-buy.
  3. Default Human, I think you are talking about episode 3 (sometimes known as episode 2). This thread is about episode 2 (sometimes known as episode 1). This is not confusing at all. EDIT: From the wikipedia page:
  4. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    I think this game is disgusting, but I don't think it's anywhere near being outright-condemnable. But (as has been touched on earlier) I'm not sure where that line is for me. I seem to be relatively ok with a lot of disgusting things happening in media, and happening for no reason at all, as long as those things are happening indiscriminately. So basically, since the hate-fueled rampage is against *everyone* I don't have a moral objection? I guess? (as much as I object to any violent game, anyway, which is maybe less than I should) Although I suppose the player could be selective about which NPCs he/she targets. If there's actually no objective other than "indiscriminate" killing.
  5. Hatred: The Most Despicable Game of All Time?

    That trailer made me nauseous in a way violence in video games never has before. And then it made me sad because you could totally argue that means it was effective. (You could argue that, but I'd disagree with you. I think the sheer unstomachability of that trailer says some really interesting things about violence in escapist media and video games in particular, and about our relationship with that violence. But then I remember that it's a video game, and I try to imagine the type of person who would play that video game, for fun, and I can't think of the game as anything but harmful.)
  6. It was mentioned very briefly.
  7. Oh, guys: don't hesitate to enter what Chris called "overly indulgent mode". Overly indulgent mode is the best mode.
  8. Sounds good. I will use discretion.
  9. OK, I have a choice I need to make and I was wondering if I could get some opinions: Like Jake, I've never actually finished Twin Peaks*, but unlike Jake I stopped a lot sooner into Season 2 (only ~5 episodes in). I've been spoiled on the "big" question already (who the murderer is) so nothing in the spoiler section of this podcast was news to me. But Jake got really really concerned for the wellbeing of newbie listeners during the transition between non-spoiler and spoiler. So now I'm wondering if I'm doing myself a disservice by listening to these episodes in their entirety, even if I'm already spoiled on what *seems* like the biggest thing. Am I? Should I stop listening to the second "half" from now on? *This info was in the spoiler section, hopefully it's not somehow a spoiler for the show...??? Just kidding, I know that's impossible... right???
  10. I feel similarly, but I wish there was a Battlefield version of stages too. Or at least a way to play on Battlefield in For Glory matches.
  11. Cartoons!

    I like Regular Show (although I haven't seen any new episodes in a couple years). You can clearly see its roots in that original short: the protagonists are total slacker-types in the 18-25 age range and it feels like they've applied a simple, deliberately un-camouflaged word filter in order to make the show child friendly (beer --> soda, etc). That might sound like garbage, but I actually like the results a lot. Most shows about (male) adult slackers, such as Workaholics, tend to make me uncomfortable and dislike everyone in them. Take the same general premise and soften the edges, make sure none of the protagonists can do anything detestable without learning a lesson, and add more than a touch of cartoonish fantasy, and it's much more entertaining!
  12. Cartoons!

    I don't think I missed any textual context; at no point was it unclear to me that you were talking about relationships in these two shows. But this context doesn't help me interpret the subsequent statements nearly as definitively as you say it should. I don't think interpreting "Korra is the worst" to mean "Korra is the worst [because it's bad at relationship drama]" is any less valid than the intended meaning ("Korra is the worst [but only in the context of relationship drama]"). If I was missing any context, it was α) prior knowledge of your opinion of Korra, which would've made what you're saying crystal clear or β) a better sense of how you speak, so that I know when you imply things via context exactly WHAT you're implying, and in what way.
  13. Cartoons!

    I apologize for everybody everywhere that this conversation continues and that I make no effort to stop it (i might enjoy it). And that I'm about to do this ridiculous forum maneuver: In sentence article 1 (red), you are talking about the show's relationships (or, at least, that was how I interpreted it and how you've just verified it). We have therefore established the word "Korra" to be in reference to the show. In sentence article 2 (blue), you say "Korra is the worst". Since "Korra" has been established to mean the show (rather than the character), you can (hopefully) see where I came to my conclusions. Actually, I'm now realizing that you always saw this, most likely, and that I'm being trolled here. To be clear, I'm not arguing that you should've been clearer or anything. I'm arguing with the later implication that there was some context you provided that I should've picked up on that would've prevented my misinterpretation.
  14. Cartoons!

    I enjoyed the episode, and nothing you've mentioned bothered me, but I can understand what you're coming from.
  15. Cartoons!

    I can see how you COULD get that from context, but my interpretation ALSO came from context. Tanu dismissed Mystery Inc's (the show's) relationships so I thought you were comparing it to Korra (the show's) relationships; nowhere in the context does it imply you meant the Korra the character and not Korra the show. Note: Agreed that this is inane and nobody cares (including me), but this is the internet so I feel a non-existent duty to play out inconsequential arguments to no end other than wasted time. This conversation has the less substance than any I've had in years, but here I am.
  16. Cartoons!

    Context implied to me you meant the show, since you were comparing "Korra" to an "it" (the show Mystery Inc). Context is about what you wrote, not what you were thinking when you wrote it. Excuse me I may have left my sass hat on. I should take that off indoors.
  17. I am so hyped for Smash right now. Seriously, excitable child levels of anticipation. But I know that as soon as I have Smash 4 WiiU I'm never gonna touch Smash 4 3DS. So I'm resisting the urge the best I can. But I may give in.
  18. Cartoons!

    Oh! Never mind then. "Korra is the worst" kinda threw me off. I assumed you meant the show, but I guess you meant the character.
  19. Cartoons!

    Bob's Burgers might be my favorite show on TV, when it's running. Maybe.
  20. Cartoons!

    I wasn't, no, that would be hard to argue. The love triangle bullshit in the first couple seasons was unfortunate. But I absolutely don't share your opinion of the show overall, and especially not Tanukitsune's assessment of the most recent episode(s?).
  21. Cartoons!

    y'all suck
  22. Danielle: did I just hear you doing the first four notes of the George Michael's Careless Whisper sax riff? y/n, thx
  23. Prison Architect

    Oh! I hope so.
  24. Prison Architect

    Pretty much the same game but a boarding school or a summer camp would be AMAZING.
  25. Prison Architect

    There's a lot of meat on the current build of Prison Architect; it feels like a full game, even though I have no idea how "done" it actually is. I think it's at a point where you'll enjoy it (if you're ever going to). Conversely, I tried Spacebase DS-9 on, like, patch 2 or something, and it was clearly way too early.